February 28, 2012

Sometimes Life Gets Too Busy For Eyeliner

Sometimes, not very often, but sometimes my life gets too busy for me to even apply eyeliner.  This might seem like an extra, unnecessary, or insignificant thing for some in their daily makeup routine, but for me, it's a BIG deal if I can't even squeeze in 45 seconds to do this.  It'd be like a normal person not having time to slip on their shoes before they head into work and going in to meet their boss with bare feet - you just don't feel complete.

I will show you in pictures (through the eyes of Instagram of course!) the reasons behind the addition to my insanely busy schedule that are in addition to my workload, freelance business, blogging, and daily home life of mom/referee/housekeeper/cook/dishwasher/laundromat/schoolbus/diaperchanger/
dogsitter/partyplanner (wait, I don't cook, Easy Mac maker)...

 {#1 Reason.  A 1.5 year little angel who is more difficult to reason with than any adult you will ever come across...ever.}

Sweet Vivian is my third child, so raising a little toddler isn't my first rodeo.  However, raising a little female IS my first rodeo and the differences are already very obvious from little boys.  Instead of yelling at me when she wants something or doesn't get her way, she screams in a very high pitched voice.  Big difference, ear piercing difference.  She has also decided to quit eating and napping, which makes for an awesome combination- cue sarcasm.  God bless her though, she sure is cute.

 {#2 Reason.  DIY Project. Converting our upstairs bedroom into a double office.}

Home projects in addition to daily life are always a daunting but exciting task.  Since we have begun turning our bedroom upstairs into an office, things have been a little, shall we say, chaotic, in terms of repainting, furniture dispersed throughout the house, and overall a feeling of things in limbo.  This is a shot of where the office is heading right now (those walls used to be brick red and dark brown furniture was everywhere!). Thanks to Ikea and Pier 1 Imports furniture, we've been able to convert this space on a pretty tight budget!

{#3 Reason.  More house projects- building bunk beds for the boys}

Thanks again to Ikea for allowing us the ability to afford the bunk beds our boys have been dying for their bedroom!! This might not seem like a huge inconvenience to ones daily schedule, but when your husband is trying to assemble this project (along with the help of some helpful manly neighbors!) over a few days and you are left keeping the 3 amigos occupied and not getting in his way, it makes life a bit hectic.

{#4 Reason. T-ball season}

Last year we only had one t-baller- this year both boys are playing tball AND hubby is coaching their team!  This is a super fun extracurricular activity that I do enjoy because it gets the boys outside and away from the Wii, but it also means additional practices + games during the week on top of school, life, and makeup jobs which = busy busy busy!

Oh, and in the next couple weeks, I'm going to want everyone to keep up with JennySue Makeup on Birchbox.com as I will be guest blogging for them all week!!  Their site is super fun with all sorts of makeup and skin care advice, so check them out in the meantime and I will remind you all once they start featuring my posts for the week.  I'm probably going to be doing some "BEST OF JennySue" posts;)

By no means am I posting this for a pity party. It's more so of an explanation to all of those friends out there who have probably been wondering why I haven't been wearing eyeliner lately....

What part of your beauty routine gets left behind when your life gets too busy?

February 27, 2012

Top 3 Oscar 2012 Makeup & Gown Moments

In a way, I almost feel like I don't completely have the right to pick the "Top 3 makeup and gown moments" of Oscar night because I got to see maybe 10 minutes of the actual pre-prancing down the red carpet.  My excuse was because I was dealing with this sassy thing...

{My little "dirt diva" channeling her inner sunglass celeb moment yesterday.}

If you have small children, you know sometimes they allow you to do what you want, other times they rule the roost and you only have time to do what they want to do.  Miss Viv was a very unhappy 1.5 year old who kept me from setting foot (or sitting down!) in front of a TV until bedtime.  (I wish I could tell you why she was so ill for those 3 hours or so of pre-Oscar footage, but she can only say "mama" at this point, and crying takes over the rest of her vocabulary.)

