October 31, 2012

My Not So Haunted House

I am really getting into Halloween these days, especially when it comes to decorating.  Every year I think it would be neat to create a realistically scary haunted house within my home (I have 2 boys, they would think that was really cool), but my decor always turns out more "cutesy" than "creepy.
(I used the "hagrid" filter on my app called Pixlromatic to make these decorations look a little more scary for that reason!!)

This last photo is my frightened face, but I'm not the least bit scared of wearing my new favorite orange lipstick, MAC's "Morange."  If you want to see my costume I'm going as for the big night tonight, check out my dress rehearsal here.

Do you decorate for Halloween?? 

October 30, 2012

Best Bang For Your Buck Eyeshadow Palette

I'm all about shadow palettes, lip palettes, blush palettes, heck, any kinda palettes - bring 'em on! They make life easier when it comes to applying makeup because you get multiple choices of color in one spot and you don't have to go digging around for separate shades to put together.  If you've got 15 bucks to spare, you should go get yourself the latest palette from E.L.F. Cosmetics (eyes, lips, face)...

 {144 different shades to choose from.}

{One of a gazillion looks I could create from this palette.}

I bought this palette from my local Target for $15, and I can already tell, I'm going to get way more than my monies worth out of this puppy.  Even if you think you'll never actually use apple red or shamrock green shadow (never say never), you will certainly be able to use at least 66 of the super easy neutral shades.  Not to mention some gorgeous navy and olive green shades.  I even used one of the pink shadows as my cheek color above!  

Quality wise, they're really good for the price.  Do they compare to more expensive brands like MAC or Bobbi Brown shadows in terms of rich pigment, NO.  But they're better than lots of other drugstore shadows I have bought before - so I would consider them middle of the road.  If you use a lid primer ahead of time, it makes them perform and stay even better of course. 

Here are some of my Pinterest inspired looks I will want to create using this rainbow palette.  You can follow my pins HERE!! 

1. Neutral know-how with bronze shimmers like Kim K.

2.  My punch of purple inspired look above like Rachel.

3.  Holly leaves green for the holidays.

4.  Barbie Doll blue eyes.

5. Bold and smokey blacks.

Have you picked up this E.L.F. palette yet?  It would make a lovely inexpensive gift for the makeup obsessed person in your life!!

October 29, 2012

Halloween Dress Rehearsal

This past weekend we attended a pre-Halloween party where I got to practice my lady skeleton look.  A dress rehearsal if you will for my makeup skills before the big day...

 {My BEFORE and AFTER in the same day.}

Have I perfected the scary blank skeleton stare??? Ha!! 

{At work.} 

{My mini-me skeleton, Walker.}

{Doesn't he look like an ANGEL compared to me here?!}

This look was a complete 180 from my fun & cutesy Velma costume from last year.  It was also super cheap (around $6 total for the different types of white and black tube and cream paints) and made a BIG impact!! I even wore my own clothes, no store bought costume needed.  I do have to give my mom props, because she was around this weekend visiting her grandchildren, and luckily helped me create the neck bone part.  She is an artist in her own right - where do you think I got some of my makeup skills from??  I hope to perfect this even more come actual Halloween night on Wednesday.  

As much as I don't like scary things AT ALL, this makeup look had me pretty pumped. I enjoyed pretending to be a darker side of me for just a few hours!

Did I pull off the skeleton vibe?  Do you dress up for Halloween?

October 26, 2012

Links Of The Week

All decorations, candy, makeup, costumes, and smiles point towards Halloween...

