July 31, 2012

Whose Beauty Advice Do You Trust The Most?

When you decide to buy or purchase a beauty product or even try out a new makeup look, WHO or WHAT is it that INFLUENCES you to go ahead and throw down the credit card or paint the product on?

{Besties Blair & Serena.  Do they really trust each others advice??}

I find this to be an extremely thought provoking question, because when I thought about this myself, I found my answer to be a combination of things.  Personally, there are 3 main things that drive me to make a beauty decision:

#1.  I read a ton of beauty and fashion magazines which I find to be one of my favorite resources. I know that most magazine beauty editors get brand new products sent to their offices before the general public does (you and me) and try them out in order to give their readers an honest opinion.  Honesty is what keeps me coming back to renewing my subscriptions right- why would they lie to me??  If a magazine really pushes a product and I can tell by the writing that the contributor truly loves a product or it looks beautiful on the model in the feature, then I usually can't resist going out and trying it for myself.

#2.  Other beauty blogs - shocker, right?  I find the blogs that I personally love and follow, are the most genuine and honest ones.  They aren't trying to be fancy, put on a front that they are a know it all about whatever it is they are blogging about, or taking bribes (payment) from the companies that send them products.  Again, that's why I keep coming back to these blog sites because I trust their opinions and usually I feel some sort of personal connection.

#3.  It always comes back to trust, so who better to trust than friends and family?  My mom loves to buy beauty products as much as I do, and I always know that if she loves something she'll tell me.  Of course she understands my budget as a mom of 3, and would never suggest something to me if it wasn't worth the money.  The same thing goes for my girlfriends, especially the ones who love makeup as much as I do.  Friends look out for other friends faces.  If I try a wacky new powder blue eye makeup look, they'll be the ones who either tell me that I should rock that look more often, or maybe leave it to the 5 year olds in the ballet recital.  

You know what is not a main factor to drive me to buy a product - a celebrity endorsed ad.  I used to think maybe they were a big influence, but I now know that they aren't the ones who make me pull the trigger on buying something.  You know why...because they're getting PAID to say they like a product.  On the flip side, if I see them wearing a cute new lip color or interesting eye liner look in a paparazzi shot in a celeb mag, then I'm not afraid to try it on myself.  

Now I pose this question over to you - WHOSE BEAUTY ADVICE DO YOU TRUST THE MOST?

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July 30, 2012

Behind The Scenes With PRIMP

If you haven't heard, I have been brought on board to be an official "Power Primper" with the new revolutionary beauty app, PRIMP, Pretty in My Pocket.  This app is like having a makeup artist or beauty expert in your pocket as you scour the aisles of any store that sells beauty products - from Target to Sephora - it simplifies your shopping experience.  It's a pretty amazing concept and I'm super excited to be a part of it.   And yesterday I got asked to be "behind the scenes" during the making of a video for this newest app...

 {Me taking instructions as being directed.}

{Just act natural...not as easy as it sounds!}

 {A little hydration (and calming of nerves) needed during shooting.}

{Lights, camera, action!}

 {Having a little fun touching up gorgeous PRIMP employee Hayden!}

{You can't put me in a store like Woo and not expect me to dabble in the merchandise!}

{A little PRIMP fairy hooked me up with this YSL beauty I spoke on here.}

After hours of filming, taking and re-taking, I hope they got the footage that they needed for this video explaining how to use this app.  One thing I know, a Hollywood actress I will never make. Acting or even memorizing a few easy to remember lines, isn't as easy as it sounds and is super intimidating when cameras and microphones are surrounding you!! But it was such a neat experience and I cannot wait to see the finished product.  Thanks to chic beauty super store Woo in Atlanta, for allowing us in their amazing space!! If you want a great intimate setting with expert advice on great cosmetic and skin care lines such as Smashbox, Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown, YSL, etc, stop in their doors!! 

Make sure you to go download this app PRONTO off of the Apple app store - you won't be disappointed.  You can follow yours truly (under JennySue Makeup of course) to see what all products I have reviewed, which ones I highly recommend (in My Bag), and even follow your friends or other bloggers to see what they think about specific products from the thousands in their database. It's even got a barcode scanning option which is so fun to use while in store somewhere to search products!!  