Luckily bedtime hit right at the start time of the actual Oscar show, but for the brief 10 minutes I had it tuned into E News for the pre show, was just enough time to catch a glimpse of my first pick of the night, one of my fave TV personalities, Giuliana Rancic.  She looked stunning- hair, makeup, gown - the whole package.  And I love her any way because she actually took her husband Bill's last name and changed her own after getting married- you don't see that a lot in Hollywood!

{Giuliana Rancic via}

I love her makeup here, because it's actually a bit more toned down than usual (her eyes are usually very heavy with shadow) and her wine colored lips look awesome as a contrast to the minimal eye makeup.  Her dress was like an delicate sculpture that looked so Oscar worthy perfect!

{Dress by Basil Soda via}

My next fave (these are in no particular order BTW) was the extremely likeable Emma Stone who I bring up a bunch - she did influence my hair color of course!  I was really feeling everyone's light palette approach to makeup this go around and loved loved her flawless cat eye swooped liner with pale pink shadow.  Which pink shadow is not normally a favorite color choice for me, but here it worked.

{Emma Stone via}

With a statement dress and color like this that she wore, I think the toned down makeup and slicked back hair do was a smart choice.  Everyone keeps dogging her for copying an old Nicole Kidman look from 5 years ago here, but I doubt she was channeling a copy cat look. But even if she did, she sure did do it well!!

{Dress by Giambattista Vali via}

And last but certainly not least, Milla Jovovich killed it with the prettiest combo of red lips and gold shimmery eyes.  That lipstick is a dead ringer for MAC's Russian Red, no??! Not to mention her stunning white gown one shoulder gown that fit her like a glove and was regal in every way.

{Milla Jovovich via}

I can't get over how this gown draped so perfectly and the crisp white sequins just popped on the red carpet- no blending in here.  And thank goodness for the bright pink cheeks too- so fresh looking!

{Dress by Elie Saab via}

Who were your favorites from the night?? Did I miss any highlights from the red carpet that weren't shown during the actual awards ceremony?

February 24, 2012

Friday Fill In The Blank Fun

It's Friday again, and lately I've been feeling as if time is literally flying by and I'm physically feeling older by the minute.  Which I guess in reality, I AM getting older by the minute (thankfully!) but I just wish I didn't feel like it.  By feel, I mean, hard to get out of bed in the morning, really stiff all the time, feeling the need to drink at least 3 or more cups of coffee before I can complete a correct sentence, and forehead wrinkles deepening more and more everyday.  Oh, and my kids growing up so fast before my eyes that it just generally makes me feel OLDER.

{I envision myself as the wrinkly tired looking Shar Pei on right!}

The theme for my Friday fill in the blank fun is going to be around the "Aging Process."  Like I said before, I AM thankful that I am greeting a new day every morning, even if it does mean having to apply a bit more primer to fill in those wrinkles and wearing hats until the next salon visit for a dye job!  If you want some of the best age defying beauty secrets, check out this article from Prevention magazine on Helen Mirren's look from the 2012 Golden Globes.  This lady gives me hope for what 30 years down the road could look like!

{Sign me up for 66 if I can look this good. Photo via}

I will provide 5 short fill in the blank questions, that I will then post my answers to within the comment section (so you'll have to click on the section to see them!). I would love love to see your answers as well! Just copy and paste the following questions and fill them in the comment section for everyone else to see.

1.  The thing that excites me the most about getting older is _____.

2.  The thing that scares me the most about getting older is ______.

3.  The older I get, the more I need of this makeup product _______.

4.  My favorite age so far has been _______.

5.  When I'm feeling really old and tired, I _______ to perk myself up!

I've always loved the quote by Mark Twain, "Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."  So I'm going to try and live by that motto and quit pysching myself out that I'm getting so old.  Age ain't nothin' but a number right??!   Have a wonderful and vibrant weekend everyone!

February 23, 2012

Liven Up Your Lampshade

I've been in a Martha Steward-kinda-mood lately. Occasionally, okay often, I get tired of everything home decor wise in my house and want to get rid of it and start over.  My tastes change with my couch pillows as often as I change my lipstick!  But my budget doesn't allow for me to start over with things, so that means I must get creative with merely "updating" my tired home accessories.

