Twelve Days of Cosmetic Christmas :: 6th Day

“On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me….

6 Buxom Lip Glosses!!!”
{Buxom Time To Shine Mini Collection of 6, $29.}
I actually lucked out on this set actually containing 6 mini lip plumping glosses to go along with my 6th day!!  This group of lip beauties is the perfect gift for any lady in your life that needs some help in the plumper pout department. I myself belong to that category, so I have already treated myself to this set – What??!  It was only 29 bucks for 6 lip colors that I would actually wear!!!  So you’ve lucked out with a personal view on this gift idea!
Here’s a looksy at yours truly, sporting two colors from the collection layered.
 “Sugar” with “White Russian” in the center of my lips.
{Doing my best Vanna White impression to show you how big each gloss is!}
This mini set comes with 2 different finishes -creams and shimmers. There are 4 fairly neutral shades along with 2 deep pink and magenta ones.  They give you a pleasant tingle to your lips, making you think your lips are plumping up!!  Great tactic.  I don’t end up with obvious Angelina lips, but they’re a definite improvement when wearing these!
*For those who are wondering, my blush and nail color are both by MAC.  Blush is “Pinch O Peach” and the nail color was discussed here.*
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What do you think of the Buxom lip plumpers?  Would you want Santa to hook you up with these tiny glosses?
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