{My seriously cute as a button Minnie Mouse.}

Here are some GREAT LINKS FROM AROUND THE WEB that in some way or another honor my favorite holiday where it is encouraged to become someone other than yourself:

1.  This video shows you just how much effort it takes to create a Heidi Klum costume.

2.  If you can't think of a costume, your lips can at least go as your fave football team.

3.  Harper Beckham copies Vivian's Minnie. Ok, maybe vice versa.

4.  Decor ideas for your Halloween p-a-r-t-y. (My fave part is the brain gummies.)

5.  Disturbingly fashionable masks for the lazy costume wearer.

6.  Celebrities in pumpkin colored lip colors.

7.  Crazy elaborate pumpkin carvings.

8.  Skull scarves are tres chic.

9.  I've decided to attempt this look for Halloween.

10.  Becoming Psy, Gangnam Style from head to toe!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!  Which link was your favorite??

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October 25, 2012

Beautiful Newlywed Alert :: Justin Timberlake + Jessica Biel

My long time teeny bopper crush, Justin Timberlake, got married this weekend - Boo.  Even though he's off the market and I officially have no chance now, (did I ever have a chance??) I must say I totally approve of his stunning bride choice.  These two are seriously newlywed eye candy...

{Jumping for joy to be married! More details on Hellomagazine.com}

She wore a bubblegum pink Giambattista Valli gown, and I actually find it completely refreshing, young, and tasteful.  Remember Gwen doing the pink gown thing too on her wedding day? I like that she thought outside of the white box and it worked.  I'm wondering how much truth there is that they truly spent $6.5 MILLION bucks on their Italian wedding?? That's what I hear.  I'm never one to nay say that if you work hard and make plenty of money (both of them brilliant actors, he's a musician AND a clothing designer!) that you shouldn't be able to spend that money how you want.  Be it extravagant or not, you earned it, so you go Mr. & Mrs. Timberlake if that's what makes you happy!

  {Glamorous duo via}

{Casual duo via}

Bringing makeup back (get it) into the picture, I have always admired how naturally gorgeous Jessica's makeup is on the red carpet.  I found this short video from one of the makeup artists she uses, Lauren Anderson, showing you how to get luminous Jessica-like skin.  She told Harpers Bazaar magazine last year that she keeps her skin clean and glowing by using Cor Silver Soap ($120).  I also tried to find a picture of Jessica rocking a true smokey eye, and couldn't find one anywhere!  Guess she likes to keep her look simple with neutral makeup, but she will at least will try a bright lip.

{Always glowing skin + glossy hair,  via}

{The perfect ombre colored hair.}

{Red lips via}

Congratulations to the happy couple and here's to living happily in Hollywood ever after!!!   And on a side note - Jessica, I hope to see a smokey eye in your future - I know you would kill it!

What do you think of the pink wedding dress trend and this cute couple?  

October 24, 2012

Ladies Night Out in Atlanta GA With Professional Makeup Artist Jennifer Duvall of JennySueMakeup.com

It's always flattering to have someone that you've worked with in the past, find value in what you did and then want to share your skills with other people!  So I am pleased to announce that after an attendee (thanks Karen!) came to my makeup workshop in August, she contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in doing something similar in Atlanta on November 1st.  Well of course I said, ABSOLUTELY!!  I love spreading the word of makeup to other women!  

Here are the details if you're going to be around the Atlanta, GA area a week from tomorrow....

With professional makeup artist Jennifer Duvall of 

Thursday, November 1st, 2012 | 7pm - 9:30pm

You will want to "Save the Date" for this one!  
This is a fabulous opportunity to learn makeup tricks and information on the latest products.  Models will be on hand as Jennifer demonstrates how to achieve the look that we all desire but may not be able to accomplish on our own.  The best part - she does not sell anything!! She will provide tips on products she uses and discuss the latest trends in beauty, all while answering your specific makeup questions.

There will be champagne punch and dessert, some fabulous giveaways, plus a cash bar.  
Be sure and invite your friends.  Women of all ages will learn something - guaranteed!

* The price will be $30.  
So be sure to RESERVE your place in advance for this fun event by calling:
770. 908. 2582, option 3. *

Location is:
Smoke Rise Country Club
4900 Chedworth Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30087

I think this is fab timing for such an event since it can get you ready and confident in your makeup skills for all of those upcoming holiday parties that you will be attending and wanting to put your best face forward!