Do you get nervous being in front of a camera or is it just me?? Also let me know if you go download this app (it's free-why wouldn't you??) and what you think!!  

July 27, 2012

Cupcakes & Makeup

What's not to love about about sugar and frosting in the form of a small easy to eat cake?? Vivian got to go with me to do a little yummy cupcake tasting at a locally owned bakery here in Athens, Silver Lining Cupcake Co., for my upcoming makeup event.  This was a fun experience with my little girl (hubby was there too, but he doesn't get into tiny cakes as much as us!) and I'm pretty sure she ended up eating more than I did.  Which is fine, she could use the calories!

{The icing is the best part!}

Now that my belly feels all full and happy, here's some cupcake colored inspired makeup that isn't quite as fattening...

1.  Red Velvet - Nars Pure Matte lipstick in "Moscow."

2.  Grasshopper Pie - Giorgio Armani Beauty "Bronze Mediterranean Shadow Palette." 

3.  Carrot Cake - Benefit "Chachatint" cheek color.

4.  Strawberry Shortcake -  Bobbi Brown Brightening lip gloss in "Pink Opal."

5.  A little cupcake BLING -  Judith Leiber keychain.

After looking over the gazillion of flavors they offered, we have decided on Birthday Cake, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Strawberry for my event - if you were wondering!

If you could only eat ONE flavor of cake the rest of your life, what would it be??  (My answer in the comment section!)

July 26, 2012

Olympic Sized Determination

Occasionally I stray from the makeup posts and go on a mini motivational speaking tour.  Makeup motivates me to feel better about myself, so the two kinda go hand in hand, right?!  Since the 2012 opening ceremonies start for the Olympics tomorrow, I figure what better way to start the day than with a little inspiration provided by some incredible images of hardworking female athletes!!

{Nastia Liukin from the Beijing 2008 Olympics via.}

{2012 Olympic team trials, Abby Johnston and Kelci Bryant.}

{US Olympic hopeful Lolo Jones on right in 2011 via.}

The Olympics is the perfect spotlight to showcase just what the human body (and mind!) can do, and I am continually amazed by that.  From the running, jumping, kicking, swimming, and flying through the air, these athletes are an exciting example of just what someone can accomplish with a lot of hard work, stamina, and determination...and a dash of genetically blessed genes, don'tcha think?? 

I bet most of these athletes competing in the games, have always dreamed of doing just that, being a competitor with the ultimate goal of winning gold.  I don't think that's one of those things you just wake up one day at 25 years old and think, "Huh, I'm a pretty fast runner, I think I'll train to get into the Olympics."  But the difference between these athletes and probably a lot of people that dream of doing something, they actually DO IT.  Cue the Pinterest board...(you can follow me there you know:)

I can't do backflips on a 4 inch wide balance beam, but I am very encouraged and motivated to be only one week out from my first ever makeup workshop I am hosting as described here.  I honestly can't believe this idea is actually going to come to life next week after all the hard work and preparation that has gone into this so far.

Wondering if my ability to speak intelligently in front of a bunch of people is kinda scary (ok, a lot scary!), but the fact that I've actually gotten this ball rolling and sold real tickets to real people, makes me realize that this is really happening, and it's going to be really great!!  I've been determined to do something outside of the box with my freelance makeup business, and this is just what I've been wanting striving for.  I've got Olympic sized determination to make it a success...

Are you interested in the summer Olympics this year?  What's your favorite sport to watch? *mine is definitely gymnastics!*

July 25, 2012

Extreme Short Summer Hair :: The Pixie Cut

To pixie cut ones hair, from super long to super short takes some GUTS. Or a really big movie paycheck to make the scissors a bit easier to swallow if you're a Hollywood celeb.  I often get bored with my hair and dream about what it would look like to do something drastic like chopping it ALL off.  But then I keep seeing pictures of beautiful Anne Hathaway and how her look changed so dramatically after she cut it for her Les Miserable role and think twice about this idea...

{Anne's new boyish do via.

{Anne before the shears got her.}

This last picture of her hair makes me want to weep for her, because the long hair is just so gorgeous and shiny, and girly!!!  I understand cutting it off for a big movie, it's her job, it's her craft, it's just hair, it's not a big deal.  But man is it sad to see all that beautiful hair gone bye bye.

