Thankful For The Turkeys In My Life

I am thankful for these people…

{Our Family Of Five Turkeys.}
Of course, it doesn’t stop with these four, as we have many other friends and family members (other turkeys) that I am also extremely thankful for.  This Thanksgiving I get to celebrate twice in one day with both sides of our family, which almost never happens!! So it’s going to be a fun filled day of family, which honestly, is all that matters.  Well, also full of food, food, and more food, which is pretty important too don’t you agree?? Nothing brings family together better than food.
As my kids get older, I continue to get sappier and more emotional about how much I want them to realize how important each other are.  That despite what they will go through in life and even with each other, they’ll always be family, and that is irreplaceable.  

Here are some other, more slightly shallow things, 
that I am also very thankful for. In no particular order:

  • My iPhone.  Seriously.  How did I ever function without it?
  • Sophie.  Our 11 year old family dog.  She honestly taught my husband and I how to take care of something other than ourselves before we had kids.  She’s high maintenance, but so worth it.
  • Boxed wine.  No it’s not fancy, but it’s environmentally conscious and holds 4 bottles in one box.
  • Target.  I can seriously buy everything here: groceries, gifts, clothes (cute ones) for my whole family, and makeup, all in one spot.  Oh, and boxed wine.
  • Primers.  Because it makes even my cheap makeup perform better.  My favorites here and here.
  • Bravo TV.  Best station by far for reality television.  
  • Instagram and Pinterest.  Two of my fave ways to get inspired during the day.
  • My Ford Flex.  I love my car, even after two years.  Its duo video monitors in the head rests that keeps all children happy and built in cooler to store juice boxes. It’s a brilliant vehicle.
  • This blog.  I’ve met some fabulous people and other blogger friends through this blog.  I have gotten many amazing job opportunities through it such as this and this.  It has also taught me things about myself through the act of writing.  
I am very very thankful for all of you that continue to follow my mommy beauty blog and for your comments and feedback.  Without you, I wouldn’t have kept this thing up for 4 years now if I thought no one was listening!  I hope all of you have a wonderful and HAPPY HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!

What are you most thankful for today??