{Current project...Livening up my lampshades, for only 5 bucks!}

My inner craft project diva has come out now that we are starting to convert our upstairs bedroom into a double office (can't wait to show you all the before and after pictures!).  The hubby is doing the heavy lifting on painting the room right now, so in the meantime I've been itching to update other things around the house.  My girlfriend Alice, who is extraordinarily talented with home decor and organization (she owns a local business, Live Simple, contact info at bottom of post) gave me this easy breezy idea for updating my bedroom lamps.

All you need is:
1. Pair of scissors
2. Fabric glue
3.  Colorful ribbon for trimming. 

My goal was to pull in the teal blue color from my favorite pillow on my bed and my new peacock drapes I love love, found here, so I chose a ribbon with that color scheme.  Here's how I took my plain boring lampshades from "drab to fab" with only a $5 budget ( I already owned the scissors, so just had to purchase the glue and spool of ribbon!).

{Plain boring lamp}

 {Cut ribbon to fit each side of lamp shade, while applying dots of glue along the way}

{Smooth out glue with a Qtip so it doesn't create obvious bumps under the ribbon. 
I made this mistake with the first couple of pieces before I realized I needed to create a smoother surface of glue so it didn't show through the white spaces and to make all edges lie flat!}

{Voila!!  I gave my lamp new life!}

I love the new look of my lamps and am so happy that I didn't toss the old ones that actually worked!!  Next stop, spray paint everything I can get my hands on...

**If you live in the Athens,GA or surrounding area, and need some help with home decor or extreme organization projects, then contact Alice Huff with Live Simple, at: iwanttolivesimple@hotmail.com.  She is super talented and is also helping us with our double office redo!**

What are some crafty ways you give home decor new life on a budget??  

February 22, 2012

How To Perfect The Captivating Cat Eye

The winged cat eye look is always a source of fierce beauty for me.  Nothing makes me feel more confident and beautiful than the perfect winged black liner.  It's like the best frame for my eye shape and makes me feel very Adele-like!  That girl can rock a cat eye.

{Keeping the rest of my makeup palette simple with the black liner.}

Here are my most simple techniques for accomplishing this statement eye look:

1.  Make the eye area as tight as possible but using your fingers from your non-writing hand, to gently pull the skin near your temple toward the hairline before starting your liner. This keeps the bumpy squiggly lines from happening!!

2.  Start drawing your line from the outer corner of your eye (however far out and dramatic you want the line to end up) and draw inward towards the middle of the lashline.  Then remove the tip of your liner, and start at the inner tear duct area, and draw in to connect to the first line.

3.  While doing all of this, tilt your head slightly backwards so that your eyelid lowers automatically making it easier to draw your line.

4.  I always set my liner with a matte black matching eye shadow on top of the liquid liner to give it extra staying power.

{I used my favorite Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner in "trooper" to achieve this look.}

Of course finish the whole look with two or more coats of black mascara AFTER you've drawn your line!  

Do you ever rock the cat eye?  Got any favorite products for achieving this captivating look?

February 21, 2012

Top 3 Biggest Beauty Blunders

It's hard to pick my biggest beauty blunders throughout the years, because there have been sooo many due to always experimenting with makeup from a young age.  We can ALL learn from our mistakes though, and that certainly rings true when it comes to my makeup choices over time.  Without further ado, I found two old pictures that show my top pick(s) for the biggest blunders I've made in the past.  Of course I couldn't narrow it down to just one, so you're going to get My Top 3 Beauty Oops! 

 {#1. Pencil thin over plucked eye brows. Where did my eyes go??!
#2. Too much translucent powder - which is also obvious in 2nd photo below. Scary pale looking.}

 {#3.  Brown based lipstick.  Such an aging and unflattering lip color!}

{Present Day.  Hello eyebrow pencil, bronzer, and pink based lip color!}

Hopefully my present day shot shows that I've learned and implemented a thing or two over the past 12 years (that's how old those 2 pictures are!).  If you're interested in seeing an oldie but goodie post that shows why my #1 blunder is so wrong, check out my "power of brows" post.

