August 31, 2012

Links Of The Week

{University of Georgia Cheerleading Squad via.}

The first weekend of college football starts tomorrow and I'm glad because I know how excited my husband and our boys are to experience another fall season of the game.  Before we had kids, Scott and I would go to every UGA home game which is where we both went to college and met.  But now that we have 3 kids (one of them being an unpredictable 2 year old!), it's rare that we can all go together and sit through a 2.5 hour game.  Here is a post from last year we got to go to sans kiddos.

What I have come to love about football season besides the actual game (even though I don't always understand the rules!) is this: 
  • it marks the beginning of FALL (even though it's still relatively hot here in Georgia for a couple more months)
  • almost every Saturday, it gives you a reason to get together with FRIENDS to watch the game on TV even if you can't make it to the stadium
  • it gives you a reason to make yummy fattening TAILGATING RECIPES without the guilt
  • it is also not frowned upon to pop a beer, mimosa, or other COCKTAIL at noon in honor of game time
My favorite links of the week are going to have a football theme or 
a red/black/silver color theme (the bulldawgs color combo):

1.  I need this Olsen twins neon red piece to stand out in the crowd of fans.

2.  My next red lipstick purchase will be this one.

3.  Gridiron Punch is not for sippy cups.

4.  Cute ways to wear metallics.

5.  Tough girls (and little monsters) wear black perfume.

6.  Extreme tailgating truck.

7.  Grown men do wear makeup during football season.

8.  Nine tasty types of nachos for tailgating.

9.  My silver shadow look that I might pair with a red lip for game time.

Do you like football season?  Who is your favorite team and why?  Hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day weekend!! 

August 30, 2012

Easy To Make At Home Exfoliating Scrub

I've always been a little wary of making my own skin care exfoliator at home even though I hear and read about people doing it all the time.  I think this is partly due to the fact that I'm not much of a cook in the kitchen, and the idea of using ingredients in my own pantry intimidates me.  If I can screw up a Hamburger Helper, then what makes me think I can make something good enough to put on my face??

 { Simple ingredients: Pure honey, cinnamon, lemon juice, and brown sugar.}

Thankfully through the power of social media, an old high school friend (Thanks Paula!!) who follows my JennySue Makeup Facebook page, sent me a message filling me in on a website she likes,, and a simple recipe for an at home scrub she uses on herself that she thought I'd enjoy.  After hearing how simple the ingredients were and what each one naturally does, I decided to get in the kitchen and whip up this scrub:

  • Honey - is a natural emollient (something that softens the skin) and an anti-bacterial.
  • Cinnamon - brings blood to the surface and is rejuvenating. 
  • Brown sugar - smell good exfoliant.
  • Lemon juice - this is one I added myself, because I had also recently heard that juice from a lemon or lime is a natural skin brightener.

Mix all of these together to create a thick paste like substance.  No specific measurements really (that's kind of how I roll), I just eye balled it and had fun mixing it all together in my daughter's small princess bowl until it looked like similar store bought scrubs I own (despite the dark brown color!).  I applied this scrub after completely cleansing my skin with my favorite makeup remover wipes.  I rubbed it all over my face for about one minute before removing.

{Looks ugly but smells unbelievably yummy!}

Honestly the super thick honey and large grains of the sugar made it a little tougher to remove with my warm water and washcloth than most of my exfoliators are, but the end result was pretty amazing.  I felt the bigger difference when I woke up this morning, and felt how super soft my skin was!!  

DISCLAIMER!!  Of course I'm obviously NOT a certified dermatologist or anything even close to a skin doctor, so I can't recommend this homemade scrub would work for everyone because of your existing skin condition.  I have very dry skin and it's pretty tough (I'm not sensitive at all, even to retinoids) so I wasn't too scared of this causing some weird reaction on me.  So if you want to try this yourself, I'd suggest starting on a small patch of skin, washing it off, then waiting an hour or so to see how you react to it.  ENTER YOUR KITCHEN AT YOUR OWN RISK! HA!

She also told me how great an egg white mask is for shrinking pores, but I might have to wait a bit on that one.  The thought of raw eggs sitting on my face gives me a slight gag reflex.  