Hope to see some new faces there!  xo, Jennifer

October 23, 2012

The Magic Eye Shadow Tape Trick

Who doesn't like a fun new magic makeup trick that makes us feel like we have mad makeup skills?!  Here's a look at the popular TAPE TRICK for getting a more precise lifted eye shadow look.

I had to use old sticky name tags because I had run out of scotch tape, but they actually worked really well.  I could even have cut them down further, but the bigger the piece, the less mess falling onto my cheeks and already applied foundation and concealer.  I recommend unsticking whatever type of tape you use, and pulling it on and off of the skin on the back of your hand a few times so that it's not too too sticky and hurts your face once applied:)  That would be tragic, and I don't want to get any nasty comments that I made you rip your skin off - ha!!  So you've been warned.

1.  Line up your tape from the end of your lash line and connect it towards the end of your last brow hair for the best diagonal line.  But you can adjust this depending on how dramatic and far out you want your shadow to go.

2.  I used my Naked Palette from Urban Decay, and applied a light tan color first from lash line to crease (naked), then followed up a shimmery bronze (smog) just on the outer corners from pupil towards the end of the brow.  You can tell how much shadow falls onto the white name tag, which shows you how much fall out you get when applying shadow!

3.  The outcome after the name tag is removed.  You can either keep it sharp like this, or....

4. ...smudge the sharp edge with you finger to blend and make softer.

5.  Blended, no liner yet.

6.  You can also go a step further and use your liner in the same manner and draw it upwards along the edge of the tape as high as you want the winged look to go.

7.  I used the shadow brush that came with my Naked palette to blend the edge of the liner and pull the  color (smog) down slightly onto the outer corners of the lower lash line.

8.  Placement of shadow is just right for an illusion of a lifted eye look!

9.  The finished look.  My blush is "Fleur Power" by MAC and lip gloss by Revlon Super Lustrous in "Pink Afterglow."

I have even used the straight edge of a triangle makeup sponge before which gets the same end result, but I figured the tape idea seemed a bit more stable and leaves you hands free.  I think this is a great trick for those that aren't comfortable with getting that shadow perfectly placed on the outer corners of the eyes.

Have you ever tried this magic tape trick?  Do you have any tricks up your sleeve when it comes to eye makeup that you want to share??

October 22, 2012

Celebrity Encounters

I am not going to lie, I get geeked up at the thought of running into a celebrity or even hearing of a friend of mine who ran into one.  It wouldn't matter if it's a movie star, sitcom actor, famous singer, or heck, even reality TV stars are pretty popular these days.  So I was pretty thrilled to see this picture my husband Scott snapped of himself with another famous Scott he ran into this past weekend...

 {Scott Disick from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.}

Ok, so it's not Oprah or Madonna, but he is a pretty legit celeb in the TV world.  (He is Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend and father of their two kids, if you aren't familiar.)  My Scott was attending the Petite Le Mans race this weekend here in Georgia where he met Scott.  You always wonder how friendly or unfriendly people like this might be in person since I'm sure they get approached by so many people and that it could get annoying.  But my hubby said of the brief encounter with Scott, "he was a very cool guy."  Honestly, I thought that was nice to hear since I feel like Disick might be getting a bad rap due to possible editing on KUWTK just to create drama.  Who knows. 

I am also now living with two tiny celebrities who have been experiencing their 4 seconds of fame on television...

{Still shot of my boys on CMT in the new Dierks Bentley music video!}

Sunday morning was the first time we had seen their video debut and my makeup work on actual TV, and it was pretty cool.   The director of the video, asked me if I would be interested in bringing my boys on set for the 2nd day of shooting once he found out I had kids.  Of course, I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to see my little guys in a music video!!  They had a ball, and certainly haven't let their current fame go to their heads...yet.  Ok, maybe they're demanding I put their socks and shoes on more often, but that's the extent of it so far!!  You can click here to see the full video of "Tip It On Back."