Now that I've put my beauty "oops" out there, what are some of your makeup mistakes the rest of us can learn from??

February 20, 2012

Top 6 Practically Permanent Makeup Products

When I apply my makeup, my main focus is obviously to make it look its best on my face.  Running a close second though, is to use products that are going to stay put!!  If I put all of that effort into applying my makeup in the morning, then by golly, I want that look to basically be permanent for the day and I don't want to be bothered with reapplying if I don't have to.

I'm going to share with you my current top 5 favorite practically permanent beauty products.   They may not be tattoo-like permanent, but they're all pretty darn close.

1.  L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow ($7).  This drugstore shadow is amazing, and the colors offered are intense!  I can put this shadow on in the morning with no lid primer, and it will still look good after 8 hours.  But if I add my primer, look out, it's staying on all day and night!  Just make sure to keep the interior lid on at all times when not in use so the product doesn't dry out.

2.  Maybelline Super Stay 24 hr lip color ($10).  I've tried all the pricey department store brand lip colors that claim to be super long wearing, and none of them compare to this Maybelline product. Yes, it takes two steps to complete the look, one for color then one to give it a glossy shine, but that's okay by me because it's easy on my wallet!

3.  Maybelline Super Stay 24 hr concealer ($8).  When the concealer fades away, let's face it, it's not pretty.  But when it stays put and you look refreshed even after pulling a 9-5 day or an all nighter, you can thank this concealer for doing its job with hiding those dark circles.

4.  Revlon Colorstay Makeup with Softflex Combo/Oily foundation ($10) . Foundation can be tricky, especially on my oilier clients.  The color tends to rub off and slide everywhere. But not with this Revlon product- it doesn't budge once applied.  It is a heavier feeling foundation with extreme coverage (no dewy au natural look here!), but you gotta have some give and take when it's budge proof foundation you crave.

5.  Wet 'n' Wild H20 Proof liquid eyeliner ($3).  This liquid formula is literally like getting your eyeliner tattooed on.  Once it's on, it doesn't stray until you chisel away at it with waterproof eye makeup remover.

6.  Benefit's Benetint cheek stain ($29) in rose.  This cult beauty product does just what it says, it "stains" your cheeks to a realistic tint.  But the backstory on "why" and "what body part" this product was originally created for, will really make you blush!

What are some of your practically permanent favorite makeup products??

February 18, 2012

Do You Apply Makeup In The Car?

I often wonder how many woman actually apply their makeup from START to FINISH while IN the car.  I just did a major makeup application (even for myself) yesterday for a super fun experience (details to come later!) and did lots of touchups in my car along the way.  But only while I was in complete standstill traffic,  I promise, and they were only touchups.

{What better way to check out your makeup than with an iPhone photo??  Photos don't lie!}

I could never ever ever do my personal makeup in the car from start to finish because...

  • A. the motion would give me crooked eye liner, 
  • B. the lighting is tricky, 
  • C. my kids in the backseat would distract me, and 
  • D. my cup holder isn't big enough to hold my makeup brushes and my travel makeup case is too big to sit in the passenger seat.  
All I was able to do on the way into Atlanta was reapply my lip liner and gloss like 40 times and swipe on my MakeUp Forever HD Finishing powder to keep my skin as matte as possible.  Because I'm sure I was getting shiny in my car, sitting, with the air conditioner blowing. Ha!!  But I've heard a few of my friends say that they can put on a full face of makeup on their way to work in the morning.

Question is, how good can that full face actually look when applying in a moving vehicle??

How many of you have the skills to do your makeup from start to finish in the car?  Or do you just do the occasional touch ups at a red light like I do?

February 17, 2012

Smurf-Like Beauty

Seems the shade, BLUE, is taking over the runways, TV, and the red carpets.  Everyone is feeling the Smurfette vibe and trying to mix it into their beauty routine some how or another. Here are a few recent beauty looks that have channeled this color in some unexpected ways...

