Santa May Be Watching, But So Are Your Children!

Around this time of year, it’s not unusual for my husband and I to pull out the ole saying when our kids are acting up, “You better be good, because you know Santa is watching you!!”  Well, as true as that might be, I’ve also come to realize, that my little 2 year old Vivian is obviously ALWAYS watching me…

{My little apprentice working on the men in her life – daddy and two brothers!}
My daughter truly loves to watch me whenever I do my makeup routine or whenever she sees me working with a client in my home, but it is very apparent that she watches me closely because she knows where to put which products correctly on the face!!  Of course she sometimes strays and decides to use her creative license and puts lipstick in her dolls hair, but I let it go because that’s part of the creative process.  I use pink eyeshadow as blush sometimes, so who am I to judge??!  
Here’s a short clip of my budding makeup artist at work one morning! I was bummed my iPhone wouldn’t let me send the whole 2.5 minutes, so this is just a tiny glimpse of her in action one morning.  Note, a plastic doll with no clothes on is key for model purposes! Ha!
I do not encourage her in any way to do the makeup thing unless she comes into my bathroom and begs for a brush and blush (which she does every time!), but I would never discourage any of my children from doing something that they truly seem passionate about.  I know she’s only two, but I think a love for something or a hobby can start that early, and if it makes a child happy, let them have at it!  
Of course she loves to use my real brushes and real products, but I am thinking I might try this play set of make up I found on, and see if maybe we can decrease the amount of daily messes that she creates!  It might blow up in my face like the fake cell phones I’ve tried to buy my kids in the past – they know the real thing when they see it- but it’s worth a shot to save my carpet and furniture!
What have you been surprised by that your child has picked up by watching you??

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