April 30, 2012

Spec-Tacular Makeup Tips For Eye Glass Wearers

I must admit, I don't wear eye glasses.  I have extremely good vision.  But in a weird way, I've always wished I could get a case of near or far sightedness so that I could have a legit reason to wear sexy librarian glasses.  I think they are an awesome accessory that instantly makes one look savvy and smart - seriously.  But I know most spectacle wearers struggle with what to do with their makeup so that they don't disappear under their glasses.  Here are my easy beauty tips for solving this problem.

 {Sporting my Velma glasses from Halloween.  Cheapies from Party City!}

#1.  Focus on the mouth.  I think no matter what shape, size, or color your eye glasses are, they're going to cover your peepers and the glare is going to wash out your eye makeup at some point during the day.  So why not focus on making your lips pop instead and put the focus on them?? I am loving my newest orange shade by Wet n' Wild Megalast lip color in"purty persimmon," and the best thing about it, it was only $1.99!  Score!!  Take a chance with a bold rich shade like a red, fuchsia, or coral!  

#2.  Bold cheeks.  Another odd choice I bet you are thinking, but again, if you can't see your eyes that much anyway, focus on what you can!  And having a bright and bold cheek color can do wonders for brightening up your whole face and complimenting your frames.  Since most glasses rest right on the cheeks, go for a cheek stain that has better staying power than powder formulas and layer it on! I have on 3 layers of tarte "tipsy" natural cheek stain, and it's the perfect stay put compliment to my orange lips.

{Keep shadow simple.  Stila "kitten" is my perfect shimmery subtle choice.}

#3.  Fuller brows.  You all know how much I dig a nice full eye brow.  And in this case, they are still the frame work of the face, so you need to play them up.  With most eye glasses, they don't cover up too much of the brow, so play that area up and fill them in with a pencil, powder, or brow wax.  Just make them bigger and better!!  Don't forget about them, please!  

{L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in "black" on top lash line,
 NYX Jumbo eye pencil in "milk" on lower inner waterline.}

#4.  Eye liner is your friend.  I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that no matter what your eye color, skin tone, etc is, use a black liner to line JUST the top lash line.  Black will get that lash line noticed through the glass.  But keep it only on top so that you don't recede the size of your eyes by applying too much.  Then use its opposite friend on the color wheel, white, and apply a white eye liner on the lower inner waterline to brighten up the whites of your eyes.

I know I probably shouldn't wish this on myself since both of my parents wear glasses, so I'm sure it's inevitable that I will end up needing them at some point in my life.  But I would sure make the best of it and rock some really cool - non costume Party City- spectacles!

Do you wear glasses?  If so, what are your makeup tips for letting your peepers shine through your shades??

April 27, 2012

Wonder Woman :: Real Inspiration Or Really Unrealistic

As I sit here on a typical Friday, looking through my email inbox of too many starred emails that have required a response a week ago (in addition to all of my other "duties") I'm feeling a little, okay, A LOT, overwhelmed.   But instead of boring you with my worries and concerns over what I can or can't accomplish in a 24 hour period, here's a picture of the giclee print I recently purchased off Etsy.com I'm using as inspiration to put up on my office walls...

{Lynda Carter - the original, yet fictional, Wonder Woman.
Appropriately photographed with the 1977 filter from Instagram.}

I occasionally go through these phases of just feeling completely overwhelmed by all the "priorities" and "to-do" lists in my life.  Thankfully there are articles scattered around the internet, like this one from one of my fave daily reads, A Cup Of Jo, that brings me back down to reality.  Sometimes I need to be knocked off of my "woe is me" horse, and realize that I am one person, and that all of my so called "priorities" must be prioritized by importance when it comes to myself, my business, and most important of all, my family.  I love the idea of Wonder Woman.  She exemplifies bravery, independence, and justice for all, while also being impeccably beautiful, physically fit, and well put together while doing it (remember that glossy raven hair, flawless makeup job, and tiny waist??).

I realize that the illusion of us females trying to actually BE Wonder Woman, well, that is unrealistic.  I can't always accomplish my complete to-do list in 24 hours AND get in a shower, and I need to be okay with that. And if you are like me, you put that pressure on yourself, no one else does.  Which means we have the power to take that pressure off of ourselves.