With it being so hot this summer, I would think having boy-type hair like this would be extremely beneficial in that it would be: 
  • super low maintenance to get ready in the a.m.
  •  you wouldn't have to worry with sweaty bangs or long hair sticking to your neck in the humidity
  • you would use or need to buy very little hair products
Here are some famous faces I think actually pull off this extreme short look with beautiful ease...

{Ginnifer Goodwin via.}

{Victoria Beckham via.}

{Natalie Portman via.}

Two things all 4 of these pixie cut ladies have in common - long skinny necks and absolutely gorgeous feminine facial features!!  Musts in order to pull this look off without someone calling Natalie "Nathan" or Victoria "Victor." Oh, and really good makeup - like smokey eyes, lots of lashes, and glossy lips so there's no denying your girly side.

Good news is, hair does grow back if you decide you don't like a pixie cut once it's been chopped.  But then there is always that awkward moment of "in-between" that seems to take months and months and months to grow back...

Would you or have you ever cut your hair drastically into a short pixie cut?  Did you love it or regret it?

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July 24, 2012

Sheer Summer Skin With Smart Shade Almay Products

It's super duper hot here in Georgia, uncomfortably hot, sweltering.  So of course as much as I'd love to wear a matte flawless face of makeup, it's just not always the best look because, well, it melts off in the heat.  This kind of weather calls for more of a "sheer - just enough - coverage - kinda face" to get by with in terms of skin.  So I was excited to see what these two *Almay "Smart Shade" products I was sent to try out, could do for my sheer summer look.  Here's a peak in pictures....

 {From L to R - Perfect & Correct Primer, Liquid Makeup in light/medium shade.}

 {Bare skin before applying these 2 products.}

{The corrector comes out in lavender (to even and brighten skin) and green (to reduce redness).  

 {Actual application of primer.  It's very sheer and light.}

{After primer.  Didn't see a huge difference in skin tone change.}

 {Application of liquid makeup goes on way lighter than expected...}

 {...but changed to fit my skin tone pretty good once it warmed up and soaked in!}

{Finished face with blush and concealer applied!}

OVERALL, I'd give the primer a 6 out 10, and the tinted moisturizer type makeup, an 8 out 10.  The primer honestly didn't change my tone noticeably enough, but then again, I luckily don't have too many issues in terms of redness and unevenness yet.  I also expect my primers to matte out my skin and fill in fine lines, and this didn't do either.  I was pretty impressed with the liquid makeup though and its ability to change color so drastically- it was neat to watch:)  I love that it has SPF included too, so I don't have to worry with applying makeup and SPF separately.  It is super lightweight and sheer, so if you don't want the matte face look and feel like your skin is claustrophobic under a layer of heavy makeup, then this is a good product to try out!!  

Have you tried the Almay Smart Shade line?  What did you think of it?  
*These products were sent to me for consideration and review by Almay. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.  I was not paid for this review.*

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July 23, 2012

Girl Crush :: Bachelorette Emily Maynard

After watching last night's Bachelorette for 3 hours (woah), I'm not a bit ashamed to admit that I have a non-awkward girl crush on Emily Maynard.  She has been my fave Bachelorette thus far.  Maybe it's because she's got a sweet Southern accent, has the mom aspect (which I can relate to over the single childless girl now), but most of all, I think it is because I loved her girly style throughout the whole show!!

{Emily in all of her hair, makeup, and accessory glory!!}

Luckily, I found a breakdown of all of her favorite things by stalking, OK that sounds creepy, by following, her on Twitter (you can follow ME on Twitter too!) and through a recent InStyle Magazine Q & A session.

I hand picked my most wanted answers revealed to some of Emily's things that comprise her personal style:

1.  One of her all time fave lip colorsYSL Volupte glossy balm in Sheer Candy Pomegranate, #4.  Even though we are completely different colorings, I think I'm going to try and pull this color off anyway!!

2.  Her flawless skin is thanks to Temptu Airbrush system.

3.  Her go to nail polish is the ever popular light pink Essie "Ballet Slippers."

4.  She was always accessorized in baubles and bangles from CC Skye to Stella & Dot.  Couldn't you see her wearing this, this, or these??

