November 2, 2012

The Power Of The Sock Bun

Sometimes a girl with long hair and three kids (which = no time on her hands) just needs a quick and easy but sophisticated hair do, all wrapped up in one.  Not too much to ask right?? Right.  In walks the popular SOCK BUN that I have finally mastered...

After trying the sock bun multiple times, I've come to realize it's best done on 2 day old shampooed hair  or even older.  It just doesn't work or get slick enough on super clean hair - hallelujah!!  I say this because I have no time to wash my hair every day, so this is the answer to my hair prayers.

There are seriously a million videos on how-to do the sock bun, but these are my two favorites by YouTuber's Carli Bybel (tight and high look) and WendysLookBook (looser version).  I wore this to a  makeup demonstration I did last night for a group of ladies, hence the fancier than usual clothing and makeup:)  It was perfect, and made me feel put together and super chic.

My makeup components for the night consisted of:

1.  Revlon PhotoReady foundation in nude.
2.  Sonia Kashuk "Melon" blush.

3.  Ardell "wispies" in black lash strips. (my absolutely FAVE strip lashes!)
4.  MAC "Prussian" eye liner.
5.  Stila "Oasis" shadow + Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow Collection.

6.  Too Faced Glamour Gloss in "barely legal."

Besides the sock bun being super easy to create, it also has the power to give me an instant face lift because it's pulled so tight!!  Seriously, I love that.

Have you tried the super popular sock bun yet??  


Kristina said...

I love this! I too love any kind of easy hairstyle these days! And I love love your lashes. I will have to check these out. now.

Aleta Blaise said...

i was just showing my sister how to do that yesterday, she loves it :)

Saumya said...

looks stunning and love your makeup

Paigeemoe said...

yes, tried and failed the bun.. i'm a bit put off by things if i have to practice more than 3 times :/
your makeup looks lovely! Hope it was a fun night!
As always, love your blog

ps- do the falsies mean the lash extensions are out (i probably missed that post if they are) does it hurt to have them removed or did you just let them grow out?

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Kristina - yes definitely check them out, I love them! And they're cheap!
@Aleta - that's great! Share the sock bun love.
@Saumya - thanks so much!
@Paigeemoe- what a bummer to hear, but I must say, it def took me more than 3 times to perfect it for sure. but once I got it down, I had it! Try it again girl! Yes, the extensions are OUT. I had them professionally removed bc I heard horror stories about women trying to take them out alone and pulling all their natural lashes out. Growing them out after 2-3 weeks, starts to look reaaallly funky, I'll admit if you don't get the fill ins.

Pink Glam said...

I love wearing a bun. Its so simple and looks great. Great look on you.

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@pinkglam - thanks so much lady!