November 30, 2012

Santa May Be Watching, But So Are Your Children!

Around this time of year, it's not unusual for my husband and I to pull out the ole saying when our kids are acting up, "You better be good, because you know Santa is watching you!!"  Well, as true as that might be, I've also come to realize, that my little 2 year old Vivian is obviously ALWAYS watching me...

{My little apprentice working on the men in her life - daddy and two brothers!}

My daughter truly loves to watch me whenever I do my makeup routine or whenever she sees me working with a client in my home, but it is very apparent that she watches me closely because she knows where to put which products correctly on the face!!  Of course she sometimes strays and decides to use her creative license and puts lipstick in her dolls hair, but I let it go because that's part of the creative process.  I use pink eyeshadow as blush sometimes, so who am I to judge??!  

Here's a short clip of my budding makeup artist at work one morning! I was bummed my iPhone wouldn't let me send the whole 2.5 minutes, so this is just a tiny glimpse of her in action one morning.  Note, a plastic doll with no clothes on is key for model purposes! Ha!

I do not encourage her in any way to do the makeup thing unless she comes into my bathroom and begs for a brush and blush (which she does every time!), but I would never discourage any of my children from doing something that they truly seem passionate about.  I know she's only two, but I think a love for something or a hobby can start that early, and if it makes a child happy, let them have at it!  

Of course she loves to use my real brushes and real products, but I am thinking I might try this play set of make up I found on, and see if maybe we can decrease the amount of daily messes that she creates!  It might blow up in my face like the fake cell phones I've tried to buy my kids in the past - they know the real thing when they see it- but it's worth a shot to save my carpet and furniture!

What have you been surprised by that your child has picked up by watching you??

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November 29, 2012

Twelve Days Of Cosmetic Christmas : 1st Day

I've been looking through my holiday magazines and checking out all of the fabulous looking gift guides that each magazine suggests for the many members in your life.  So I've decided to do my very own JennySue Twelve Days of Christmas wish list, with a cosmetic theme of course.  Sing along...

"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....

{Make Up For Ever  Be Your Own Makeup Artist,  $950.}

...A Make Up For Eeevvvver Case!!"  

This case is for the makeup enthusiast!  It's got legs, it's got lights & mirrors, and it's filled with 38 of Dany Sanz (creator of MUFE) favorite products inside!!  You can check this link  (it's sold exclusively thru to see each specific product inside.  It's got new products to tried and true iconic ones (like their HD Finishing powder that I love!).
{The goods.}

I've already got three makeup trunks in my life, but I could always use another.  It's like buying another pair of great shoes!!  The lighting plus outlet spots on the inside sounds amazing and so fun!  I know $950 is a steep price, but this is part of my "WISH" list, so a girl can fantasize right??!

Along with my 12 days of Christmas ideas, I'm going to post some of my favorite gift wrapping ideas.  Because I love love to gift wrap, as long as I have the time.   Here's my first inspiration found through Pinterest, of course.  The colorful yarn ties remind me of the various rainbow colors of eye shadows I own!


So this is just the first installment of my cosmetic Christmas.  What do you think of the kickoff product?  

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November 27, 2012

Judge A Trend By Its Cover

I know the old saying goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover," but when it comes to a magazine, I think it's okay to break that rule...

{I spy a lip color trend.}

Judging by the covers of my recent December issues, I'd assume that red lipstick is going to be the trend du jour (or more appropriately, "le mois" - the month!).  Keira, Selena, and Scarlett are all looking fantastically festive in their crimson pouts, which is a point that these magazines are clearly making.  We should all be sporting red this month if we want to reflect the holiday spirit. 

My red lip colors shown from left to right :

Lipstick                                           Gloss                                       Matte Stain 
MAC "Lady Danger" |  L'Oreal Paris Infallible Lipgloss "Rebel Red" |  Tarte LipSurgence "Fiery"   

This is definitely one of those makeup trends I have already started putting into full force in my personal routine.  I am finding that the less time I have to do full on makeup, the more instantly put together I feel if I only have time for a BB Cream, mascara, blush and RED lips!! There is also a confidence factor that red lip color gives me too, I feel like I can move mountains.  Or,  more realistically, I can at least get through a whole grocery shopping errand with all 3 children in tow, not forget an item on my list, and no one cries.  All while looking fabulous you know...wink wink!!

What's your absolute favorite red lip color?  Leave in the comments below so I can see what reds I'm missing!