Now I'm curious to know...Have you ever tried concocting your own skin care recipes at home?? If you did, what were they?  Was it a disaster or a delightful outcome?? Please share!!  

August 29, 2012

Little Miss Sunshine

It has been cloudy and raining here in Georgia for the past couple of days (I'm sure thanks to yucky Hurricane Isaac), but luckily it feels like the sun is shining in many ways around my household!!!

{My SUNNY manicure that goes from red - orange - to a bright yellow accent nail.}

For starters, my hubby has been on the search for a new job and was just offered one that he is very excited about.  So after two months of that "dark cloud of gloom and worry" of where he was going to land, the clouds have been lifted from our household and the sun is shining on this new opportunity! I am extremely proud of him.  My daughter has also quit crying uncontrollably and grabbing onto me when I drop her off at her preschool, and now walks thru the doors like a big girl.  I no longer have been made to feel like a terrible mommy for taking her to school and I know that she is now enjoying her school experience!  This is a big weight off my shoulders and heart as well.

After guess you could figure what I would label this next expression...

 {Little Miss Sunshine Face!!}

So speaking of the sun, I just bought a new Sonia Kashuk cheek color shown above and below, called "Sunset." I already own two of her other blushes "Flamingo" and "Melon."  To say I'm a big fan of her inexpensive blushes is an understatement!  Sunset is a soft tangerine orange shade with a very subtle shimmer.

 {Sonia Kashuk for Target, $9}

{Up close of Sunset. Lip gloss by tarte.}

This is one of those bright colors that would probably scare most people away, so I was definitely taking a chance on it.  But you know me, I LOVE to take makeup chances and share them when they actually turn out to be beneficial!! 

To show you how this color works for different skin tones - I did a comparison shot of me and a recent high school senior client I worked with for her senior pictures - Thananya you turned out gorgeous!! We obviously have opposite skin tones, but the blush works beautifully on both of us!

{It shows up a bit brighter on my lighter skin but just enough for her teen face!}

What do you think of an orange based blush - Would you rock it?  And have you tried Sonia Kashuk's blushes yet??

August 28, 2012

Girl Crush :: Lily Collins

 {23 year old Lily Collins via.}

This is my second installment in my "Girl Crush" category (here was my premiere Girl Crush in case you missed her).  I am not afraid to throw out some fellow female appreciation.  Honestly, I can't say that I've seen Lily Collins in any of her movies, but every time I have seen her around the magazines and internet, I stop to stare.  Can you get over how much this doe eyed beauty looks like another Hollywood doe eyed beauty??

{41 year old actress, Jennifer Connelly, could be her older twin, via.}

What is it about Lily that is so mesmerizing?  It's a plethora of things - her perfectly full brows (here is my attempt at faking them), long wispy lashes, alabaster skin that doesn't look ravaged by the sun, and her cute nose.  Oh, and her long flowing hair and full mouth.  Does that cover it all?  Wait, she can act and her father is musician Phil Collins.  Not a shabby laundry list of coolness.  And from the looks of these pictures, she can pull off ANY makeup look from natural and neutral, to smokey and sexy.  I love a girl who is not afraid to take chances with her makeup.

 {Vampy dark lips via}

{Smokey eyes via}

I think the eyes really are the windows to the soul and are typically the first thing I want to play up on any client (and myself!).  Lily's eyes makes me want to find some eyebrow serum to make my eyebrows grow fuller and get lash extensions.  Well, I am excited because I AM going to be getting myself my first round of eye lash extensions very soon - I cannot WAIT to share with you how they turn out!!

What do you think about my 2nd Girl Crush?  Have you seen Lily in anything?  

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August 27, 2012

Product Review :: PRO Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight Hair Dryer

 {My new dryer with attachments, $29.99.}

I have had my current hair dryer for over 3 years now and it has served its purpose.  It's not one of those beauty products that I ever put much thought into because I just figure a dryer is there to just dry, nothing fancy.  I think I got it from KMart, and it was 20 bucks.  Again, nothing fancy.  So when I received my new *Pro Beauty Tools dryer, I honestly didn't think it would really feel that much different from my old one.  I was wrong though.

