One Beauty Secret We Could All Learn From A Victoria’s Secret Model

No matter how you feel about the super models who walked the runway of the over-the-top-fabulous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show from last night, you’d have to admit, it was a beautiful spectacle.  I also realized while watching those Angels strut their stuff, that there is ONE beauty secret we women could ALL take away from these fellow females…

{Crazy confident Angel, Candice Swanepoel. via}

...always carry yourself with CONFIDENCE, 
and you can pull off just about anything!! 

From crazy beauty looks like that bright orange lipstick you love but don’t think anyone else does, to carrying off outrageous outfits or accessories (like Rihanna’s wacky pearl glasses or lack there of clothes in the case of the VS models), if you just act with confidence, you will no doubt seem more beautiful and secure to everyone around you.

{The always seemingly confident songstress Rihanna and model, via.}

Granted I know some may think, “Well of course those super models are confident, because well, they’re 7 feet tall, weigh as much as my toddler, and have genetically blessed faces and hair.”  But even if all of that is true, I guarantee you some of those girls were geeky nerds growing up who felt awkward being the tallest and lankiest in grade school and got made fun of for it.  And guess what, most of them probably didn’t look that “super” before they had their hair extensions put in, spray tans executed, and their false lashes glued on.  Check out this amazing backstage pass video of what the hair and makeup team did for the girls!!

{I would be smiling too if I looked like Miranda Kerr! via}

However, the way they walked on that runway made me think these are some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, because they were smiling and seemed to be having a dang good time. I’m sure it’s not that comfortable of a feeling to be waltzing around in a skimpy two piece, balancing those heavy wings, hoping you don’t fall on your face in those 6 inch heels, all while having the whole world watching you.  But you’d never know if by the way they presented themselves.   

And to all those who say that companies like Victoria’s Secret are evil because they’re giving women and girls unrealistic expectations of what a woman is supposed to look like, I say PISH POSH.  As a parent of a little girl and as a daughter, we parents and our parents are responsible for setting good examples and guiding us in our expectations of what it means to be a confident female – that’s not Victoria’s Secret job.  VS is simply providing us with some entertainment and beautiful lingerie to wear underneath our every day clothes to help us bring out our inner supermodel no matter what our size.

Whenever I see the combination of a woman smiling, walking with her head high, and with conviction, I think she’s beautiful.  Even if she’s walking down the aisle of a grocery store in her obnoxiously bright orange lipstick…

What did you think of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on CBS last night?

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