So in a sense, Wonder Woman mentality must die.  But I will enjoy having her live on my office walls for inspiration, entertainment, and pure decoration. I will try to somehow channel those feelings of having real "super powers" from my elementary school days, while I sported my Wonder Woman Underoos underneath my civilian clothes.  I think we can all consider ourselves a Wonder Woman of sorts because of the amount of tasks we juggle in a day...we just don't have the lasso to show for it...

What do you think of the Wonder Woman mentality?  Should she be a real inspiration or is she really unrealistic??   

April 26, 2012

Radiant Cosmetics :: Beauty With A Purpose

RADIANT by definition means, "Bright with joy, hope etc. Marked by or expressive of love, confidence or happiness."

When you hear this, who wouldn't want to be or feel radiant??  I was super excited when I was contacted by Nicole of *Radiant Cosmetics with the opportunity to try out some of her cosmetics line that truly backs up its "beauty with a purpose" motto.  "Fighting human trafficking one lipstick at a time."

{My Radiant collection of goodies!}

When I heard from her that there was a real cause behind the sale of these products, I was curious as to what drove them to use cosmetics as a way to raise money?  
The reason is simple: 
  • The worldwide cosmetics industry generates around $170 billion dollars annually.  
  • Currently 80% of the people that are most vulnerable to human trafficking, are female, most between the ages of 10-35 years old.  
  • Females dominate the cosmetic industry.  
  • Therefore, Radiant Cosmetics takes a portion of their sales to help fund education which empowers these women so that they can fight back to this injustice, since most of them are uneducated and live in poverty-like situations. 
Shocking huh?? But isn't it a beautiful thing that this line is doing something to combat this issue?!

{Eyes, cheeks, and lips all adorned with Radiant products.}

After looking through their FAQ & their description of human trafficking (shocking), I was better able to understand a little more into the background of this company.  Here are some pictures showing you more about the products I received and how they look on.  I was very impressed with ALL of the products and used basically every color she sent me on one look, with the exception of one shadow not shown on.

 {My cheek color is actually one of the eye shadows - color "confection." It's a pretty pink with a slight peach shimmer.}

 {Gel eyeliners in color "tanzanite" and "peacock." $18 each.}

These eyeliners reallllly impressed me with their staying power and how vibrant they are!! I decided to use the purple color on top and the teal color below.  This peacock is going to be my new favorite liner color for sure this spring-  I looove it!!  I used a slanted liner brush with synthetic bristles to apply these with.  I did two coats, letting each dry about a minute between each other.

{Eye shadows from L to R in "georgia," "gypsy," "confection,"and "souffle."$14 each.}

Souffle was the only color I do not have on in these photos.  But I've worn it separately and it's a beautiful deep matte espresso type brown.  

 {All the products have great pigments and are super blendable.}

{I layered these lipsticks for my look.  From L to R - "peony" and "reef." $18 each}

The lipsticks are very hydrating and these two colors were very vibrant.  I layered the brighter reef on top of the peony just for fun!  They don't have a huge amount of staying power, but that didn't really bug me since they felt so good to keep applying!  

{These color pack a real punch for spring and summer!!}

Overall I was super duper impressed by this line and their chic packaging.  I think for the price and the purpose, these are a steal of a deal.  It's not very often you can buy a makeup product and know that there is actually some good being done behind it. 

Thanks a bunch Nicole for sending these for me to try out!! I wish your company the best of luck with growing this business and in your fight to stop such terrible practices on human lives.

What do you think about this cosmetic line with a purpose, Radiant Cosmetics??

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Thanks to all of my fan-tastic followers!!!

*These products were sent to me for consideration only.  I was not paid for this review. All thoughts and views of honest and my own, as always!*

April 24, 2012

The Power of Fragrance

Next to a good smokey eye or red lip, applying my perfume is the next best thing to making me feel most feminine.  If I don't smell good, or even smell at all because I forgot to put on my fragrance that day, then I don't feel complete.  Forgetting to squirt my favorite fragrance is like forgetting to put on my shoes to go to the grocery store - yuck!