{My hair takes 20 minutes to dry - kinda ridiculous.}

 {I love a good value.}

{All the features.}

Here is a quick breakdown of my experience with this dryer...

The most stand out difference for me between my oldie dryer and this one, is that the Pro Tools one is much more lightweight - much!  I didn't realize how heavy my old one was until I held this one!

I also found that when I took the time to use the cold shot button, that my hair did turn out to look a bit shinier. When pressing this button, it does take about 20 seconds for it to get cooler. My hair doesn't really get frizzy so I didn't see a noticeable difference here.  

I have never used the T3 they are comparing this model to, so I can't really vouch for if it performs as well.  I did look up what Tourmaline is and why it would be beneficial - 
"Tourmaline is a semi precious gemstone that when heated emits negative ionic and infrared heat."
I do wonder how different a $29 dryer feels and differs from a $200 one?!

Using the concentrator attachment does help to really focus the heat where I want it to go along the hair shaft.

Overall I'm really glad I have this new dryer and can chunk my old heavy dinosaur one!  Here is a link I found on on best methods for blow drying your hair for all lengths.

How important is your hair dryer to your daily beauty routine??

*This product was sent to me for consideration and I was not paid for this review.  All views and opinions are honest and my own.*


August 24, 2012

Links Of The Week

{Boys on set with mom for the new Dierks Bentley video.}

This week has been a whirlwind to say the least.  On top of my baby turning two, I had a wonderful opportunity at the beginning of the week.   I got to work my MUA skills for an upcoming music video for country singer Dierks Bentley!  And if that wasn't exciting enough for me to get my makeup skills documented on a music video for a major artist, but my boys were also asked to be a part of the video!!  These two little guys made me so proud how they acted around all of these professionals for a full day shoot, that I can honestly say I'm more proud of them than anything.  I CANNOT WAIT to share this video with all of you when "Tip It On Back" debuts so you can see my boys in action and my makeup skills come to life!

While the video is being edited, here are some fun links around the Internet to waste some time on...

1.   Marilyn is getting her own makeup collection in October. 

2.  Awesomely yummy tasting lip stains you can make at home.

3.  Famous failures to teach you to never give up.

4.  Totally tan Pippa. 

5.  News anchor babes and their makeup styles. 

6.  A cool male style blog.

7.  This girl walks into a bar...

8.  Celebrity mom "push" presents.

9.  Best ombre hair ever on this blogger.

10.  One of my most popular and informative blog posts.

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!!

August 23, 2012

JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Cover Girl Lash Blast 24 Hr. Mascara

It's no secret that one of my favorite drugstore mascara lines is the Cover Girl Lash Blast collection.  The way the wands are structured is one of the reasons I like them because the bendable plastic spools separate and coat each of my lashes so well with minimal clumping.  And now that they've come out with a formula that lasts for 24 HOURS, well of course I had to try for myself.

So what did I think of it??

 {Purchased Lash Blast 24 Hr. in Very Black shade, $8.}

 {Bare lashes, only curled.}

{First coat, also showing how BIG the brush head is.}

 {Two coats later.}

{Overview and Underneath view.}

Overall, I give it a 9 out of 10 (will I ever give a mascara a 10?? who knows!!).  What I liked about this mascara was this:
  • Yes, it stayed ALL day long.  It was even hard to remove with my waterproof eye makeup remover.  This would bother some, but for someone like me who doesn't want her makeup to budge or smear during the day, it's worth it for a little elbow grease to take it off. 
  • I love the big brush head because I have a decent amount of natural lashes for it to cover.  If you have a really small eye lash line or minimal natural lashes, this mascara is probably not for you because you will make a mess with this super large brush.
  • It hardly clumps at all on me and dries quickly.  
  • The formula keeps the curl in my lashes from fading and straightening back out.
I want to try the other colors in this line now- especially the black/gold and blue/black.  This is going to be a new go to mascara when I want the look to literally last all day long!

Have you tried this new 24 hour formula?  What did you think?

