June 30, 2012

Links From The Week

It has been one nutty-crazy-busy-week here in my household.  But then again, when is it not nutty crazy?!   It's weeks like this, that I like to look back at this iMovie my hubby created of our beach vacation a few weeks ago and daydream of being back lounging in the sand.  I wish I could click my flip flops and be back in Paradise!  Enjoy this look into my family vaca then check out some super duper links below after the movie.

Since it's obvious I like thinking about past events, here are a few links, looks, and things from around the web I've enjoyed checking out over the past week...

1.  White House Barbie in wedges.  (I personally prefer her staple stiletto look!)

2.  My inner teenager wants to see Katy's movie.

3.  Cheeto colored nails. Yum.

4.  One of the best in depth smokey eye tutorials I've ever seen.

5.  Jennifer Aniston's all time favorite lip liner.

6.  Cute ways to decorate a table for the 4th Tori Spelling style.

7.  PHD level of eye liner placement.

8.  Best quote of the week.

How would you describe your past week - crazy/nutty or relaxing/calm??

June 28, 2012

5 Simple Makeup Tricks To Awaken Your Face

I know you all probably get tired of always hearing how tired I am as a mom of 3.  But honestly, being tired but not wanting to look it, is what drives me to keep blogging about makeup.  Makeup provides instant gratification in hiding the tired factor.  So since my beloved toddler has decided she wants to start waking up at 6:15am every morning instead of her usual 7:30 or 8am (doesn't she realize it's summertime = sleep in??), tired is prominent on my face.  In these pictures, I'm faking awake through makeup...

 {My non-tired awake face!}

I'm going to share with you 5 simple ways to use makeup and beauty tricks to your advantage on your most tired of days.  I guess you could say these are "ways to wake up your face!!"

 {#1.  Use an eyelash curler. Mine by MAC ($16)}

This picture is misleading because it looks like I'm curling them after I've applied mascara - don't do that.  Always squeeze on bare lashes, then apply your mascara.  Curled upward lashes give the subtle illusion of a more awake eye.  I do this step every single day...it's a highly underused trick:) 

{#2.  Concealer and gold shimmer are your friends.}

Everyone could use a little bit of concealer.  I'd suggest using this over foundation if you just really don't have time for both.  Best places to spot treat are under the eyes, around the sides of the nose, and around the sides of the mouth.  My new favorite one is Maybelline's Dream Lumi Touch highlighting concealer ($8) in "buff chamois."  It's thick enough to truly cover dark circles along with a luminous quality for brightening - dare I compare it to the cult pricey YSL Touche Eclat??  Also a bit of gold shimmer along the lash line and tear duct can't hurt to warm up a tired eye.  Mine is by bareMinerals eye glimmer in "true gold" ($18).

 {#3.  A finishing powder helps a ruddy complexion.}

For finishing powders, I switch off between my loose Make Up For Ever Finishing powder and the one shown in the picture above by MAC, Prep & Prime compact translucent finishing powder ($23).  I use just a light dusting of this product after all of the makeup is complete, just to well, "finish it off" and diffuse any fine lines, wrinkles, and ruddiness left in the skin.  It takes shine out of the skin to create a flawless finish. 

*Tip: Don't use too much though, or it can sometimes show up very white in flash photography.*

{#4.  A bright lipstick is a face booster!}

A bright lipstick, whether it's red, orange, or pink, can brighten my day and attitude immediately.  This one was sent to me by Pouts & Winks in shade "posie," ($12.50).  Shockingly colorful lipsticks are a summer staple in my makeup routine and can pull a look together immediately even when you have little time for other makeup.

{#5. If you're feeling spunky, try a bold eyeliner!}

The combo of red lips + bold liner could be a bit much for some faces, but I figured I would share it anyway!  I love to add a colored eye liner to wake up my look - no ho hum browns or blacks here.  My gel liner is by Radiant Cosmetics in "peacock" ($18) and is seriously one of my can't live without colors for this season. I always feel so cool in these hot summer months wearing this shade.

*Tip:  If you use a liner that is completely opposite from your natural eye color (think purple liner with green eyes, pure gold liner with blue eyes, brown eyes can get away with anything from electric blue to emerald greens), it immediately puts focus and brightens up that eye color.*

There you have it, my top tricks for faking an awake face! 

What tricks do you have up your sleeve for looking alive through makeup??