{The original lady in blue, Smurfette}

The real life lady that started it all, (and I feel does it the best and the prettiest without actually looking like a Smurf) Miss Katy Perry, and that cotton candy blue hair from the Grammy Awards. This woman takes some beauty risks, and makes it work because the makeup is exquisite and lets the hair take center stage.

{You can see more of Katy's blue hair inspiration here. It's not the 1st time she's donned this color.}

Then there was the Anna Sui fall/winter 2012 runway collection, where the models sported a deep blue winged + dot eye makeup look by the genius Pat McGrath.  Not the most wearable, but still oddly pretty....

And lastly, one of the most disturbing makeup looks from Madrid fashion week from designer Lemoniez (which I actually had never heard of before until now) where the models looked like they had the worst case of frostbite ever on their blue lips.  No pretty at all- but somehow I'm sure "pretty" wasn't the look they were going for.  Smurfette would have certainly disagreed with this shade that border lined an unexplained sickness.

{This models unhappy face says it all. "I hate my lipstick color."}

I decided to take the challenge and show how the blue trend could be worn on your lips without it looking like you've been caught out in 15 degree weather without your Uggs on.  I used a light blue shimmer shadow from a large Stila palette color wheel from a year ago for this lip trick.  (It was the same palette I used for a blue ombre eyeshadow look here that turned out really cool.)

 {Apply your favorite peach/pink lip color, then add a dab of ice blue shimmer shadow in the center of the upper and lower lip.}

{This subtle blue color adds the illusion of a fuller pout almost better than any plain gloss!)

I know most of you would never think you could pull off blue on your lips, but I promise, if you've got small thin lips like me, give this shade-y trick a try!  You'll be smurf-prised.

What do you think of the previous beauty blues??  Would you give any of these looks a try??

February 16, 2012

A Look Inside My Purse Essentials

I'm finally back home from four days of Las Vegas, and as much fun as I had, the old saying "there's no place like home" certainly rings true.  One thing I realized while I was away, was how much I carry with me in my purse on a daily basis.  I don't carry my beloved diaper bag with me that much anymore since my daughter is getting older.  We've done away with bottles, baby food, extra set of onesies for accidents and such, so I can pretty much stuff everything into my purse.

 {An overall look at my purse essentials.}

{Closeup of stage one of two}

Stage one of my purse essentials includes:

1. Hobo wallet.  This is the 4th one of these wallets I've owned because it doubles as a cute clutch in a clutch- ha!!  
2.  Snacks, suckers, and gum to keep me and the kids busy (quiet!) when necessary.  Oh, and a pacifier for the same reason.
3.  My iPhone and fabulously (cracked, ugh) bling-ed out case.  This thing isn't the most practical or sturdy, but why do moms always have to be so practical??? What did we ever do without iPhones?!
4.  Coupon gem clip.  My girlfriend made this rosette gem clip for me that I carry around coupons with for the grocery store and restaurants everywhere.  It's been sooo useful and cute to boot!

 {Closeup of stage two of two}

Is it crazy I have to include two stages of my purse? Ha!!

1.  Baby wipes.  Must for dirty baby faces and fingers, must for makeup mistakes on the go.
2.  Small perfume vial of Lavanila.  This is one of my fave scents and luckily I have it in this tiny vial that is perfect for keeping me smelling lovely in a jiffy.
3.  Bejewelled compact mirror.  Another girlfriend of mine actually gave this to my daughter for her to have when she gets older, but I couldn't help myself but to use it in the meantime for touchups:)
4.  Makeup musts.  Translucent powder, dark brown eyeliner, and 4 lip colors.  I like to cover all of my bases for lips.  I have a hydrating sheer lip balm, matte red lipstick, golden neutral gloss, and then a bright poppy coral color that can double as a blush, shown below...

{Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in "coral crush" on cheeks and lips!}

This bright coral color with no shimmer, is the perfect blush stand in so that I don't have to worry with carrying a real blush or brush.  My cheeks never looked so happy!

The only thing that I found was missing during my trip to Vegas was a nail file- how could I forget such an essential??  Shame shame, running to get one right now!
So there's a peak into my purse essentials.  I spared you a look at the bib and diaper that usually accompanies me. 