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August 22, 2012

Mama's Birthday Girl

"You, whose day it is, get out your rainbow colors and make it beautiful." 
Traditional Nootka Song

{Vivian - AKA, "The Scribbler. " Who needs coloring books when you've got skin??}

It is hard to grasp that 2 years ago today, my daughter was born into this world.  As much as we hear the same old cliche phrase that "time flies,"  it couldn't be more true now that I have children.   When I was in high school/college, newly married, and even pregnant with my first son, it didn't really feel that way - I was always ready for the next thing or rushing to get through the work week.  Not so anymore when I look through these pictures from being pregnant with Vivian to her present day 2nd birthday celebrations.  I want time to slloooowwww doooowwwnnnn...

My little baby is "blossoming" into a beautiful and spirited young lady right before my eyes.  My husband and I were just saying the other day as we were preparing for her early birthday party, "doesn't it seem like we are always throwing birthday celebrations between us and our three kids??"  Actually yes it does, but isn't that a wonderful thing?!!  "Each birthday will be a gift of time, and growing old will be a gift of life." Author unknown

I know the 2's will be terrific (not terrible!)!  I love you more than words can express.

August 20, 2012

JennySue Makeup :: World Premiere Video

Don't you love how BIG and IMPORTANT this YouTube video sounds... WORLD PREMIERE!! Ha!!!  This is a condensed version of the hours of footage we got from my first makeup masterclass + ladies night out entitled "Your Best Face Forward" I hosted over two weeks ago.  My husband has become the master at editing videos now and has put the whole 2.5 hour night into a fun to watch 4 minute video.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!!!

I hope you enjoyed watching this!!  If you were there and made the video, let me know in the comments below! And if you enjoyed this video, I'd be honored if you would "share" it on Facebook or "tweet it" up on Twitter!

And I can't ever say this enough, but "thank you" to all who attended and to all of the businesses, local and national, who contributed their time, talents, products and services to make this night a wonderful success (they are all listed at the end of the video!).  I seriously believe you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with, and I was surrounded by some really cool people:)

August 17, 2012

Links Of The Week

{RIP Helen Gurley Brown, editor extraordinaire of Cosmopolitan magazine,1965-1997.}

It is already setting up to be a busy busy weekend for me as we are celebrating my daughter's 2nd birthday and as much as I always try to make these parties simple, they always end up being a lot of work!  We are doing a Tinkerbell party theme (she already has wings she wears around the house) and having a few close friends and family over to help celebrate.  I know it sounds cliche, but I cannot believe how fast time flies when you're raising children!!  If I had a lot of time on my hands, I'd try to recreate this Pixie Hollow, it's so cute!!

Here are a few links to linger by that have caught my eye (that rhymed-ha!) from the past week.  And isn't that picture up top of Mrs. Brown the coolest in her zebra-like print dress?? I love her confident stare

1.  Helen Gurley Brown had an AMAZING life story as abbreviated by the NY Times.

2.  Cute ways to display your beauty products in the ladies room.

3.  Fall football is in the air and this new site by two southern belles gets me excited for gamedays.

4.  Easy to see pictorial post on picking the right blush color for your skin tone.

5.  Tough girl studs for your hair.

7.  Hooray! Rachel from Friends finally got engaged!! 

8.  Every self respecting makeup lover needs this necklace.

My favorite quotes from Helen Gurley Brown (she had many) were these two... "Nearly every glamorous, wealthy, successful career woman you might envy now, started out as some kind of schlep" and "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere."

Have a fab weekend everyone!! Are you doing anything fun?

August 16, 2012

New Faces In Fall Beauty & Fashion Advertising

I'm one of "those" that loves the previews before a movie almost more than the actual movie.   I also love when fat fall magazines come out because half of the issue is mostly advertisements.  Ads give us a super quick glance into what the product can do for us and it must be like visual eye candy to grab my attention.  Ads should be like a really good marriage between the spokesperson and the product/service.  Here are a few new faces that have grabbed my attention in the beauty and fashion ad world, for better or for worse...


