Politics Aren’t Pretty

{Politics aren’t pretty, but this image of a political family is. Image via}
Why did I choose this photo for today’s post?  Simply because I like beautiful things.  And I think Jacquelyn Kennedy was one of the most chic first ladies of all time.  (Check this tumblr account out and you’ll see photographic evidence why.)  This pic of her and hubby John walking to his presidential inauguration in the snow in 1961, is just stunning – from her proud smile to her black heeled booties and fab big buttoned coat!

“Patriotism is easy to understand in America; 
it means looking out for yourself while looking out for your country.”  
Calvin Coolidge
I am a wife, mother of three, business owner, and beauty blogger.  A political analyst, I am NOT.  This day after the election posting in no way will be slanted towards one side or another because I don’t wear my politics on my sleeve like a lot of people do.  So if you’re wanting me to shout hallelujah bc my candidate won, or cry in my Cheerio’s because my candidate lost, you’ll have to go to another blog.  My political stance is a personal thing, and I like to keep it that way, and I wish more people would.  My voice is heard when I go to the ballot box and cast my vote.  It says more than any poster in the yard, cheesy printed political tee shirt, or lame bumper sticker bashing the other side to make your candidate look better.
The many months and campaigning leading up to any presidential election are always ugly.  Always.  No matter who the candidates running are.  Political campaigns always seem to bring out the worst in everyone, because rather than lifting up the good that each side takes, everyone seems to want to focus on the bad side of the other.  Since when did positivity take a back seat to negativity??  
That’s why as of today, I’m glad that part is over.  Now that Mr. Obama is once again our president, I wish him the absolute best, and I think we all should because we are actually all in this together as Americans.  Even if you disagree with the outcome, you should still want to lift up the leader who has been chosen, because they have a hard road ahead of them.  I could never bash an elected president, because you know what, the last job I would want in this world, is to be president of the United States. 
I am grateful that I live in this amazing country where opportunity is everywhere if you’re not lazy and constantly complaining about what you don’t have.  I’m proud to be an American, and proud to be a makeup artist who can help make this a prettier place to live…one lip gloss at a time.  

* Feel free to leave comments about this post, but please respect that my blog is a positive place for myself and my readers. So like mama always said, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it all.” I’m not afraid to delete negative Nancy comments! *