June 27, 2012

The Easiest Way To Remove Your Makeup

The most important part of my makeup routine during the day would have to be removing my makeup.  I hear from lots of women that say they're just too busy or too tired at the end of the day so they just forget or omit this step.  Big mistake, big, HUGE!!  Being a mom of 3, I know busy and tired all too well, and I still find a few minutes to clean my face at night.  So no excuses ladies.

Here is the best advice you'll ever get on the easiest way to remove your makeup...Use presoaked makeup remover cloths!! You pull one out of the pack, wipe your face, splash some water to finish, and you're done.  So easy my 4 year old could do this.

 {You really want to sleep with this sitting in your pores??  Ewwww.}

{My current faves - Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes ($8).}

There are plenty of different choices and price ranges of makeup remover cloths in your local drugstore, some even with exfoliating properties if you want to switch out every now and then.  And I honestly don't think it matters which ones you choose as long as you USE them!!  I do like that my Neutrogena ones come in a collapsable hard container to keep the cloths from drying out too quickly, so this is another bonus to look for.  

*Here are some cleanser choices (including cloths) from TotalBeauty.com if this post inspires you to look into a new cleaning routine!*

Even for you ladies that don't wear much makeup during the day, you still need to be washing your face because there are all sorts of oils and dirt from the environment that are sitting in your pores throughout the day.  If you want some other great skin care tips, visit this post I did on my trip to the facialist!  So do your face a favor and clean it at night!!  

Let's come clean ladies...do you remember to wash your face every night before hitting the sheets??

June 26, 2012

Steal These Celebrity Beauty Secrets

It's not a huge surprise that female celebrities drive and inspire a lot of of my current beauty purchases and makeup looks.  I am a confessed pop culture junky and proud of it.  I think it's fun to find out what products certain Hollywood types depend on to keep up their red carpet looks.  Most of them have a team of professionals behind them when it comes to hair, makeup, and skin care, so why wouldn't we trust their suggestions?!

Here are some of my current favorite celeb beauty secrets from around the web.

{BRIGHT PINK POUT - Emily Blunt.}

1. Emily Blunt looked amazing at a recent NewYork premiere via Instyle.com in her shockingly fuchsia pink matte lipstick.  Luckily the shade she sported was a $7 tube of lipstick called "Spellbound" by CoverGirl, so even the masses can score this look.  See, celebs are like us and use drugstore brand makeup!!


2. My newest girl crush would have to be Krysten Ritter, and it's because I wish I could pull off her blunt bang hair cut.  She reminds me of a modern day doe eyed beauty, Audrey Hepburn, and claims to Allure Magazine that she "came out of the womb with bangs and keeps them because they're too much of a pain to grow out."  I think this hair cut frames her face brilliantly.  I might just try this look on myself when the weather gets cooler and I don't have bangs sticking to my forehead!

{PICTURE PERFECT SKIN - Carrie Underwood.}

3. Country stunner Carrie Underwood has always intrigued me with her flawless skin.  Since she's been in all sorts of skin care ads from Neutrogena and now named Olay's first ever brand ambassador, it's no surprise that she lists their Olay Total Effect line as part of her current skin care routine.  I've never seen a blemish or fine line on this chick, so I'm all in for these products.

{REALISTIC BRONZE GLOW - Charlize Theron.}

4. Charlize Theron always seems to have a beautiful bronzed glow about her, and it's apparently thanks to Dior's Bronze Original Tan bronzer in Spicy Tan.  Her makeup artist claims that it warms up the stars usual fair complexion just perfectly, per Elle.com.


5. Popular tattoo artist Kat Von D., who also has her own makeup line exclusively in Sephora, knows the trick to keeping your makeup staying put all day.  And no, it's not to tattoo your makeup on like you would think!  It's to use primers, such as Urban Decay's eyelid and complexion primers, to set and keep your look fresh all day long without having to constantly reapply.

What celebrity beauty secrets have you heard of that you can share??

June 25, 2012

Icy Hot Silver Makeup For Summer

Everyone seems to be all about the brights for summer - aquas, oranges, yellows and greens, OH MY!!!  And I can't deny, I've been a little obsessed myself.  But of course I get bored every now and then with popular style trends, so I decided to buck the brights, and go for the icy hot metallics in my eye makeup.  Now that my skin has a bit of summer color to it, I decided to add a little silver into my makeup routine.

{Icy silver eyes balanced with a coral cheek and lip.}

{Light silver from Too Faced Smoky Eye Collection,($36) and
"Gunmetal" from Naked Palette by Urban Decay ($50).}

{Add a swipe of black liner and lots of mascara to finish off this look.}

What I did to achieve this eye:

1.  Apply a cream colored matte shadow from lash to brow bone.
2.  Then add an icy silver color from lash line to crease and trace along the tear duct for extra pop!
3.  Out line your crease with a darker silver or gunmetal to add a bit of depth.
4.  Finish with a line of black liner, I used my current fave Physicians Formula one, and two coats of black mascara.