{Rock-pop musician (and mom!) Pink, for Cover Girl. Photo via

{Singer soulstress, Janelle Monae for Cover Girl. Photo via}

Cover Girl  has recently signed on two new faces to their ad campaigns and I love how completely opposite both of these women are. Except for their singing talents, they both have ultra unique looks - think one with pink hair and alabaster skin, and the other with dark chocolate complexion and pompadour hair!  I came across these two yesterday while posting about my newest Cover Girl lip color which spurred my interest in these two ladies.  I say kudos to CG for picking these two beautiful gals who will inspire me to be a bit more spunky in my makeup choices!

{Supermodel Claudia Schiffer for Guess, via}

This might seem contradictory to me highlighting Cover Girl's newest non-blonde cookie cutter choices, but I have always been a big Claudia Schiffer fan.  She was a supermodel back when supermodels were a BIG deal (late 80's) and I have always found her super beautiful in a non-relate able way (me 5'4", brunette, American, and thin lips, and her 5'11", blonde, German, with full flips).  GUESS coming back with their black and white ads featuring the Bridgette Bardot-ish type look has me loving the return of the womanly look.  


{Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps for Louis Vuitton via}

I don't care how many gold medals you have won or how iconic this brand is, this is the most unflattering ad I've seen lately.  Just by glancing, I would think they were either pushing Speedos or a new line of swim goggles.  This position is way too distracting to make me even think about the crumpled bag next to him.  Did it get my attention though...yes.  So job well done Louis Vuitton... I guess.

{Grumpy looking model for the house of Chanel via my iPhone.}

I get "editorial" looks and not making every model look picture perfect (a la Taylor Swift??), but come on Chanel.  Not only is the styling too weird for words, (why would I want to wear a dress half way down my bad late 80's geometrical sweater?), but the makeup!!! Ahhh!! She looks like she got into a contouring fight with a chimney sweeper and a hair cutting war with my 2 year old!  I'm positive Coco Chanel is wanting to fire someone from her grave right now.  This is not fashion forward or glamorous in any way.  

Of course all of these are my own personal opinions and no one has every labeled me a fashion or beauty critic to abide by.  I'm sure Louis Vuitton is doing just fine financially no matter what JennySue thinks.  But I would be interested in hearing if anyone thinks I'm off base on any of these.
Do you enjoy looking at all of the new fall fashion and beauty ad campaigns?  Which ones are your faves and which ones fail?

August 15, 2012

The Power Of Pink Lipstick

My go-to lip shade is always going to have a form of PINK in it, because there's no color more flattering and easy to pull off than PINK.  When I work with any client, whether it be a middle aged woman who wants to perk up her old makeup routine or a bride on her wedding day that is going for a natural yet enhanced version of herself, I'm going to go PINK.  As we age, our skin loses any sort of rosy glow, so pink helps a neutral face come back to life without having to use any harsh bright colors.  Here is a look at my newest lipstick shade, you guessed it, PINK, plus a few others you could feel the pink power by wearing...

 {My best pink pucker - Cover Girl lip color in "Heavenly."}

 {Combined my new shade with Rimmel Exaggerate liner in "Eastend Snob" for extra staying power.}

 {Pairing my pink lips w Sonia Kashuk blush in "flamingo" and bronzed liquid liner by Milan.}

{Vivian (and pink lipstick) makes me smile bigger!}

Here are some other PINKS THAT PACK A PUNCH:

1.  L'Oreal Infallible lip gloss in "Bloom" ($9). 
2.  Nars lipstick in "Dolce Vita" ($24).
3.  MAC lipstick in "Angel" ($15).
4.  Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in #N10 "Iridescent Copper Pink" ($19).
5.  YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Balm in #4 Succulent Pomegranate ($30) - this is Emily Maynard's fave, and now one of mine too:)

What's your favorite shade of PINK??

August 14, 2012

Basic Makeup Guidelines For Every Age

Let me preface this blog posting by saying, there are no hard RULES in makeup application, only soft GUIDELINES.  Not every makeup artist tip, trick, color, and product work for every single face.  That's the beauty of individuality.  But whenever I do teach women the art of basic makeup application, whatever their age, there are some universal tips that can help every face become a better version of their natural self.  From 25 to 52...