{Dolly Parton, somewhere in the 1970's.}

5.  Style icon for Miss Emily was the also very southern Dolly Parton.  I love this answer.  I see some similarities between the two, don't you??

I'm also extremely glad she picked the guy I had in mind for her - Team Jef Holm!!!  I mean, this guy is only 27 but he has co-founded the company, PeopleWater, that gives back to help those who don't have the luxury of pure drinking water.  What a good guy.  Honestly, I don't usually give this show any thought because the typical rose ceremonies are always the same ole same ole and they lose my attention. However, this lady really represented herself well in my opinion, and I am always one to hold out hope that one of these couples that result from this show will actually work out. Who doesn't want love to win in the end?!

What did you think of this season's Bachelorette and her style?  Did you like her man pick??

July 20, 2012

Is There A "Secret" To A Long & Happy Marriage?

"A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year."  Paul Sweeney

It will have been 11 years ago on Saturday the 21st that I married my prince charming.  I know, cue the "awwws," or the "gags," but it is the truth.  We got married when I was 23, he 25, and honestly looking back at pictures, I cannot believe we were so young when we tied the knot.

{Honeymoon in Hawaii, 2001.}

{Present day us. Not looking too shabby in our old age!}

I must say the past 11 years have the best times of my life having Scott as my partner in crime.  Of course there have been ups and downs with all of the things normal couples go through (job changes and losses, challenges of having children, everyday battles with now raising kids), but I know for a fact all of those challenges have made our marriage stronger instead of breaking it.  I think we can owe a lot of this ability to sticking it out "through better or for worse" due to the fact that both of us are lucky enough to have two sets of parents who have been primo examples of standing by their marriage vows for 30 and 40+ years.

{A frame in my house with each set of parents on their wedding day and us in the middle.}

I am truly proud to say that we are celebrating another year together and looking forward to what the future holds.  I don't think there is any one secret as to what has kept us happy and together thus far, but I did find an interesting article on Huffington Post HERE about "3 secrets to a happy marriage from the experts," that I completely agree with and know my hubby and I live by.  And to end on a humorous, but very thoughtful quote..."To get divorced because love has died, is like selling your car because it has run out of gas." Diane Sollee.

How long have you been married?  Do you have any secret recipe you and your partner abide by??

July 19, 2012

The Sisyphean Battle Of The Wrinkles

I am 34 years old and I already have major forehead wrinkles. It's something I try not to let ruin my days as I know it's a part of the aging process, but that doesn't mean I can't fight back with multiple creams and serums. Let's compare this never ending battle to the Greek myth of Sisyphus.  Sisyphus was a king who was punished by being compelled to roll a huge boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back down again, and to repeat this action forever.  Sounds exactly like my never ending struggle with wrinkles...

{My uphill battle with wrinkles looks like this. I feel ya Sisyphus.}

I get sent lots of new skin care products, creams, at home mircroderm kits, serums, etc, and unfortunately, none ever really pan out to work any miracles.  They all make my skin feel better for the moment, but none take away the actual wrinkles.  I don't even know why I think that eventually I will happen upon such a miracle product, but I am not a quitter.  So I keep trying more and more anti-aging products in hopes of staving off the inevitable Botox (which by the way, IS a miracle worker, I just know once I start such a thing, I won't be able to stop!!)

Here's my latest weapon in the battle against the mighty and mean forehead wrinkles...

{An Ulta purchase. I can't resist a value set and sticker savings.}

I've read lots of good things about Peter Thomas Roth and his line of skin care products which get all sorts of press, click here.  His tag line is "breakthrough formulas, astonishing results." Who can argue with that type of marketing??  So I bought this value set which contains:  peel pads (which I can def feel making my skin have a warm tingle sensation when using- it MUST be wrinkles disappearing), then his popular Un-Wrinkle serum (it's light and non greasy, sinks in fast), and finish it off with the Un-Wrinkle night time cream (it is slightly greasy, but eventually sinks right in).  I've used it for 2 nights now - too strong to use everyday for me - and no sign of less obvious wrinkles, but I'm going to use it til it's gone.  I'm holding out hope Mr. Roth. 

I think I've figured out why my wrinkles have come on so strong though.  It's because of how much I wrinkle my face up when applying mascara daily and also from making goofy facial expressions like these all the time...