To make this icy look work, I couldn't totally forget the brights trend.  I added a pop of color by using peachy coral lips and cheeks.  You have to warm this look up a bit to make it work for summer.  My cheeks are Sonia Kashuk's blush in "melon" and Stila's lip gloss in "papaya."

SILVER + CORAL GO TOGETHER LIKE PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY!!  Here are some easy ways to incorporate the silver/ coral combo into your everyday style!

The Silver Standard

Do you like the idea of donning icy colored shadows during a hot summer?

June 23, 2012

Summer Beauty "Hangout" On Google + {Giveaway!}

I am honored to have been asked by Trina of TheBabyShopaholic.com, to be a part of my first ever   "hangout" involving Google+ and some other fab beauty and style bloggers to discuss summer beauty        tips & trends next week.  I get the chance to do a live makeover (on yours truly!) with some summertime makeup products from Pouts & Winks! Check it out!

You are cordially invited to join me and a few of my fave fashion and beauty bloggers on June 27, at 8pm EST for a  Summer Beauty "Hangout"...streaming live on Google+!
    ...and surprise! The first giveaway starts now!

Win a Pouts & Winks Summertime Collection (Retail Value $53.)

Set Includes:
3 lip glosses in Strawberry, Pineapple, and Melon
2 eye shadows in Splash and Meow
Eye Primer
Lip Primer

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget! Rules are below.

One Mandatory Entry: Follow the Baby Shopaholic on Google+ (she's our host!)
Bonus Entries (optional)
  • Follow all the other ladies on Google+, too (1 entry for each, 5 entries possible)
  • Tweet about the hangout and the giveaway!
    Fine Print
  • This is a collaborative giveaway being hosted on the sites of all six participating bloggers.  You may enter the giveaway from any of our blogs, but only one winner will be selected.
  • Giveaway is open to US Readers only.
The winner will be announced during the Hangout! So, tune in and good luck!

How many of you are on Google + and what's your favorite part about it??

June 22, 2012

A Drugstore Skin Primer That Actually Works!

A skin primer makes a huge difference in a woman's skin tone, point blank. Whenever I do makeup for a client or a special night out for myself, I do not approach a face without first adding a skin primer.  And I will admit to being a "primer snob" in thinking that I should only use a more expensive brand name because I've been burned in the past with drugstore ones.  But not anymore, thanks to Hard Candy's Sheer Envy Skin Perfecting Primer ($8).

 {My new drugstore primer love!}

I thought I was going to be taking one for the team when I decided to experiment with trying out my new cheap Hard Candy primer along with my staple Smashbox Photo Finish ($36) primer on my face at one time - half and half!  I figured I owed it to all of you in case it went horribly wrong that you could see the difference on one face!  Here's a photo gallery of how it went highlighting both primers at once. 

 {Swatch of Hard Candy on left, Smashbox on the right.}

At first sight when viewing each formula side to side, the HC wasn't as clear as the the Smashbox but was barely a noticeable difference since both were colorless.  They also both felt and looked just alike when rubbed into the skin.

 {Hard Candy applied on the right side of my face, Smashbox on the left side.}

Imagine there was an invisible line drawn directly down the center of my forehead to my chin.  The above picture shows my bare skin with BOTH primers applied - with no noticeable difference at this point.  After applying them both, I can honestly say, my skin didn't appear any different between the two, and the surface of my skin felt exactly the same, smooth and silky!

 {My finished face after foundation and color.}

 {Close up of skin after all color applied.} 

Can't see that invisible line between the two products can you??  My foundation (L'Oreal True Match N3), concealer (Cover Girl & Olay Simples Ageless in #230), and blush (Nars Orgasm) all applied the same with no variation in how they looked on either side.

{Extreme close up of the center of the face.}

I can't believe I've found a primer that acts, looks, and feels JUST like my pricey beloved Smashbox!! I feel like I've just found buried treasure to the tune of $8!!  So what do you think of my new primer - don't the pictures make you a believer?

Do you go the extra step by wearing a skin primer?  What's your favorite brand?

June 21, 2012

Awesomely Bright Summer Manicure

Nails are by far one of the easiest, and safest, ways to dabble in the whole bright trend.  If you get nervous about sporting the neons, turquoise, or fuschia's in your makeup routine, then why not give it a try on your manicure??  I decided to use my bright polish resources and channel my inner rainbow friend, Mr. Roy G Biv.

