December 19, 2012

Twelve Days Of Cosmetic Christmas :: 5th Day

"On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...


{Christian Dior "Diorific" lip colors, $36}

I chose this product for the 5th day for the obvious reason, the golden-like tube, but also because what woman wouldn't give her right arm (ok, maybe a weeks paycheck) to own multiple shades of luxurious Dior lipstick??  Their website describes it as: 

"The legendary accessory for lips with a Haute Couture finish."

Well there ya go - that sounds pretty special to me!!  This stay put formula will make you a believer in pricey lip color because it's the perfect blend of not too shiny where it slides around and not too matte where it drags across the lips - it's just right.  Here's a great review of it from

And of course, the tube feels so fabulous and fancy when you're holding and applying it, it's reason enough to own one - or five!

My latest installment in the gift wrap inspiration comes from a personal dear friend of mine, Emily, who has been offering up her professional gift wrapping services here in town (isn't that a fun entrepreneurial idea??). She wrapped up this present for one of my gifts I sent her and it turned out gorgeous!!

{Obviously for a little girl - my niece!}

This shows you how using something as simple as brown paper as the backdrop to wrap a gift can be turned into something extraordinary!!   She adorned it with brightly colored tulle and two tiny glittery ornaments (from Wal-Mart, so not too $$) and VOILA - a special and originally wrapped gift!

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Do you own any Diorific lipstick?  

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Janna Renee said...

I don't really have any expensive makeup (I know, I know, I should invest), but I don't feel like I even know that much about makeup to splurge. Maybe I will if I stick around here long enough ;) said...

What cute WRAPPING! Great taste

Roger Jennings said...

It's definitely Diorific. Looks like gold. The color of the lipstick is very rich and very classic. I have tried Elizabeth Arden products. It is also really good.

M'ris said...

haha, i can barely even afford to LOOK at Dior products!