November 5, 2012

Music Artists And Their Makeup

Music artists now a days are known as much for their voices as they are for their image.  And a lot of times that image has to do with the face that surround that popular voice.  Makeup artistry definitely plays a big part in making you remember those faces...ah hem, voices.

Here are a few memorable makeup looks.  I feel some "pinning" coming on...

{"Miss Not Afraid of Color" Nicki Minaj, via}

{"Miss Country Cutie"Taylor Swift, via}

{"Miss Lotsa Lashes" Katy Perry, via}

{"Miss Winged Eye Perfection" Adele, via}

{"Miss Mod Makeup" Lana Del Rey, via}

{"Miss Chameleon" Rihanna, via}

{"Miss Flawless Face" Carrie Underwood, via}

Which artist is your makeup favorite?  Did I miss any memorable musicians makeup styles??

1 comment:

Taylor Morgan said...

Taylor Swift does a good job. Carrie Underwood is a little too over the top though. Niki and Katie wear a lot of make up, but they use like a costume so it's ok. :)


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