{A color for every nail!}

A little elementary school reminder of what ROY G BIV stands for :: 
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.  
The colors of the rainbow in their correct order of appearance. Ok, moving on.

{Thank you to my 6 yr old son for the artsy-type picture in the lawn:)}

 {Ramping up the bright trend with a blingy knuckle ring. An oldie from Charlotte Russe.} 

{My 5 finger colors in order of their appearance on each hand.}

Here is the breakdown of my awesome rainbow inspired manicure from finger one to five, which I repeated on the second hand.  1.  Red - Sephora by OPI in "high maintenance" 2. Orange - NYC Long Wearing in "times square tangerine cream" 3.,4, and 5 all by China Glaze - neon yellow, "celtic sun" blue, "for audrey" and violet "spontaneous."

I got lots of props from my 1.5 year old daughter with this Rainbow Brite look.  She is constantly pointing at my nails and looking up at me like, "uh, I want that on my hands!!"  Brights will get your hands noticed for sure. It's probably not the most appropriate choice for lawyers or accountant types...but if that's you, maybe you could save the bright mani for the weekend;)

What do you think about channeling the rainbow on your manicure??

June 20, 2012

Bring On The First Day Of Summer With A Bronze And Glow Complexion!

With today being the first day of summer, who wouldn't want the tools to become a bronzed beauty like Miss Eva Mendes??  Here are some current products that can give you a beautiful glow like you've been in the Bahamas for a week.

Bronze Beauty

Let's start with the basics - Hair & Skin.  
  • Get that bronze base like Eva's (even if you were born with Emma Stone skin) with a few coats of St. Tropez's Gradual Tan self tanner that guarantees a streak free and non orange skin!  This stuff in my opinion, is the best self tanner on the market.  I even use this product on my face by just cutting it ever so slightly with a bit of my regular moisturizer to make sure it's a super gradual color change.
  • Then you can treat your mane to Alterna's Summer Hair Skin Kissed Mist which is an overall golden bronzed shimmer and shine finishing spray!  It also protects hair from the damaging UVA/UVB rays which can ruin a perfectly good and pricey dye job.
Now let's give some love to the Face!
  • Add Lancome's latest and greatest upgrade to their famous Teint Idole, the Ultra 24H Teint Idole foundation to your bronzed face base:)  This stuff is good for 24 hours, even in the heat.  Although, do you really want to wear a foundation that long??  Either way, this full coverage but lightweight foundation is a big winner.  It also has 12 new shades, some specifically formulated to match skin tones of Hispanic (like Mendes!) and African American women.
  • Next add some extra bronze love or contouring with Josie Maran's Argan Brightening Bronzer.  This is a nice natural color that's not too red or dark, with the added plus of the super ingredient argan.
  • And to really show off that bronzed skin, add a punch of color to your cheeks with tarte's Maracuja Blush & Glow.  It comes in three shimmery shades to make skin seem glowier with its highlighter addition.  
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Have you tried any of these latest and greatest products that can get you glowing?

June 18, 2012

Physicians Formula Eye Booster :: Liquid Liner Perfection

Every now and then a product comes along that makes me look forward to doing my makeup in the morning.  Physician's Formula has created a liquid liner, the Eye Booster ($10), that rivals my all time favorite, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($18), but at a drugstore price.  And not only does this liner give drawing perfection with the perfectly shaped tip, but it also has an added bonus of having a 2 in 1 lash boosting serum while being super long wearing.  And it draws a mean cat eye.

 {Precision in drawing.}

 {Me and my gold pen!}

The way the tip of a liquid liner is constructed is what makes me love these types of pens.  And this one does not disappoint.  It makes getting close to the lash line as easy as possible and makes the thinnest lines.  Since it makes such skinny lines, I was even able to use it on my lower lashes to fill them in with tiny strokes to give the illusion of thicker lashes. 

{Dotting along the lower lash line to create a fuller looking lash line.}

{Finished product used on upper and lower lash lines.}

{Overall look!}

And like I mentioned before about the staying power, it lasts forever!  I literally put this on around 10am and didn't scrub it off until 10pm at night - really.  My secret to this could have been that I drew my first line, then let it dry a minute, then drew back over the first line one more time to make my line thicker.  But either way, that's pretty amazing for a liquid liner.  This pen only comes in two colors right now, black and brown, but I sure would love to see it in a charcoal or navy!  I'd buy every color!  