I thought you might enjoy seeing what my two favorite scents are I switch out between right now and what I like about them.

 {Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit & Lolita Lempicka}

Of course I own more perfume than this, but these are the two that speak to me most often and that I get the most compliments on when I wear them.  Like my makeup, I adjust my fragrance to my mood.  And if I'm in a great mood or bad one, both of these lift my spirits just by a few sprays.  

Here are the basic notes of each, with both having the main component of vanilla, which I adore.  But with vanilla, it can get tricky.  I love a subtle tone of it because it can smell so romantic and slightly sensual.  However, when overdone, you end up smelling more like a child's birthday cake with too much icing- not sensual!  

1.  Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit :: Madagascar vanilla (not sure what makes this different than regular old vanilla, but it sounds cool and exotic!) and sparkling grapefruit.  Ever since I read somewhere that when someone smells the grapefruit scent that it makes them appear "youthful" to others,  I figure I might need to start bathing in this stuff to knock off a few years.

2.  Lolita Lempicka ::  Of course vanilla and musk, with notes of ivy leaves and violet.  Hence, the violet purple colored glass bottle which is honestly one of the reasons I love this perfume! It's so pretty sitting on my vanity!  I've worn this fragrance going on 10 years now (I already mentioned it here), so I don't think I'll ever tire of it.

When I wear either of these fragrances, I feel like this girl out of the Free People lookbook from their Fall 2011 campaign...

  {Romantic, lacy, with a little bit of mystery.  Photographed in Venice, Italy. Via}

How gorgeous is this picture??? Of course I love sequins, lace, shiny hair and red lips, so I'm all about the sexy combo this model is sporting.  And if my fragrance can make me feel like I exude this kind of mystery without having to leave Georgia or having to wear a black lace mask, then spray away!!  Because let's face it, my real life looks more like this...

{Me and Vivian goofing off at home!}

Ahhh, the power of smell.  I'm always wanting to find the balance of smelling like a feminine woman but not so sicky sweet that I smell like Grandma's pound cake.  So that's why I love my two signature fragrances.  Oh, and they transport me to Venice Italy in sequins and red lips:)

What fragrance are you spraying on these days? What does your scent say about you?

April 23, 2012

How To Use The Letter "V" In Your Makeup Routine

This might seem kinda random how I'm going to go about this "how to" makeup post, but hang on to your makeup brushes and hear me out.  Ironically, I was looking through my fabulous, sometimes racy, and always very large issue of V Magazine when the most obvious and helpful makeup trick of using the letter "V" popped off the pages of models, ads, and articles.  Prepare to be AMAZED how SIMPLE this makeup trick is...

 {Sharpies instead of brushes this time to show the V stroke!}
{Side note :: My current absolute favorite spring nail color is "For Audrey" by China Glaze as shown above! A punchy Tiffany box blue shade!}

The letter V always seems to pop up somewhere on the face when I'm applying makeup on either myself or my clients.  It can actually be used in a multitude of ways, on many features on a face, and so I thought it would be neat to show you how you can use this sharp letter to your advantage in your makeup routine.  And I'm going to do it all with a Sharpie marker from the pages of my recent V magazine!  

{For shortening the forehead and highlighting the tear duct area.}

If you have a large forehead, an easy way to fake a shorter one, is to use a flat bronzer and take it down into the shape of a V from the hairline.  If you want to brighten your eyes, try using a champagne or ivory shimmer shadow right in the tear duct area, outlining that area which is already in a slight natural V shape.

 {Faking fuller lips above the cupids bow, on the upper lip, and along lower lip.}

To get a plumper looking pout, use a highlighting product with shimmer to lightly trace the upper part of your cupids bow (another natural V), then also along the actual upper and lower lips right in the center only.  Placing this shimmer in these spots creates the illusion of fullness- not flatness!

 {Apply concealer in a V shape under the eyes for the perfect amount.}

Many women apply way too much concealer around the eyes in a large circumference, which actually does more harm than good = raccoon eyes!  So to keep that from happening, apply the concealer in a V shape instead of, say, a U shape. Just keep that V shape tight and not too large to stay focused on the darkest area you're wanting to cover.