I've never really had a super cool up close celeb encounter I can hang my hat on (maybe a few C-list celebs), but I'm still holding out hope.  Some day I'd like to say I had cocktails with Janet Jackson or Victoria Beckham.  Or OK, at least bumped into them on the street!

Have you ever had an up close celebrity encounter?  Tell me in the comments below! 

October 19, 2012

Product Review :: Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow

Every woman wants her beauty routine to be easier and more efficient, point blank.  Even women like myself who actually enjoy the art of applying make up in the morning, I still always want it to happen quicker but still have the same beautiful outcome.  Imagine my excitement when I was sent something called, *Eye Majic, instant eye shadow.  Anything with reference to magic + makeup, then I'm all in.

 {Two shades of color choices I received - pearl Honey Shade and smokey grey.}

Here is my personal review in photos of this product that is touted as:
  • being a time saver, less than 4 seconds to apply on each eye, 
  • no bulky makeup bags needed with multiple shades or brushes,
  • works for any woman who has trouble applying eye makeup,
  • purse friendly application.

 {Peeling open the applicator package. No brushes necessary?? We will see.}

{Pushing into the eye bed for 4 seconds before swiping to remove.}

{After my swipe, this is what came out.  I had to end up using a brush to blend.}

{The leftovers.  I ended up dipping my brush onto the remaining color to use.}

{After I blended, added eye liner, and mascara.}

{End result.}

My overall thought on the fact that it should be a time saver for those that don't know how to apply 3 different shades of shadow at once, yes, it would be helpful. BUT, it isn't perfect.  I did end up having to use an eye shadow brush to blend it all together or it would have looked too ragged, like shown in the 4th picture.  I did love the color combo of bronzes and how it went from darkest to lightest where it should.  I used an eye lid primer before it all, just FYI.

I guess my biggest beef with this concept, is the trash and leftover packaging that you end up with in your wastebasket.  I wouldn't want to end up with all of this plastic day after day.  But it would be a good idea for throwing into your gym bag or on the go to keep in your purse in a pinch. It would not replace my everyday shadow pots and beloved makeup brushes though.  There is something about the act of painting my eyes with a brush that I get into...

What do you think?  Do you want a little Eye Majic in your life??

*These products were sent to me for consideration and review.  I was not paid for this review as usual.  All ideas and opinions are honest and my own.

October 17, 2012

Girl Crush :: Sofia Vergara

I am wondering who DOESN'T have a crush on super femme bot and comedian from hit TV show Modern Family, Sofia Vergara??!  Male, female, baby, dog, cat, lizard, if you don't see it, you either have an eye sight problem or no funny bone...

{Sofia at the Vanity Fair Oscar party 2012, via}

This 40 year old woman makes me want to BE 40 if it can look this good!!  Even though she recently admitted in the November issue of Lucky magazine that "Turning 40 was horrible, and that people who say it isn't are full of ___!"I must say I love her candidness.  We don't all have to act like getting older is okay or easy!!  She has put it out there that she's been bathing in the pricey Creme de la Mer Moisturizing Cream ($275) since she was in her 20's.  Looks like I need to start saving my pennies to invest in this miracle cream.

Here are some crush worthy pics and insight into Miss Vergara...

{Naturally blonde Vergara.  Yeh, the current brunette is all a dye job.}

{Sofia years ago.  Looks a little Catherine Zeta Jones don'tcha think?}

{Casual Sofia, via.}

If I could steal this purse, I would.  I love how her casual style always seems to have super bright pops of color either in her purses, scarves, or accessories.  If you are obsessed with this Givenchy purse like I am, HERE it is.  It would carry diapers and wipes in the most fabulous way!