What are your must haves for your purse??

February 14, 2012

A Different Kind Of Las Vegas Experience

I am in Vegas for the WWD Magic convention like I mentioned before, and I must say, it's not the raucous, gambling, out all night Vegas experience I've had in the past.  This is ALL business, NO play, no joke.

 {A view of the bustling cabs and the pseudo Eiffel Tower at the Paris Casino}

My body has had a really hard time adjusting to the time change and my sleeping patterns are all off.   But other than that, it's been fun to get back into the fashion trade show scene, dining (Vegas has killer places to eat), and of course the Las Vegas vibe is unlike no other.  I am slightly bummed that I missed the Grammy's Sunday because we were all so tired from our first day of the show that we ate dinner then crashed.  So I've been busy catching up on Fashion Police to find out the fashion hits and misses- Rihanna was my personal fave from what I've seen, hot hot hot!

{Me working hard in the Miss Me Jeans booth. I was slinging jeans instead of makeup brushes!}

So instead of staying out all night, drinking martinis, and betting "double down" on blackjack, I've been hitting the sack at 9:45pm, drinking too much coffee, and betting that I won't have the brainpower to even attempt a hand at blackjack.

I have two more days left of my Vegas trip and honestly, my biggest goal at this point is to find my 3 kids the best souvenirs possible.  Like I said, this is a different kind of Las Vegas experience, a very tame one...and I'm okay with that.

What are your favorite things to do or see in Las Vegas??

February 10, 2012

Friday Fill In The Blank Fun

Tomorrow starts one of the craziest weeks of the year for me.  It will go a little something like this.  My Saturday is going to be filled with making over a group of ladies over 50 who have been friends for a long time and are having a photo shoot to commemorate their friendship, then Sunday I'm off to "Vegas Baby" to work the WWD Magic trade show for my former boss for a few days, then, something I'm super duper excited about....

{This will be my packing issue for Vegas.}

the Friday I get back, I am having my very first photo shoot (that I'm actually IN, not just behind the scenes!)!  It will be for a feature in Atlanta Magazine that will be coming out in a couple of months highlighting four local bloggers (including yours truly!) in fashion and beauty - I cannot wait to share it with all of you!!! Sheesh, it's gonna be a fun week and I couldn't be more thrilled with my schedule.  Except I am already missing my kiddos with all of the craziness and traveling.  Hopefully they will enjoy a change in their daily routines with addition of loving grandparents that are helping me out!

{The silly word game I grew up on!}

So now onto my "Friday fill in the blank fun!"  It will be my simpler version of the super popular game I grew up on, Mad Libs (no nouns, adverbs, etc!).  If you aren't familiar with the rules of the old school game that's been around since 1958, then check out the description here.  

I will provide five short fill in blank questions, that I will then post my answers to within the comment section (so you'll have to click on that section to see them!).  I would love love to see your answers as well!  Just copy and paste the following questions and fill them in the comment section for everyone else to see.  

1.  The purse I am currently carrying is the color _______.

2.   My childhood dream growing up was to be a ________.

3.   If I could change one thing/feature about my face/body WITHOUT plastic surgery, it would be my ______.

4.  My favorite makeup product I can't live without right now is ______.

5.  If I could meet one celebrity in person, it would be _______.


February 9, 2012

Gorgeous In 5 Minutes Flat

It's not really my speciality to do my makeup in a hurry, but there are sometimes that I like a good challenge.  So I decided to set my iPhone timer for exactly 5 minutes the other morning, to see if I could actually accomplish this daunting task.

{I literally was working up until the bell rung!!}

Granted this isn't the full face of makeup I typically sport around town, but it was definitely enough that I wouldn't be embarrassed if I ran into someone I knew at the local coffee shop or Target.  Here are my before and after shots for you to see what YOU can also do in 5 minutes flat.  Once again, I can't believe I'm showing you my bare morning face and robe ensemble, but I'm doing it to give everyone hope that there is hope when time is an issue!!

On your mark, get set, GO!!!!

