Santa Was Listening :: Fresh Sugar Soiree Mini Lip Collection

So Santa (aka, my In-Laws) was listening to what JennySue was longing for this Christmas.  I got the much talked about Sugar Soiree Mini Lip Collection!  And it does not disappoint these dry, pale  colored winter lips of mine!

 {Aren’t they be-au-tiful??}

Here are 5 of the 6 the colors shown as swatches on my arm.  I didn’t include the clear one for obvious reasons.  I don’t usually like showing products on another part of the body other than the feature they’re meant for, but I didn’t have enough time to slap all 6 on and off of my lips.  (Blame having all 3 kids at home for their winter break!  Time was of the essence.)

 {Without flash.}
Shades from top of my wrist down:

 {With flash.}

{I have 2 shades layered – Coral + Berry.  They’re crazy shiny!!}
*Please excuse the flash burn and bad hair day of this photo – like I said, the kids are home for the holidays, and I have to cut corners somewhere!!  Not much time is allowed to get the perfect photo before I hear someone fighting/crying over a new Christmas gift!*
But back to the product!  The color payoff for these balms is excellent.  And the actual conditioning properties are just as amazing.  They are so comfy and hydrating, that I want to keep reapplying these babies constantly throughout the day!  I’m going to be sad when these tiny things have been all used up.  They are such an effortless and easy lip color to apply and wear.   I heard this is a limited edition collection, so MAYBE I should go buy another one before they’re all gone??? 
Have you been one of the lucky gals to get this Sugar collection?  Were you just as impressed?

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