{Sexy cat eyes with the letter V, on its side!}

The letter V can be used to create a sultry cat eye, by simply turning the V shape on its side: < or >   with the sharpest side pointing out ward from the eye.  For a simple cat eye, you can create the V by keeping the widest part of the V from your upper lash line to your crease.  Or for extra drama, keep going underneath the lower lash line and pull the pointy part of the V out a bit further than your natural outer corner of the eye.

{Shorten a long nose with a V at the tip of the nose.}

If you don't like your long nose, you can make it look a bit shorter by adding a dark matte bronzer at the tip in a V shape as shown. Or you can use a light taupe or brown soft eyeliner (depending how dark your skin is) to make the letter V then use your finger to blend it in until it creates a slightly dark shadow.  

Something to remember - darker colors recede, which is why you can use bronzers and liners to your advantage when you want to shorten foreheads and noses.  You can use lighter colors to brighten and enlarge features, like  when using highlighter products for the eyes and making lips appear fuller.

So did you learn anything?? Do you use the letter V in your beauty routine already and just didn't know it??

April 20, 2012

Revamping My Prom Look

It's prom time y'all!!  Whenever I think of this much hyped event in a high schooler's life, I envision a prom should look like a scene from the movie "Grease," where there is mad dancing going on...

But sadly, of all the proms I went to, none of them EVER ended up being as lively as it is shown in the movies.  Probably because none of the dates that I took to prom had moves like Danny Zuko. Most of them were pretty crappy dancers from what I remember, or even worse, wouldn't dance at all because they didn't think it was "cool."  However, the excitement and preparation leading up to that night was always one of my favorite parts of prom.  Picking out your dress, seeing your date all dressed up, wondering what kind of flowers he'd bring you, and of course getting the perfect hair and makeup combo.  Looking back on my fashion and beauty choices, I question some of them.  Old lady updo and clunky shoes-what??!  

So if I could redo my prom night, here is what I would want to look like from head to toe...

{Hair + Makeup perfection for prom - Blake Lively}

I just love the non fussy hair, no updo's here, and the tiny braids to add a little flair.  And her makeup, as always, is a perfect example for a female headed to prom.  Fresh faced and shimmery but age appropriate.  Shoot, I'd wear this look now!!  Her blush in this photo looks exactly like my new fave product- Maybelline's Bouncy Blush in "peach satin."

{A bright dress with NO sequins or frills like Minka Kelly.
Art of Elysium Heaven Gala event via}

I would of course not wear my dress this low cut being in high school, so a few alterations would be needed, but I love the simplicity and elegant cut of this dress.  And none of that typical lace, sequins, or poofy-ness would be necessary.  A bright neon color, would be all I would need to catch everyone eye- especially my dates:)

{Swarvoski Giuseppe Zanotti encrusted flame cuff bracelet, $595}

This would be the only piece of jewelry I would need because it's sooo awesome!!  And since it's not real diamonds, it's more age appropriate right, even though the price tag is kinda steep.  I love the idea of wearing a tough cuff bracelet instead of gaudy earrings.

{Manicure - Essie "No More Film" deep violet blue polish, $8}

No boring pinks or reds here. I would definitely play up my manicure with this hot new violet blue color.  I'm still a fan of dark nails even when it's not fall/winter, and this is a fresh approach to black.

In reality, I NEVER could have afforded to look like this for prom back in the 90's, but a girl can always dream about what could have been, right!?? I was sporting Jessica McClintock dresses and carnation wrist corsages as opposed to Swarvoski cuffs!! Ha!  If you're wondering what some American families are actually spending on a prom night out these days though, check this out, the total will blow your mind!!  

Did you go to your prom? What would you have done different about your look if you could redo that night out now?R

April 17, 2012

Put On Your Lipstick and Age Gracefully!

In the words of fashion designer Coco Chanel...
"Nothing makes a woman look so old as trying desperately hard to look young."

In the words of 90 year old style icon Iris Apfel...
"I'm not good at putting on makeup.  But you have to be a moron not to be able to put on lipstick!"

