My First Album Cover :: Bobbi Wilson “Wanderlust”

“The vocal equivalent of a martini…chill, relaxing, sexy, and stirring with a bit of a kick!!”
I can’t tell you how excited and proud I was to receive Bobbi Wilson’s “Wanderlust” CD in the mail recently.  Reason being, the beautiful black and white photographs on the cover and on the inside of this artists’ debut jazz album, had MY MAKEUP HANDY-WORK ON DISPLAY!!!
It’s my first cover y’all!!!

{Photography by Jason Thrasher.}
These are the final images chosen for the inside and cover of Bobbi’s CD.  I love that she chose black and white to tell her story for her first album.  Black and white just sings sophisticated and seems perfectly fitting for this jazzy songbird!  
When doing makeup for black and white photography, there is really only one thing to be careful of, and that is using too much bronzer that can sometimes come off looking ‘dirty’ in pictures.  We added major false lash clumps to thicken up her lash line and create that sultry Sophia Loren-type eye look.  We also started with a red lip, but then changed it up and made the decision to go for more of a nude lip which she was more comfortable wearing, and I think turned out to be a perfect balance.

How gorgeous is she?? I am so thrilled for her because I cannot imagine how cool it must be to release an actual album where the whole world has the opportunity to hear your voice.  I can’t even sing “Happy Birthday” without my kids covering their ears, so I’m always in awe of people with the gift of voice!! Ha!  I’m sure Bobbi could sing the heck out of Happy Birthday!

If you want a taste of Bobbi’s voice you can visit her website,, and click on the soundcloud on the right side of the website.

Congratulations Bobbi and thank you so very much for choosing me as your makeup artist for this project – I was honored.  I even got a shout out on the inside of the cover, which I must say, was pretty cool to see my name in there! I wish you much success, happiness, and many more albums in the future!!

*Black and white images are courtesy of Jason Thrasher Photography.