{Charismatic Vivian is cute enough to distract your eye from my forehead wrinkles.}

I guess life is too short to worry too very much about a wrinkle or 5.  If making funny faces with my children is causing them, then so be it, I'm not going to stop.  But I do think I'm going to start referring to them as "laugh lines" though, because laughter sounds more positive and not as ugly as wrinkle. 

*Oh, and thanks to my smart as a whip father for introducing me to the story of Sisyphus - his greek mythology knowledge is kind of ridiculous.  I could never have thought up this analogy without him*

Have you found that miracle skin product yet that delivers results in the battle against wrinkles?? Or do you not let wrinkles bother you? 

July 18, 2012

Creative Business Cards Make An Impact

I haven't made very many business cards since I started my freelance business over 4 years ago.  As a makeup artist, when you meet someone new, you walk a fine line of coming across as judgemental if you immediately throw them a biz card.  It could be interpreted as a negative that they need a makeup artist.  Example - "Hey, I'm a makeup artist, reach out to me sometime." Which translates into, "Hey, your makeup, (or lack thereof) looks horrible, I can help."

{My new pictorial biz cards created off Moo.com}

But for those moments when someone actually really wants my help, I need to have cards.  In my opinion, it shows you take your company seriously. You need to be able to hand one over in an instant if you get approached with an opportunity to market your business. Of course since I am in a creative field, I wanted my cards to reflect that.  If someone takes one of these bad boys, I want them to remember me and what I do.  I think my new cards do just that.

 {The back of each card is consistent with my contact info.}

I love that I was able to put this photo of Vivian applying makeup on me on the back of each business card.   It definitely echos my "mommy with a makeup problem" motto and gives them a personal touch.   I was able to customize my new cards with 6 different images on the front, each reflecting different aspects of my makeup business from faces I've worked on, my tools, then of course me working on different clients.      

{My handy dandy business card key chain holder in pink.}

These are "mini" cards because they are half the size of a regular business card.  The paper is thick and sturdy and I think since the shape and size is so different and unexpected, it will be a card that people actually will not want to lose!  This moo.com site was super easy to navigate and they offer all sorts of options and ways for you to create your perfect business card that echos your small business.  Obviously I'm very happy with the way these turned out and can't wait to start flinging these babies out to prospective clients and advertisers:)

On a side note.  Have you heard about the almost mom of two (she's prego with her 2nd child) Marissa Mayer who just got named CEO of Yahoo??  Click HERE to read what Glamour magazine has to say about her.  It goes without saying, that that is a very important position for a young (37) female MOM to hold.  I emphasize "mom" because hearing success stories like this gives me confidence that I can continue to grow my own business into bigger and better things even while my first priority is to my three children.  Everything I've read about her says that she's trying to show that a work-life balance is possible and that women can be successful in driving a business while also being moms.  We all know what great multi-taskers moms have to be, so this is no surprise they would pick a female for this position! I wonder... what do her business cards look like??  Ha!!

Do you have business cards? What do you they look like?

July 16, 2012

My Current Lip Color Loves

I do love a good bargain and a new lip color purchase.  And to get both in one shopping trip is as satisfying as getting my children to try a new food and they actually end up liking it! So I wanted to share my two most recent lip color purchases from L'Oreal Paris that I got for a steal at Target.

{Red clearance stickers on makeup makes me happy.}

I don't even think twice when I see cosmetics with clearance stickers on them, is that crazy?? I just buy and hope they look good later.  And yes, I am kind of obsessed with this Diptic app, so that's why my last two posts have featured it!  I promise to take a break from it next time...maybe.

 {L'Oreal Infallible lip color in Beyonce's Red. Got for 4 bucks!}

When they claim this lip color is infallible and doesn't fade, they're right.  I put this bad boy on at 1pm (the top picture) and it still looked like this (bottom pic) around 7pm.  Yes I had to reapply the balm to keep it shiny, but even after a greasy hamburger and drinks, this stuff didn't budge.  When originally applying this product, if you truly let the color sit for 2 minutes before applying the hydrating balm, it's going to stay put. This shade is bright and fierce, just like Mrs. Beyonce herself!! I'm in love with a red that doesn't run around my face!