This will be my new go-to pen for creating a perfect winged eye.  And the gold pen makes it feel fancy like whenever I use my YSL touche eclat pen:)  Gilded packaging doesn't hurt huh??

Have you tried Physician Formula Eye Booster 2 in 1 liner and lash boosting serum?  

June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

"I have mixed emotions when I receive my Father's Day gifts.  
I'm glad my children remember me; I'm disappointed that they actually think I dress like that."  
Mike Dugan

With Father's Day here, I feel the need to get a little bit sappy. My hubby is one of those guys that I still pinch myself that I landed.   Not only is he a great husband, but for the past 6 years, he has also been the most amazing, caring, and loving father to our 3 kiddos.  
I feel like my kids won the "daddy lottery"... For real. 

{My crew with their handsome daddy!}

Gift wise for this Father's Day, I helped the kids with a little art project for their dad that I had seen floating around the internet.  Because after looking through a bunch of father's day gift guides from my blog roll, I realized, most of these gifts for guys were created by girls.  Hmmmm.  Did Scott really want me to spend a bunch of money on fancy cuff links or a purple seersucker shirt for him?  Probably not.

  {The moustache mug}

So went for the DIY project for this holiday. Plain white mug, Sharpie, a stencil, and some paint is all you need! The kids also painted their names onto the back of the mug with the year, then we sprayed it with some clear setting spray.  Because isn't all a dad really wants for their Father's Day is something home made with love, right??  Although, maybe a new flat screen would've been nice too...

To all of the wonderful fathers out there, (including my own dad!), enjoy your special day and know you are a huge influence in your child's life no matter how old they are!!

Happy Father's Day.

June 15, 2012

Summer Hair Inspirations

I feel like summer is the perfect time to have FUN with your hair and makeup, and to keep things as un-fussy as possible- if that's an actual word:)  So with the weekend upon us (and aren't the weekends always considered more fun than the work week??) here are a few hair inspirations for every length.

Long Haired Ladies
1.  Halo Braid.


2. Wrapped Pony.

3. Beach Waves.  


4.  Just For Fun!  Chalk Colored tips.

{Works best on blondes typically.  
Unfortunately it's hard to show up on raven haired ladies like myself.}

Short Haired Ladies

1. Bouncy Bob.

2.  Retro Waves.

3.  Hair Accessories.  


4.  Head Scarf.

I'm going to personally go for the halo braid for this Father's Day weekend.  And don't forget to shield your locks and hair color with a hair sunscreen like I talked about here since most of us are outside enjoying the summer sun!!

Which one of these styles tickles your fancy? 

June 14, 2012

How To Work The Wet Hair Look

I'm going to be honest right off the bat by saying, the slicked back wet hair look probably isn't for everybody.  I've seen this hair trend all over the magazines and on television, and it doesn't always go right and looks plain unfinished at times.  And by unfinished, I mean, looks like they got out of a rain storm or shower and just went on with their day.  But for me, I was able to use this look to my advantage for a day when I had little time to deal with hair and it was actually raining!

 {All slicked back!}

{Jessica Alba sporting the look at Glamour Women of the Year Awards via}

This look is easiest for ladies with medium to long hair.  Here is how I pulled off this style.

 {Top of head shot - slick hair sideways in a low part.}

I started off with dry, but dirty (no shampoo in 2 days), hair.  I dabbed a little bit of water throughout the top of my head and down to the tips of my hair.  Then I used a little bit of hairspray on top of the water, then used a brush to comb it all through the hair. Next I pulled all of my hair into a tight ponytail midway in back of head, slightly higher than my ears.

 {Back knot held in place with a rubber band and 4 bobby pins.}

Once my ponytail was in place, I parted the pony into two sections.  Took those two sections and just twisted each one away from each other until I couldn't twist anymore.  Then, I took each section and wrapped them opposite ways around the ponytail holder and stuck in place with 4 bobby pins.  

{Side view of coiled bun.}

To get that super wet look that is going to stay, I sprayed a bunch of hair spray all over the look, and used a fine tooth comb in the front and sides to secure every little hair I could into place.  Voila! My attempt at the wet hair look.  

Of course with the wet look, the focus is always going to be on your face since the hair is slicked away from the face.  So if you're going to do it, take some time on the makeup ladies!  As you can see, I def did my makeup first, then realized I had no time to mess with my hair, and this literally took 5 minutes to accomplish.  And, my husband even complimented how much he liked my hair!! Score for this mom of 3.

What do you think of the wet slicked back hair look?  Is it for you or a trend to be left in the showers?