 {BEFORE- yikes.}

{AFTER- yippee!}

Not too shabby for exactly 5 minutes right??  There is one product that I was super excited, impressed, amazed by (Smashbox BB Cream!) that completely helped pull this quick look together.  I love receiving samples of new products in my Sephora shipments, and two of my most recent ones made the cut for this look.

Here are the products I used to pull myself together to walk out the door!!

Skin ::  Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream ($39) in color "light" created a most flawless face without having to use an extra primer or moisturizer (thank goodness, two less steps!).  BB Creams are all the rage right now, and if they all perform this good, I can see why.  The best way to describe it, is that it's a multi-tasking cream formula that hydrates and covers better than a tinted moisturizer but not as heavy as actual foundation.  So it probably wouldn't be best for someone with major skin issues, but it was just enough for me.  And it's got the much needed SPF 35 so you've pretty much got all of your bases covered with this product!  
I also used a couple dots of concealer on top of this foundation for extra help with the under eyes and around the sides of my nose.  
For my cheek color, I applied a bright pink blush, Nars "desire," to make me look alive!

{Extreme closeup of my skin after the BB Cream.}

Eyes & Lips ::  Eyes were of course accomplished with my favorite Too Faced Natural Eye Palette, and used the matte ivory "heaven" all over the lid, "classic" champagne shimmer from lashes to crease, then finished it off with "push up" a bronzey brown, just in my crease for a bit of definition.  
Two coats of black mascara just on top lashes (bottom would have taken more time which I didn't have!) and a swipe of a flesh colored pencil (Stila kajal liner in "topaz") on inner waterline of bottom lashes to brighten the redness from just waking up!
Lips were also a Sephora freebie with my order, a rose colored lip balm for just a tad of easy color, Fresh Sugar Rose  ($22.50) tinted lip treatment.  

DING DING DING - TIMES UP!!!!   What do you think -  Did I win the race??

**If you're a Facebook and Twitter fan (and who isn't??) then don't forget to "LIKE" JennySue Makeup on my Facebook fan page and follow me on Twitter to get even more makeup news, tips, and tricks I find interesting on a daily basis! Shoot me a message on both so I can know who's a fan and who I should follow back!**

February 8, 2012

Is It Old Fashioned To Match Your Lips And Nails?

I'm sporting matching blood orange fingernails and lips today (even my toes are the same color but couldn't figure out a clever way to get them in the picture).  And I'm quite liking how it has turned out...

{MAC "Lady Danger" lipstick
Sephora by OPI "high maintenance" polish, 
J.Crew Snood}

What is your take on coordinating nails and lips?  Is it old fashioned or right on time??

February 7, 2012

5 Valentine Inspired Beauty Trends

In continuing with the Valentine's Day theme that I started with here, there are a few material things I would love for Cupid to shoot my way since he's already found me my perfect match in my hubby.  Cue the gag reflexes, I know I know, but it's true!!

Here are some products and looks I'd "love" to try!!

{Looks like Cupid picked on the wrong lady!!}

Products I'd LOVE to own:

1.  Deborah Lippmann nail polish in "Do You Think I'm Sexy" ($18).  Red glitter nails = super sassy!!

2.  Rebecca Minkoff Metallic Cupid Bag ($520).  I love love bags you have the option of either carrying by the handles OR slinging over your shoulder.  And this metallic color would go with everything in my closet!!

3.  Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in color "Romance" ($32).  This pearly shimmery pink look oh so romantic!  And it's Chanel- what more do you need??

Looks I'd LOVE to try:

1.  Fishtail braid.  I still can't seem to master this oh so cutesy and carefree looking braid!!  But I'm going to keep trying.  And I would totally wear it with bright orange red lips like this!  Anyone know the secret to getting this braid right??

2.  Socks with heels.  I want so badly to pull this look off without looking like a Granny OR a schoolgirl.  Still searching for the right outfit because I think this is so cute and lady-like when done right.

{Photo via Novalash}

3.  Eyelash Extensions.  If I had the bank account to invest in these puppies I would.  Long eyelashes make me feel most feminine and if I could get realistic long wearing ones like this, I'd be in heaven!

What products and trends are you loving this February??