Super Easy Jewelry Display

I am not known for my organization skills within my home.  My poor husband and children would attest to that.  I’m a messy person by nature, I admit.  My way of organizing things is to “pile.”  We can’t all be good at everything right??  So I am proud to share this easy way of organizing your bracelets, where I can actually ‘pile’ them, and they still look cute!!

{Wine bottle bracelet display.}
Why not reuse an old wine or champagne bottle to display your beautiful bracelets over the neck of them??  I like to think I’m doing my green thumb part by reusing them instead of tossing them.  One of these wine bottles actually has huge significance so I love seeing it on my dresser everyday!  It wasn’t an expensive wine by any means, but was one Scott and I shared back in 2000 before we were married. It was at a local Italian restaurant that displayed empty wine bottles along their walls that patrons had written on.  And when Scott asked me to marry him, he went back to that restaurant and asked if he could have our old bottle and wrote me a sweet message on it to remember our engagement by! Cue the awwwww’s!! Ha!
Here are some other DIY ways to display and organize your jewelry that I found through the obvious,
1.  Painted cheese grater.
2.  Framed necklaces.
3.  Egg carton rings.

Do you have an creative ways of organizing your jewelry? Please share – I could use the inspiration!

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