{25 year old Blake Lively.}

{52 year old Marcia Gay Harden via}

Here is also a mother and daughter duo from a wedding I recently worked to also show you real before and after examples of different aged women where I utilized some of the same guidelines on both ages.

 {Mother of the bride - Makeup by ME!}

{Beautiful bride Kayla - Makeup by ME!}

SEE!! You CAN use some of the same makeup tricks to enhance facial features for every age!  
*I've also attached links to more in depth posts I've done on each feature* 

1.  BROWS.  Keep them groomed and full as possible.  If you have to fill them in slightly with a colored brow wax or powder (easier to fake a fuller brow than using a pencil), do so.  Here's a YouTube video I did on my everyday brow routine and how even a small amount of brow attention makes a big difference. 

2.  EYES.  You don't necessarily need a lot of color in your shadow choices, but using a warm neutral color like a light copper brown with a slight shimmer, can do wonders to highlight any eye color.  Don't forget the eye liner either - using two different shades of liner is one of my fave tricks.  Of course a couple coats of black mascara on the upper AND lower lash lines fakes the feminine look of youthful full lashes.  And if you have time, use a champagne colored shadow (I like this one) to highlight the inner tear ducts to make eyes sparkle.

3.  SKIN.  If you have blotchy uneven skin tone, you'll need a skin primer + liquid foundation combo like I used on this beauty pageant contestant here.  If you have decent skin tone and don't need much coverage, you could try one of the newest BB Creams (this is my fave) on the market that are an all in one type product.  And EVERYONE could use a bit of concealer, to hide dark circle or treat blemishes - two of the biggest things that can ruin a face.  Here are my best steps for concealer application. Lastly, don't forget what blush can do for you!!! 

4.  LIPS.  If you have thin and aging lips - stay away from the dark matte lip color shades.  Go for a sheer colored gloss that gives the illusion of plumper and more youthful lips.  Stick with shades with a bit of pink or rose to it to put actual color back into the lips.  Of course these guidelines also apply to younger women - just check out how fresh faced Marcia and Blake look both look wearing sheer glosses!  These sheer glosses by Stila are great examples.

I want to hear from everyone on this one - First, what age are you (if you're willing to admit!) and do you follow these basic guidelines?  Are there any that I'm missing??

August 13, 2012

Olympic Gold Medal Makeup

The Olympics are officially over, *sigh.*  I actually enjoyed these summer games more than in years past and I think it was because of the combination of the gorgeous location (I'm dying to visit London), the outfits (mainly gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics), and the venues just get bigger and more elaborate each year!  Since I have zero chance of ever entering the Olympics as an athlete, I figured I would get my own GOLD through my makeup routine.  Gold is luckily a universally flattering eye shadow color that brings out the best in blue, green, hazel, grey, and even brown eyes!

{Gold on eyes, highlighter on cheeks, and we went 3rd place (bronze!) for lips.}

 {Kept it very simple with full on gold shimmer eyes.}

{Main shadows used from L to R : MAC "woodwinked"and Bare Minerals Glimmer in "true gold."}

 {Apply "woodwinked" from lash line to crease and...}

 {..apply same shade along lower lash line, focusing on outer corners.}

 {Dab a small amount of "true gold" loose shimmer right in center of lid for a pop!}

{Overall look with two coats of black mascara.}

 {Cheeks and lips : Too Faced Pink Leopard bronzer & L'Oreal Infallible gloss in Dulce De Leche}

 {Metallic gold makes me happy!!}

{Went more bronze w lips by adding Palladio Herbal lip liner in "salmon" underneath 
gold shimmer gloss.}

Going gold and shimmery can be very wearable as long as you keep the rest of the face very low key.   Even though I enjoyed watching the sporting events, my absolute favorite moment of the games had to be the bringing back together of the Spice Girls at the closing ceremonies!!  Those women have ALL gotten better with age and looked absolutely stunning.  Hey, there was some athletic ability in staying upright while singing on moving cars right?!! Ha!! 

Did you watch the Olympics this go around?  What was your favorite moment?