{How ridiculously cool is Iris at 90?? I want to be her - bangles, bright lipstick, and all!} 
photo Via

There are two things I've read recently that have got me into some deep thinking about how I honestly approach the idea of aging and my everyday beauty routine.  Should I approach the idea as wanting to reverse or stop the aging process - anti-aging, or if I'm okay with just embracing what time gives me and working with it, then I would probably consider it pro-aging.  These are my own definitions, obviously.  *By the way, this is not a makeup tutorial post, but if you want to check out an oldie but goodie post on my "5 makeup tricks for looking younger" (no needles necessary), then click HERE.*

The FIRST read that got my wheels turning, was this blog post on IntoTheGloss about a woman 56 years older than myself, who is a style icon, accomplished textile and accessories maven, and recent MAC Cosmetics muse with her own collection, Iris Apfel.  After reading about her tenacity and spunk as a 90 year old, she totally blew the doors off of what I picture that age woman to look and act like. I fell in love with the idea of growing old and actually looking forward to it after reading more info about this woman. And after seeing photos of her, and how she adorns herself with more baubles than a Christmas tree, I knew someone had finally figured out the art of growing old gracefully.  It's not through Botox and face lifts, it's through the art of distracting the eye from the wrinkles with more accessories and brighter lipstick!  

Iris has some fantastic quotes I've read all over the web and in recent magazines, but one I really enjoyed was..."I know people who are old at 40 and young at 90.  I think a mirror, rather than a calendar, should be your guide.  It's common sense."  

As harsh as she might sound, I like her approach that even though she is old by most standards, she doesn't have to act like it if she feels younger on the inside.  She goes on to say how she kicked a 4 pack a day smoking habit, drinks wine only at dinner, rarely sits still, and thinks all older women need to wear bright colorful lipstick on their colorless lips bc white lips look "insane and unattractive." Ha!! Gotta love a strong viewpoint.

{Via Allure.com on Botox}

The SECOND piece I read was the letter from the Editor in Chief of Allure magazine, Linda Wells, in their April 2012 issue.  (Yes, I do read these because I find this position of power in a beauty magazine to be fascinating.  Hello, The Devil Wears Prada??!!)  This issue was devoted to the topic of "anti-aging" and in this introduction to the pages that followed that topic, Linda brought up some interesting thoughts from Vivian Diller, a psychologist and coauthor of "Face It:  What Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change."  I'm sharing an exert from this letter that really got me thinking in regards to aging gracefully with all of the beauty and skin care products and procedures currently out there, and if that's even truly possible or what it means.  

"There is so much that can be done, but it has to be done calmly without panic.  Acceptance is complicated for women, in part because we were raised to believe that looks shouldn't matter this much.  But this is not a superficial experience.  By all means, see your doctor and buy the skin products, but find a way to LIKE WHO YOU ARE NOW TOO."

I cannot deny that I put on my makeup in hopes of hiding blotchy skin and that I apply retinol cream at night in hopes of erasing the fine lines in my forehead.  I feel like I'm always a work in progress.  And honestly, I'm okay with that.  I try to look at is as I'm thankful that at least I have makeup to fall back on to help me improve the small things that bother me.  Even though I use most of the available skin improvement products out there, (and I will probably give the ole Botox a try!), I would still consider myself a "pro-ager" over an "anti-ager." I'm not about trying to hang with the 18-21 year olds anymore or even looking like them.  That would be silly...and it would probably scare and confuse my kids.

So where do you stand? Are you an anti- ager or a pro-ager?  

April 16, 2012

Model In A Bottle

As a makeup artist, and even as just a regular woman who wears makeup on a daily basis, my main goal once it's applied is to get it to stay put.  Why put all of that effort into putting it on if it's just going to fade away?  Well after a year of reading and hearing about the makeup setting spray Model in a Bottle, I figured it was time to order myself a bottle of this magic potion and put it to the test.

 {Model in a Bottle, 2oz, for $18}

Now this isn't my first time using a makeup setting spray.  I have been using Urban Decay's "All Nighter" for sometime now as I spoke about here.  It works pretty good and I use it on every bride and client my makeup brush touches because I want my handy work to last all day!  These setting sprays are  basically like hairspray for your face:)  The immediate difference I noticed when comparing my 2 sprays, was that the MIAB is significantly cheaper, but that's because it's only 2 ounces worth for $18, whereas my UD bottle is a 4 ounce bottle at $39.00. 

