Splurge Or Save :: Two Products To Beat Dry Cracked Lips

Beat Dry Cracked Lips

{SPLURGE –  Victoria’s Secret Pro Smooth FX Lip Scrub + Balm, $16 
  SAVE –  EOS lip balm sphere, $3}

These are two great products out right now that can help you beat those yucky dry cracked lips that come with the cooler weather.  I keep the EOS “save” option in my purse for quick touch ups during the day for me and my kids.  It doesn’t contain the parabans and petroleum like most chapsticks and lip balms.  Only the good stuff, like shea butter and vitamin E!  And I love the shape – it’s easy to find in the depths of my purse! (EOS stands for the “evolution of smooth” if you were wondering like me:))

The “splurge” Victoria’s Secret scrub + balm combo is great for night time treatments.  True story – I recently recommended this product to a bride who was wanting to wear red lips for her wedding day. She had the cracked lips issue, so I told her to get this product, and use religiously every night for the weeks leading up to the wedding. Guess what, day of the wedding, her lips were as smooth as a babies bottom.  Really.

If you love to wear the dark lip trend during the winter, you MUST have moisturized smooth lips to pull it off.  Otherwise, it just looks like a hot mess on rough flaky lips.  But then again, even lips that don’t wear color during the day don’t deserve a cracked pout.

Have you tried either of these lip gems? What’s your secret to smooth lips during the winter??