{This woman is NOT afraid of color, via.}

A great quote to leave you with from Sofia who has really made her mark as a gorgeous comedian who embraces and owes her success to extreme femininity says,

"If you are afraid of not looking beautiful, you can't be funny.  
You will just be like a gimmick of someone funny, or setting up a joke for someone else."

You go funny girl.

Are you a Sofia Vergara fan??   

October 16, 2012

"It" Girl Products

"It" Girl Products
There have been lots of articles recently in my fashion and beauty magazines touting the "best of beauty" products and "reader favorites," that I decided to compile my list of the most talked about ones here.  I have not tried any of these personally, which honestly, is what makes them all the more intriguing.  After all of the positive chatter going on about each of these products, I would basically consider these the "it" girls of the makeup world...

From left to right, you can click the link to shop the product...

1.  Bobbi Brown BB Cream, ($42).  The apparent holy grail of the BB cream craze worldwide.  This all in one product should do in one step what my 4 step skin routine does, only better.

2.  Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer, ($20).  This full coverage concealer with yellow undertones should take away any trace of a sleepless night and bounce away those dark circles.

3.  MAC Technakohl liner in "Graphblack," ($15).  I am kind of ashamed I haven't gotten this soft rich black liner for myself yet, after years of hearing how wonderful the color deposit is.  If you want to create the sexiest dark smokey eye, then apparently this is the best way to start.

4.  Tom Ford Cheek Color in "Love Lust," ($55).  Anything by Tom Ford has to look and feel exquisite, and this finely milled blush in this peachy pink color is getting raving reviews of being able to flatter every skin tone.  Wonder if it's the next Nars "orgasm??"

5.  Yves Saint Lauren Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain,($32).  This is one of those innovative lip colors that cosmetic manufactures have been working towards for years!  It is supposedly the perfect blend with the color of a lipstick, intense shine of a gloss, and endurance of a lip stain. And on top of all that, it isn't drying and doesn't need reapplication.  Sounds worth every penny.

Do you own any of these "it" girl products?   Do they deserve all of the hype and chatter??

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October 15, 2012

Halloween Makeup :: Opposites Attract

I have two celebrity inspired makeup looks I would love to recreate for myself this Halloween.  And they couldn't be MORE POLAR OPPOSITE...

1.  Sweet Cinderella.  
As nailed to perfection by my celeb fave, Gwen Stefani from last year.

Her makeup would be so fun to do with all of the lashes, bright pink cheeks/lips, and lots of blue shadow.  Not to mention I'd get to wear a blonde wig, which I've always wanted to see myself as a blonde.   And she wears tons of jewelry.  I'd kinda like to be Cinderella in real life.

2.  Scary Skeleton Lady.  
A la Lady Gaga, Born This Way, inspired.

{Lots of skull makeup ideas via}

{Lady Gaga video with Rick Genest, the guy with the REAL skeleton tattoo. His doesn't wash off.}

I'm really digging both of these costume ideas, but they are extremely different, right??  I actually think I would get away cheaper if I went the skeleton route though - less baubles and wigs!  And since I've got three kids to dress up too - I need to be frugal with my budget, so black and white face makeup could be the ticket.  (Here's a post I did on Dermablend concealer which also has a link to the fascinating video of human zombie Rick, and his make-under transformation using their concealer products.).

My only fear of going the skull makeup route, is scaring my daughter, as she was horrified of my Velma costume and glasses from last year!  I think it was the fact that I didn't look like myself.  So hold on to your trick or treat bucket Vivian if I go all Lady Gaga!!  I also did a blog posting last year here, that was approaching the question of whether or not your Halloween costume choice says something about you.  I can't quite figure out what it says about me that I could be gravitating towards such polar opposite looks - HA!!!

So which one do you think I should go for - sweet and innocent Cinderella or the sour and scary Skeleton makeup??  Leave me a comment or tell me if you're dressing up this Halloween!