I took some before and after shots (like I love to do), to visually show you how the Model in a Bottle worked with keeping my face on yesterday.  I applied my full makeup at 11:45am, and did not touch up my face with anything, (which was reeallly hard to do by the way ,except for lipgloss, had to reapply that!) until I took the 2nd picture at 8:45pm that evening.  I also did NOT apply any eye lid primers or skin primers to test this stuff to the max!!

 {11:45am after applying my MIAB}

{9 hours later - 8:45pm makeup with no touch ups.}

 {Eye makeup close up at 8:45am}

{Eye makeup close up 9 hours later}

You can definitely tell that my foundation and concealer didn't stay as matte as it looked after the initial application, and was slightly faded.  However, I did think that my eye makeup and blush color stayed about as vibrant as it did the moment I applied it.  And blush typically is the first thing to fade on my face.

I had 2 small issues with my MIAB spray since I had the Urban Decay one to compare it to: 

1.  The actual sprayer attachment didn't spray as smoothly, gently, or as widely as my Urban Decay one does.  Its mist is a bit more direct and shocking (does that make sense??) if you don't press down just right to give a quick squirt to make the product produce a fine mist - you could get pelted with a straight stream!
2. It smells a bit more alcohol-y than the UD one which contains aloe leaf juice to give it a more refreshing scent.  But the alcohol smell does go away, so it's fleeting.

Overall for the price, I'm pretty impressed.  However, the $6 shipping is a bummer which you can't get around because it's not sold in any local stores near me.  I will definitely be using it on my upcoming brides and prom-goers but will be adding my skin and eye lid primers for extra extra staying power!  

{My newest fashion accessory - lipstick knee socks.}

This has absolutely nothing to do with makeup setting spray, but thought you'd find it entertaining to see a glimpse of the knee socks I wore during my workout this morning.  My boys gave me these for Christmas and since I'm trying to get "model-like" legs with my workout routine, why not adorn them with makeup artist appropriate socks?!   I get a kick out of these every time I put them on...literally:)

Do you wear makeup setting sprays?  How important is long wear makeup to you?

April 13, 2012

My Weekend Beauty Breakdown

{1966 Max Factor ad via.} 

Doesn't this look like a makeup look you'd see in the pages of a current magazine for the summer?! I just love looking through vintage makeup ads to see how makeup trends always circle back around.

It's the weekend ladies!!  And there are sooo many products I'm dying to get my hands on after reading through some of my April fashion magazines (oh, did you check this months Atlanta Magazine issue out btw??) and browsing some of my favorite blogs.  Without further delay, here is my Personal Weekend Beauty Breakdown with new products to snag and links to follow:

1.  Anna over at FashBoulevard is one of my favorite sites to check out for celeb fashions and accessory trends.  Anna is a southern belle like myself (even though she lives out in California), and her blog is always a bright and shiny treat to check out.  If you have medium to long hair like me, then you will want to check out all of her spring hair style ideas.

{Free People scalloped black short, $88}

2.  I used to work on the wholesale end of the Free People brand 10 years ago (little tidbit background info on moi!), and have been obsessed with their bohemian chic look ever since.  I am not a huge fan of shorts, but hopefully once my insane 60 days of Insanity is over, I'll be a big fan because my legs will look awesome and toned!  I want  to treat myself to these girly scalloped shorts from Free People and totally wear them with a roughed up jean vest as shown. So cool and easy to pull off.

{Sonia Kashuk Complexion Perfector Dual Ended Foundation Brush & Sponge, $19}

3.  This puppy would be the answer to my foundation dreams!! It's got a foundation brush tool with an easy to reach smaller areas pointed sponge tip ALL IN ONE!!  This is one of those "ah-ha" products I wish I'd thought of and produced, kinda like the Spanx idea - darn.

