November 8, 2012

Lash Crazy

I go through phases in my makeup routine as to what products I'm obsessed with.  One month I can't get enough of super shiny lip glosses, another I want to try out every new BB Cream on the market, or I'm into rainbow colored shadows because I'm bored with safe neutrals.
Currently, my obsession lies in false lashes...

 {Lash explosion.}

This was the scene when I opened one of my makeup drawers yesterday.  I was honestly kind of shocked at how my lash collection has grown.  It looks like a drag queen lives in my house.  And this is my personal stash, which doesn't even touch the surface of the fringes I have in my makeup artist kit!!  Ever since I got my lash extensions put in here, (and here + here), then professionally removed, my lashes have been a bit thinner and straight.  Hence why I have wanted to fake a thicker lash line with falsies until they grow back to normal.

My favorite false lashes at the moment are :  

Ardell Fashion Lashes "Wispies"  |  MAC Cosmetics #33 Lashes |  

You can see how the Ardell strips look on me here, and the MAC ones look here.  I've gone a bit lash crazy.  And despite how ridiculous and time consuming it seems for a mother of 3 to apply false lashes a few times a week, it makes me happy and gives my eyes that extra boost you just simply cannot get from mascara.  Just for fun, I came across these lashes that mimic the London Skyline, seriously.  Too crazy not to share.

Speaking of crazy, has anyone tried the mascara wands with the sphere shaped head?  I gotta admit, I can't figure out how to work these things.  I've held that wand every which way, even upside down, to see how to get the best application.  It's too much work and I don't see the benefit.  If you're a fan of the sphere, please let me know what I'm doing wrong, because it's making me crazy I can't figure it out.

Have you found a mascara that gives you that false eye lash look?  Please let me know in the comments below.  Please.  Because I've yet to come across one, and I can't keep applying false lashes every day, it's borderline ridiculous.  Even the Too Faced "Better Than False Lashes" mascara system didn't even cut it.


Jackie said...

Try Benefit They're Real mascara!!! It's amazing! People always ask me if my lashes are real when i wear them! I like to layer this mascara with Lancome Doll Lashes to make them appear thicker and fluttery!

MEllwanger said...

I second They're Real. It is amazing!! I layer it with Dior Show.

lbmua said...

I use two mascaras and have been asked multiple times by moms and my sons' schools how I find time to wear falsies! haha
I use Urban Decay Super Curling first and then add a few coats of Maybeline One by One. I also use olive oil to remove my eye makeup and I swear my lashes have gotten longer, stronger, and thicker since starting! I've used several of the lash boosters, nothing works as well as EVOO has!

ellen. said...

Love your blog Jennifer! I know NOTHING about makeup so I think I'll learn a lot from you! Happy to have found you as well~

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Jackie & Mellwanger - I'm headed to right NOW to order this mascara bc I have a gift card. Thanks ladies for the rec!
@ibmua - Oh goodness, a Maybelline mascra I've never heard of?? How is that possible? Love the olive oil recommendation as I apply that to my skin right now, but never my lashes -gonna try that!
@Ellen - yay!! Hope you learn something!

Natalie said...

I agree- The benefit they're real mascara is AMAZING! the woman at sephora tried it out on me and it works so well!

Jordan said...

I use a lash lengthening mascara to give me the extra boost!
First, I use Clinique's lash building primer which lengthens lashes and keeps the mascara from flaking.
Then, I use Beauty Addict's mascara in black. This stuff is a godsend because my lashes are usually quite puny. After I apply, I wait for a minute and curl my lashes again. The curl stays all day and I have long lashes to boot! Here is a quick pic:


Paigeemoe said...

Hmmm i'm hesitant to say i did not like the Benefit mascara.. it's wayyyy too waxy and takes a ton of effort to get it off at night. Mine always came out spider-lash like when i used it.
My favorite right now -

Fash Boulevard said...

i know exactly how you feel! I switch up my favorites every few weeks. Thanks for sharing, love. If you get a sec, I'm giving away a $375.00 handbag as a giant thank you. I'd love if you'd enter. xo

EVE-O-LUTION said...

heyyy was so great to come across your blog :)
I'm a fellow blogger and a fellow MAc crazy person.. LOL
following you :)

Kim Leech said...

I used Blinc lash primer with Dior mascara and loved the results. Then I read on another blog about L'Oreal tubes mascara and decided to give it a try. 2 weeks later, it has broken off my eyelashes and I am wearing false ones today. Going back to Blinc & Dior as soon as they are long enough. URGH!