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November 26, 2012

Christmas Tree Green Shadow

I get rather bored from time to time with my beloved brown and grey neutral eye shadows.  I love them dearly, but every now and then, I need some Fruit Loops thrown into my morning Cheerio routine.  So I decided to embrace the upcoming jolly season of Christmas with some pine, spruce, or fir green colored shadows - depending on your tree preference...

{I mixed all 6 shades of green to create this look.}

I know I know, blending 6 shades to get one eye look?? It's crazy, I admit.  But I couldn't get the perfect shade of green until I did!  I used my massive $15 ELF palette talked about here.  Pretty appropriate for the holiday season huh?? Elfs, Santa, Christmas...HA! Moving on.
  • I added a touch of the blue green (shown in the top right hand corner) to keep it from looking too too Christmas tree-ish.  
  • The lightest lime green (top left hand corner) was added in the tear duct area and then right in the center of the eyelid for that pop of dimension.  
  • Black liquid liner was added just along the top lash line.
  • Then I added a white eye liner, this one, in the inner waterline to brighten up my eyes and not make them look too sickly!
Of course with eye shadow this bold, I kept my cheeks and lips MUCH more subtle...
  • Blush is "Orgasm" by Nars (my all time fave blush, ever) and lip color is Palladio Herbal lip liner in "Salmon" with Too Faced Glamour Gloss in "Pillow Talk" on top.

{Vivian dug that her frog towel was the same color as my eye shadow.}

If you want to see how other women (of the celebrity type) carry off the green variety of shadows, check this link here.  Green is a fairly universal color that can really make eyes pop and looks really festive this time of year.  
*If you have green eyes, just make sure the shade you choose isn't matchy-matchy to your actual eye color, or it won't show them off.  Either go a deeper/darker shade of green, or the opposite of the spectrum to a much lighter or brighter shade.

What do you think of sporting Christmas tree green on your peepers?
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November 23, 2012

Bangs Before Botox

I have forehead wrinkles at the age of 34.  Big ones.  They are progressively getting deeper despite my efforts of using multiple creams, serums, and primers daily.  I'm not too proud to admit that I desperately want Botox one day.  But financially it's not in the cards right now.  The only solution I can think of - BANGS BEFORE BOTOX...

 {Catherine Zeta Jones}

 {Jennifer Hudson}

 {Julianne Moore}

 {Rachel Zoe}

{Lea Michele}

I chose all sorts of ages, hair colors, and textures to show you that almost anyone can pull off bangs.  And look how well they hide a forehead!  Not that all or any of these women have forehead wrinkles (I won't make any assumptions), but if they did, their bangs would disguise them beautifully.  It's a lot cheaper than Botox and if you don't like it, you can let them grow out or pin them back.

* Tip:  My stylist told me that winter time is one of the best seasons to try out bangs if you're not used to them.  This is because it's not hot outside and you don't have to worry about sweat sticking your brand new bangs to your forehead! Which let's face it, is not a cute look. So I need to go ahead and try it pronto since it's finally getting cooler here in Georgia. *

My makeup routine will have to change up a bit if I go bangs, because they almost hide your eyes (along with the wrinkles) if they go past the brows.  I'd do a smokier eye + lashes like here and here, or at least a heavier liner on the top of the lid like here, and lots of mascara on upper and lower lashes to bring the eyes out.

What do you think about my idea of bangs before Botox? An obvious solution right?!

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November 22, 2012

Thankful For The Turkeys In My Life

I am thankful for these people...

{Our Family Of Five Turkeys.}

Of course, it doesn't stop with these four, as we have many other friends and family members (other turkeys) that I am also extremely thankful for.  This Thanksgiving I get to celebrate twice in one day with both sides of our family, which almost never happens!! So it's going to be a fun filled day of family, which honestly, is all that matters.  Well, also full of food, food, and more food, which is pretty important too don't you agree?? Nothing brings family together better than food.

As my kids get older, I continue to get sappier and more emotional about how much I want them to realize how important each other are.  That despite what they will go through in life and even with each other, they'll always be family, and that is irreplaceable.  