{Model Gina Lapinta for Nars Summer 2012 collection}

4.  Y'all know how much I love Nars products and his Summer collection does not look like it will disappoint.  You can check out Karen over at the MakeupandBeautyblog and her swatches of some of these brand new products, and she says she will have more to come!  The Ramatuelle trio eyeshadow looks so beachy and shimmery but totally wearable for every skin tone.  If you're ever looking for a swatch of a brand new beauty product or polish from any company, this lady is going to have it for you to check out before you buy it!

{My go-to nude gloss that works every time - Becca Glossy lip tint in "Caipirinha"}

5.  This isn't anything new, as I've been wearing this color for over 2 years now, but it's time to reorder a new tube!  If you love lip gloss, and you love being able to keep a color in your purse that is guaranteed to look good with whatever you have on, and be just a hint of color, then you need this gloss, $23.  It's described as the "perfect nude beige" on the Becca company website, and that is a perfect description.  

6.  Ally over at CopaceticInCarolina, is another southern belle (and fellow UGA fan!!) whose blog I can't help but check out every week because she impresses me in many ways. From her SEC football knowledge, style, and amazing recipes, this lady covers it all! I had to share her pimento cheese post with you all as it's a new spring/summer food obsession I have.  But low and behold when I checked her out today, her most recent blog post has her summer makeup favorites listed AND features your truly! What a pleasant surprise!!  Thanks Ally for the JSM love - I totally approve of your makeup haul and you gave me some brand new products to lust after.

It's supposed to be beautiful and summer-like here in Georgia this weekend!!  Maybe I will just treat myself to a beauty product or two.  Do you have any must-have beauty suggestions for me or great links I should be checking out?

April 12, 2012

PMD Review :: Personal Microderm At Home

I have always been extremely thankful for being blessed with pretty decent skin.  Shoot, I've never had to visit a dermatologist for any major skin issues and have had only 3 facials in my 34 years of life because I just haven't needed to!  However, despite my good skin, I've always been intrigued by the process of microdermasion.  You can not open a beauty magazine without reading about the wonders it works.  This won't come as a shock, but I've never had this procedure done before I received the following product.

{*PMD system, $179.}

So I want to go ahead and put it out there that I will not be able to compare or contrast this at-home product to a professional performing the act of dermabrasion.  With that being said,  I have a feeling after using this PMD system, I bet it's pretty darn close to getting it done in a doctor's office from what I've seen and read.  This at home product uses the same aluminum oxide crystals in it's attachment disks that a real dermatologist uses.  PMD was developed for anyone that wants smoother surface skin, help with age spots, and the usual reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.  Even though $179 might sound like a lot, it would pale in comparison to going to a dermatologist every time which would add up quickly.  Here's my experience with it.

{3 pieces that comprise the head of the system that you wash after each use.}

The first key to this system, is to WATCH THE DVD they send in the kit.  I wouldn't have been able to figure how to use this on my own or know enough about the process to feel comfortable using something so powerful.  Like any machine, you need to read instructions to get the right results.  I heard all sorts of good and bad things over my Facebook and Twitter pages when I mentioned this thing. Some people praised it and some said they had scarring or it beat up their skin using this.  Well, I have a hunch, they didn't watch the dvd all the way or weren't careful enough with the continual motion and pulling the skin taught like they were told.  Just a guess.

I use this only once every week and a half because it is very powerful and your skin needs a break between sessions.  It comes with two types of colored disks in two sizes:  
  • 2 blue for gentle use, small disk for the face and a larger one for areas like neck and chest 
  • 2 green for more advanced use, also one for face and one for larger areas.  
I started using the blue over the first 3 weeks because I was intimidated I was going to rough up my face.  It was pretty sensitive after the first two times I used it at night, but was just slightly red and was fine by morning. But just last night upgraded myself to the green, and felt I had more dramatic results with much smoother surface skin.  

{My bare skin after using my PMD for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.}

Overall, I have found that PMD is actually pretty easy to use once you get the hang of the machine.  And it comes with plenty of disks to last you awhile before I think I'll need to buy replacements.  And it's nice and small so won't take up much room in your bathroom.  I definitely think it has helped the surface of my skin and made my pores appear smaller- not so much happening on reducing the wrinkles yet, but I'll take the smoother skin tone and lack of pores!

