Twelve Days Of Cosmetic Christmas :: 4th Day

“On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… 4 La Mer Products!!!” 

{La Mer “The Ageless Collection,” $500.}
It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with skincare products in the attempt to keep the current wrinkles that I have, the ONLY wrinkles I have.  La Mer is one of those high end skincare lines that you always hear about Hollywood types relying on to keep their skin as youthful and wrinkle free as possible.  I’ve never used an actual La Mer product, but never say never.
This Ageless Collection actually contains 4 important products for keeping those wrinkles at bay :
1. moisturizer
2. regenerating serum
3. eye concentrate
4. lifting intensifier
{Apparently 41 yr old Christina Applegate is a La Mer user + believer.}
One interesting thing I read about this line, was that it was developed by an aerospace physicist, Dr. Max Hubert – well, that is reason enough for me to trust this line!   Sea kelp and bio-fermentation are the secret ingredients and processes used to make this powerful stuff.  And no, I have zero idea what bio-fermentation is, but it sounds really powerful and smart!!  
Santa, if you’re listening, I’d seriously love to own these 4 pieces of magic potions for my wrinkles.
On the third, second, and first day of Christmas my true love gave me these things!
Have you ever used any La Mer products before?  Are they worth the price tag? 
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