Here are some other, more slightly shallow things, 
that I am also very thankful for. In no particular order:

  • My iPhone.  Seriously.  How did I ever function without it?
  • Sophie.  Our 11 year old family dog.  She honestly taught my husband and I how to take care of something other than ourselves before we had kids.  She's high maintenance, but so worth it.
  • Boxed wine.  No it's not fancy, but it's environmentally conscious and holds 4 bottles in one box.
  • Target.  I can seriously buy everything here: groceries, gifts, clothes (cute ones) for my whole family, and makeup, all in one spot.  Oh, and boxed wine.
  • Primers.  Because it makes even my cheap makeup perform better.  My favorites here and here.
  • Bravo TV.  Best station by far for reality television.  
  • Instagram and Pinterest.  Two of my fave ways to get inspired during the day.
  • My Ford Flex.  I love my car, even after two years.  Its duo video monitors in the head rests that keeps all children happy and built in cooler to store juice boxes. It's a brilliant vehicle.
  • This blog.  I've met some fabulous people and other blogger friends through this blog.  I have gotten many amazing job opportunities through it such as this and this.  It has also taught me things about myself through the act of writing.  
I am very very thankful for all of you that continue to follow my mommy beauty blog and for your comments and feedback.  Without you, I wouldn't have kept this thing up for 4 years now if I thought no one was listening!  I hope all of you have a wonderful and HAPPY HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!

What are you most thankful for today??

November 21, 2012

Black Friday Goes Grey For Lip Color

The term "Black Friday" for the day after Thanksgiving, kinda weirds me out.  It sounds like it has a negative connotation which makes me NOT want to shop because it sounds dark and dangerous!  They need to rename it, "Fuchsia Friday" or something happier.   I'd be more game to attend.

What's even more weird though, is the idea of GREY LIPSTICK...

{MAC Cosmetics Grey Friday Campaign.}

I get it.  This grey lipstick ($15) is more for IMPACT and this color won't be a constant that sticks around and gets least I hope not.  I can't recall many people that pull off a grey lip color without looking like they contracted some terrible disease or were 6 feet under.  I will throw MAC a bone however.  I obviously love their brand, and so along with the lipstick will be a grey sparkle nail color option ($16)- which I would totally dig.  Grey on the eyes, grey on the nails, sold.  Grey on the lips, not sold. 

Because if it turns out anything like K$sha sported back in 2010...

{Enough said, via.}

Okay, so that's ridiculous you say?  Her faux hawk, brow bling, and pale skin distract from the lip color, give it a chance.  Well, here is stunning model Chanel Iman in grey lips, with none of the distraction...

{Chanel looking unhappy in her lipstick choice, via.}

Even Chanel cannot pull this off.  If you decide you want to give this shade a whirl though, you can only purchase it online or in NYC at the MAC Times Square location according to  And, if that's not exciting enough for you, Estee Lauder currently offers a grey shade, "GunMetal Luminizer" Vivid Shine lipstick ($25), that seems a bit more wearable, as shown on the beautiful Milly.

Despite all the hype, this is one shade I am not getting on the bandwagon for.  

What are your thoughts on grey lip color?  Am I being too hard on it?

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November 19, 2012

Super Human During The Holidays

My fascination with Wonder Woman started at an early age.  Recently my mother came across this picture of me from the early 80's (ouch) dressed up as her (Lynda Carter to be exact- who had better hair than me, but that's neither here nor there).  My posing skills back then make me think I might could have had a future as a fashion blogger!! Ha!!

{Wonderful Wonder Woman.}

As you can see, I was obviously pleased with my trash bag type fabric of a costume.  It was complete with gold wristbands, rope, cape, and knee boots. Those "boots" are actually red knee socks with white paint drawn up the front and I even attempted to put my Lego's in the heels of the sock so that they looked like high heeled boots!  I remember it was very uncomfortable, duh.  What we will do for the art of dress up.

This picture popped up at a most appropriate time, as I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the holiday "stuff" that is coming on like a speeding freight train.  I feel like I must actually BE Wonder Woman to get everything accomplished.  Here is a previous post I did questioning the idea of WW being a realistic inspiration or unrealistic.  Reading the comments from the other readers is just as good as the actual post and were truly inspiring. I enjoy writing blog posts in order to get positive feedback like these - it keeps me going.

This overwhelming feeling happens every year around the start of Thanksgiving and continues on until the New Year.  Oh who am I kidding, it goes on all year round! But this holiday season, I'm going to attempt to take a different mentality with all of my to-do lists and expectations.  I'm going to actually enjoy the season and all it has to offer, and try not to let stress take over.  If I don't have the most beautiful wrapping paper for my gifts, the newest outfit for every occasion and party I am invited to, and can't make the most delicious dish my friends and family have ever eaten - the holiday season isn't going to come to a screeching halt.