What's been your experience with PMD?  Would you want to be able to do this process from the comfort of your own home?  

*This product was sent to me by the company for consideration and review only.  I was not paid for this review.  All opinions and thoughts about this product are honest and my own.

April 11, 2012

My Ever Changing Blogging Environment

I often get asked when it comes to my blogging:

  • Where do you find the time and how long does it take?
  •  Where in your home do you usually blog?

{I love this. But might would change the coffee part to wine!}

I'm sure lots of people think that I have a set schedule every day where I sit quietly with my favorite espresso, listening to relaxing music, and birds chirpping happily outside my window while I blog.  Ha, my coffee is usually with me, but cold, and has to be put in the microwave 3 or 4 times to be warmed back up bc I've been distracted by something/someone!  I can tell you there is one thing I know, is I don't ever know where or what time of day I'll be blogging.  With 3 kids and their schedules, a husband, a freelance makeup business, and a household to run on top of it all, my schedule and availability to blog changes every single day.

So yesterday I put my Instagram app on my iPhone into action to show you all where I blog during a day and what goes on around me.  This is a true representation of one day and just how many times I hop around my house with my laptop in tow because I NEVER can complete a blog in just one space!  Let's go on a house tour...

 {My desk in our upstairs office.}

This is where I ideally like to blog, but it's not always conducive to be upstairs away from everyone during the day.  But I love how this office decor is progressing because it's very minimal with light grey walls, white furniture, with a splash of bright colors like red, orange, and teal.  Lots of affordable Ikea furniture in this space and we painted pieces old brown furniture white to give them new life! And I just ordered an extremely cool piece of giclee artwork for one of the walls off of Etsy.com, I can't wait to show it to you after it arrives!!  

{Viv with her "laptop" in the corner of my office, blogging like mama!}

{Lounging in my hubby's massive leather recliner.}

I love sitting in this oversized chair, however, it's so comfortable, I tend to get a little too relaxed in it, so it's not always the best choice for computer work. And honestly, I don't think I ever have time to sit in it during the day when the kids are here, so this is usually a night time spot after everyone's fast asleep.   

 {Sitting at my dining room table.}

You might notice I often like to be sitting looking through a window while I blog.  I LOVE lots of natural light and HATE being in the dark.  My blinds on my house are always open if it's daylight.  Also, I usually need to be keeping an eye out for little boys playing golf outside on our lawn!

{My mirrored desk in our bedroom.} 

I wish I could say I usually keep real exotic flowers around my house like this one on my desk, but it's actually fake. Good news, I can't kill it!  Again, I must be facing out of a window!  This was my original desk I bought once I really got serious about the blog and my makeup business.  I love the leopard print chair and fancy mirrored desk, all from Pier 1 Imports.

Now here's where the blogging gets real...kids kids and more kids!

 {Viv wanting to sit with me after her naptime in the kitchen while I answer emails.}

 {Viv getting really upset I won't let her type responses to future brides about doing their makeup!}

{Walker deciding to get in on the action to make fun of the chaos that has ensued. 
Insert paci to keep Viv happy...and quiet!}

{I get smart and distract Vivian with Playdoh.}

I spend lots of time trying to distract children and keep them busy while I knock out emails and create blogs.  But as a mom working from home, that's what I do best, DISTRACT!!  I'm very thankful to have them around me though.  I'd probably be pretty bored and uninspired were I blogging in a nice quiet office outside of my home just by myself with my thoughts...maybe??! Ha!!  I'll never know.

 {My favorite coaster I put my cold coffee on in the office.
This is the type of mommy humor that keeps me going!}

{My coffee table that is always covered with my fashion and beauty magazines, crayons, 
 Cabbage Patch kids, and snacks.}

So there you have it!  A day in the life of my JennySue Makeup blog.  So to answer those top questions:

1. It sometimes takes all day to create a blog.  But it's usually a total of a couple hours spread out throughout the day.  
2. I can literally be found blogging in 4 different rooms during a day.  Thank goodness for portable laptops.

Now here is your chance to tell me and my followers about YOUR BLOG!  I want to know when you find the time, what kind of space you blog in, and what inspires your blog concept??