{L'Oreal Colour Riche le gloss in Plum Rush. Got for 2 bucks!!}

This color slightly freaked me out when looking at its dark blackish shade in the tube, but at 2 dollars, how could I lose?? Well I didn't lose, I actually scored major!!  This color is so pretty and sheer and non-black.  It's a true plum-ish pink and I'm glad I took the chance.  Unfortunately I think it was on sale because they're phasing this color out- couldn't find it on the official L'Oreal site.  Boo:(

These are two fantastic, however very different shades and formula of lip colors.  Both will be worn lots this summer that's for sure!

What color lipstick or gloss are you currently sporting??

July 13, 2012

Which Came First - The Outfit Or The Makeup?

Everyone has heard the age old question of, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" I don't know the actual answer to that, but I can relate this question to how I put myself together each day.  Occasionally I will wake up and decide "Hum, I really want to wear bright red lipstick today," so I need to match my outfit accordingly.  Or, on the flip side, I'll wake up thinking, "It's time to sport that new sundress that's been sitting in my closet," so then the makeup scheme will have to follow.

Yesterday, my outfit came first, then my makeup color palette followed as I was inspired by the tropical print in my top.  Here's a looksy into how it all came together from head to toe!

{Shirt by Jennifer Lopez for Kohls, Revlon Colorburst gloss in "papaya" and Revlon ColorStay nail color in "indigo night," MAC eyeliner in "prussian" and MAC blush in "fleur power."}

{A few added touches.  Cream lace clutch bought from Sassy City Chicks, Target sandals, hair quickly fixed with hot rollers (my new fave thing!), Banana Republic cream bangle with 2 homemade ones my mama made me!!}

Honestly, I would say even though I'm a makeup girl through and through, most days my outfit determines what kind of color palette of makeup I'm going to wear.

So I'm throwing the question out to you - "Which comes FIRST when determining your look for the day?  The OUTFIT or the MAKEUP?

July 12, 2012

How Magic Can Mike Really Be??

I honestly can't remember the last time I went to the movies or what I saw.  Really.  I can't remember, it's been that long.  We have 3 kids, going to movies is sadly not really a priority anymore or in the budget.  You know how $$ popcorn and Coke is nowadays?!! It costs more than a glass of wine at a restaurant, and frankly, I'd rather have the wine.  But I am proud to say I'm going to break my movie dry spell with a bang, because I'm going to see Magic Mike tonight with my girls...

{His name is Matthew McConaughey and he's in the movie. Reason enough to see it. via.}

I don't care if this movie ends up being a total flop, (how can it really though by looking at the above eye candy) I'm just glad I will be able to say I've been to the movies in the year 2012.  And if Magic Mike ends up being as magical as I've heard from fellow females, then it will be well worth the price of pricey popcorn.  My husband is just glad I didn't ask him to take me to it.

Have you seen Magic Mike?? Was it worth the price of admission?

July 11, 2012

JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Willa - Skincare For Teens

Let it be known, since you have read the title, I am NOT a teenager.  It's been at least 15 years since I was one.  I do not have a teenage daughter...yet...she is only 1.5 years old.  However, when I was approached about trying out some *Willa products for review, I jumped at the chance.  Why does my 34 year old self want to try out a line geared towards teen girls?? Because I once was one - experience is everything right??

 {My stash of Willa products + hand written note.  Great personal touch.}

Despite my age, I don't think I'm completely out of touch with what teen girls would want in terms of skin care and cosmetics.  And the creator of this line, Christy Prunier (mom of 2 girls), obviously listened to her seven year old daughter's pleas for using grown up products on her instead of her baby sister's soap. Every good product line comes from a place of need to fill a void right??  

I have worked with a few teens in my life being a makeup artist, and there are 2 things that stay the same:
  • Mom wants them to look age appropriate and not like a 14 year old trying to look 24.  Meaning, the girl should shine through, not the makeup.
  • Teens want to wear makeup no matter what.  And they don't want it to have Tinkerbell on the front of the products.  It's a visual thing.
I tried out all 4 products I was sent on myself because I figured little Vivian wasn't an ideal candidate to give me feedback just yet.  She can barely say "mama!"  **Two great points of interest are that Target and J.Crew's Crewcuts store already carry some of this line. And as we all know, both companies are ahead of the game in terms of retailing great products!**  

Here is my take on this line.