The older I get, I am fascinated by the idea of Wonder Woman, but I do not need to be her.  I need to be the best version of me and my super human skills - emphasis on the 'human' part. 

What super human character were you fascinated with as a child and why?  What's your advice for handling the stress of the holidays?

November 16, 2012

Links Of The Week

{"Skyfall" Bond Girl - Berenice Marlohe.}

The hubby and I just got to see the most recent James Bond movie, Skyfall, and it certainly did not disappoint.  Especially Daniel Craig's physique - not disappointing at ALL ladies!!  The newest Bond femme fatale, Severine played by Berenice above, was absolutely stunning in her role (where do they find these women??).  But unfortunately she didn't get much screen time because, well, I don't want to ruin the movie if you haven't seen it:)

Here are some of my favorite links this week (that aren't exactly from this week though, FYI!):

1.  OPI pays homage to James Bond films through polish.

2.  YouTube makeup guru Michelle shows you how to get this current Bond girl look.

3.  A creaseless concealer - Is it possible??

4.  Marilyn Monroe was the Chanel No 5 IT girl.

5.  Chic zodiac pillows as presents.

6.  Big bang theory (as in hair bangs!).

7.  The ear cuff trend is for rad girls.

8.  How to sport burgundy makeup (ode to Severine above, no?!).

9.  The big WHAT IF, Britney and Justin hadn't broke up??

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!  Have you seen Skyfall yet?  

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November 15, 2012

I Am Thankful...For Red Lipstick

Yesterday I attended my daughter's annual Thanksgiving celebration at her preschool.  While I am first and foremost thankful for my wonderful family, I am also going to give red lipstick a close second to thankfulness in the makeup category.   After a short night of not much sleep (try getting in bed at 2:30am- woah!), I wasn't looking my finest waking four hours later to get my day started at the usual 6:30am.   I  am thanking my lucky stars for the power of red lipstick to give my tired face new life...

 {Lips so RED, you are distracted from my dirty hair and tired eyes.}

{Thankful for my girl, sweet Vivian, who only ate a lollipop during the feast!}

 {MAC Pro Lip Palette in Editorial Oranges, $40.
  My red orange shade wearing above is "So Chaud," middle shade on right column.}

Never underestimate the power of a red lip.  You really don't need to do much else with your look because it commands all of the attention.  I can't get enough of the orange base of this red.  It gives it a vibrant almost neon look, which distracts from my dark circles and unwashed braided hair.  And makeup is all about the art of distraction, no??!  

Here are some of my other posts regarding red lips here, herehere, and here.  Obviously, I'm a big fan of red lips.

This Thanksgiving season, what beauty product are you most thankful for?

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November 13, 2012

Super Easy Jewelry Display

I am not known for my organization skills within my home.  My poor husband and children would attest to that.  I'm a messy person by nature, I admit.  My way of organizing things is to "pile."  We can't all be good at everything right??  So I am proud to share this easy way of organizing your bracelets, where I can actually 'pile' them, and they still look cute!!

{Wine bottle bracelet display.}

Why not reuse an old wine or champagne bottle to display your beautiful bracelets over the neck of them??  I like to think I'm doing my green thumb part by reusing them instead of tossing them.  One of these wine bottles actually has huge significance so I love seeing it on my dresser everyday!  It wasn't an expensive wine by any means, but was one Scott and I shared back in 2000 before we were married. It was at a local Italian restaurant that displayed empty wine bottles along their walls that patrons had written on.  And when Scott asked me to marry him, he went back to that restaurant and asked if he could have our old bottle and wrote me a sweet message on it to remember our engagement by! Cue the awwwww's!! Ha!

Here are some other DIY ways to display and organize your jewelry that I found through the obvious,

1.  Painted cheese grater.
2.  Framed necklaces.
3.  Egg carton rings.

Do you have an creative ways of organizing your jewelry? Please share - I could use the inspiration!

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November 12, 2012

Splurge Or Save :: Two Products To Beat Dry Cracked Lips

Beat Dry Cracked Lips
{SPLURGE -  Victoria's Secret Pro Smooth FX Lip Scrub + Balm, $16 
  SAVE -  EOS lip balm sphere, $3}

These are two great products out right now that can help you beat those yucky dry cracked lips that come with the cooler weather.  I keep the EOS "save" option in my purse for quick touch ups during the day for me and my kids.  It doesn't contain the parabans and petroleum like most chapsticks and lip balms.  Only the good stuff, like shea butter and vitamin E!  And I love the shape - it's easy to find in the depths of my purse! (EOS stands for the "evolution of smooth" if you were wondering like me:))

The "splurge" Victoria's Secret scrub + balm combo is great for night time treatments.  True story - I recently recommended this product to a bride who was wanting to wear red lips for her wedding day. She had the cracked lips issue, so I told her to get this product, and use religiously every night for the weeks leading up to the wedding. Guess what, day of the wedding, her lips were as smooth as a babies bottom.  Really.