 {Swatches from L to R : 
Tinted shimmer body lotion, Tinted face protection, Smile shine lip gloss.}

The first product I tried was the born to glow tinted shimmer body lotion w SPF 15 ($12.50).  It squirted out a funny darkish taupe color which I was a bit surprised by, but once rubbed in, went on sheer with an ever so subtle sparkle.  The smell was almost unnoticeable, which is good, because it didn't mess with my perfume.  The fact it makes wearing SPF fancy, is a score.  

 {Product shown along my collar bone - the white spots are the shimmer, doesn't do that in person.}

Next was the tinted face protection w SPF 30 ($14.50) which is almost like a tinted moisturizer.  Of course, for my old lady skin, it wasn't nearly enough coverage- but I'm not 13-19 years old.  If I was, this would be the perfect amount of coverage to even out my skin tone just enough and still provide me with the much needed SPF for the day.  I know I did NOT wear SPF daily as a teen, and that's a shame.  Now we know that "80% of lasting sun damage happens before the age of 18."  

 {My skin with the tinted SPF applied. 
I took one for the team not wearing any concealer to show you it's true coverage!}

All girls die to wear lip gloss.  This tube of smile shine gloss ($8.50) is super cute and has a clasp attached at the end for the girls to attach to a backpack or key ring.  The color is very sheer with just enough lavender/pink shimmer and high shine! I've got in on in the above pic as well.

 {It's got shea butter + vitamin C & E in it too!}

This last product was honestly my favorite.  The fresh face cucumber mask ($1.75 a packet) was the brightest green color and smelled oh so good and fresh!!  I remember sleep overs with friends, and we would always LOVE to put on face masks and look funny waiting for them to dry!!   I frightened my hubby when I walked out with this on, but after washing it off after 10 minutes, my skin felt super smooth and my pores were obviously tightened up!  I would suggest this product to women my age!!

{Can you believe I'm showing you this? I can't.}

Willa's motto is "Start young. Stay young.®"  I think that says it all, that our teen girls should start taking care of their skin at an early age so irreversible damage isn't done later on and they get used to applying SPF daily.  This line fills the void of girls wanting grown-up-like skin products for themselves but that aren't too harsh.  Willa is gentle, natural, and chic enough to be effective, and might actually get your teenage daughter to wash her face and wear her sunscreen everyday!  I hope this line is still around in 12 years when my Vivian is 13!!  

How do you feel about starting your teen daughter on a skin care routine at an early age?  Have you tried Willa yet?

**I was sent these Willa products for consideration only.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.**

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July 10, 2012

Which Beauty Risks Would You Take?

There are a lot of wacky beauty risks that are taken on the runways and in Hollywood.  That's because everything needs to be bigger and more exaggerated when you are trying to sell high end clothing at ridiculous prices and when you want paparazzi to notice you and stick you one of the gazillion celebrity magazines on newsstands.  Here are some entertaining beauty risks I've seen around...


{Kirsten Dunst in Cannes, 2012 via}

If you want to see a DIY project because you just know you could pull this flower girl look off, then go right ahead and check this out from WhoWhatWear.com.  I'm not hippy chic enough to rock this, but I bet if you used fresh flowers it sure would make you smell lovely all day long.


{Miranda Kerr, Chanel Fall 2012 via}

I read that these jewel encrusted brows took 3 hours to make for the Chanel 2012 runway show.  I love me some glitz and jewels, however, this would never happen for me, never.  These things even make sexy model Miranda Kerr look weird, so I can't imagine what they would do to me!!


{Red eyes + dewy skin on models at Donna Karen Fall 2012 via}

Red should be kept on the lips, possibly the cheeks, but NEVER on the eyes in my opinion...NEVER. It looks sickly and costume-y.  Leave this one on the runways please.


{Multi colored lashes at Dior Fall runway 2012 via}

There were lashes colored, blue, pink, green, you name it on the Dior runway.  Now this would be the one I wouldn't mind trying, as I've done the green and blue mascara thing before.  Would I take it so far as to do a matching liner, probably not.  But colored mascaras can be fun when done right and subtle on us everyday ladies going to the grocery store and to the office.

Here are a few of my personal best beauty risks I've actually taken, here, here, and here!

Which one of these beauty risks would you actually take??

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