If you love to wear the dark lip trend during the winter, you MUST have moisturized smooth lips to pull it off.  Otherwise, it just looks like a hot mess on rough flaky lips.  But then again, even lips that don't wear color during the day don't deserve a cracked pout.

Have you tried either of these lip gems? What's your secret to smooth lips during the winter??

November 9, 2012

My First Album Cover :: Bobbi Wilson "Wanderlust"

"The vocal equivalent of a martini...chill, relaxing, sexy, and stirring with a bit of a kick!!"

I can't tell you how excited and proud I was to receive Bobbi Wilson's "Wanderlust" CD in the mail recently.  Reason being, the beautiful black and white photographs on the cover and on the inside of this artists' debut jazz album, had MY MAKEUP HANDY-WORK ON DISPLAY!!!
It's my first cover y'all!!!

{Photography by Jason Thrasher.}

These are the final images chosen for the inside and cover of Bobbi's CD.  I love that she chose black and white to tell her story for her first album.  Black and white just sings sophisticated and seems perfectly fitting for this jazzy songbird!  

When doing makeup for black and white photography, there is really only one thing to be careful of, and that is using too much bronzer that can sometimes come off looking 'dirty' in pictures.  We added major false lash clumps to thicken up her lash line and create that sultry Sophia Loren-type eye look.  We also started with a red lip, but then changed it up and made the decision to go for more of a nude lip which she was more comfortable wearing, and I think turned out to be a perfect balance.

How gorgeous is she?? I am so thrilled for her because I cannot imagine how cool it must be to release an actual album where the whole world has the opportunity to hear your voice.  I can't even sing "Happy Birthday" without my kids covering their ears, so I'm always in awe of people with the gift of voice!! Ha!  I'm sure Bobbi could sing the heck out of Happy Birthday!

If you want a taste of Bobbi's voice you can visit her website,, and click on the soundcloud on the right side of the website.

Congratulations Bobbi and thank you so very much for choosing me as your makeup artist for this project - I was honored.  I even got a shout out on the inside of the cover, which I must say, was pretty cool to see my name in there! I wish you much success, happiness, and many more albums in the future!!

*Black and white images are courtesy of Jason Thrasher Photography.

November 8, 2012

Lash Crazy

I go through phases in my makeup routine as to what products I'm obsessed with.  One month I can't get enough of super shiny lip glosses, another I want to try out every new BB Cream on the market, or I'm into rainbow colored shadows because I'm bored with safe neutrals.
Currently, my obsession lies in false lashes...

 {Lash explosion.}

This was the scene when I opened one of my makeup drawers yesterday.  I was honestly kind of shocked at how my lash collection has grown.  It looks like a drag queen lives in my house.  And this is my personal stash, which doesn't even touch the surface of the fringes I have in my makeup artist kit!!  Ever since I got my lash extensions put in here, (and here + here), then professionally removed, my lashes have been a bit thinner and straight.  Hence why I have wanted to fake a thicker lash line with falsies until they grow back to normal.

My favorite false lashes at the moment are :  

Ardell Fashion Lashes "Wispies"  |  MAC Cosmetics #33 Lashes |  

You can see how the Ardell strips look on me here, and the MAC ones look here.  I've gone a bit lash crazy.  And despite how ridiculous and time consuming it seems for a mother of 3 to apply false lashes a few times a week, it makes me happy and gives my eyes that extra boost you just simply cannot get from mascara.  Just for fun, I came across these lashes that mimic the London Skyline, seriously.  Too crazy not to share.

Speaking of crazy, has anyone tried the mascara wands with the sphere shaped head?  I gotta admit, I can't figure out how to work these things.  I've held that wand every which way, even upside down, to see how to get the best application.  It's too much work and I don't see the benefit.  If you're a fan of the sphere, please let me know what I'm doing wrong, because it's making me crazy I can't figure it out.

Have you found a mascara that gives you that false eye lash look?  Please let me know in the comments below.  Please.  Because I've yet to come across one, and I can't keep applying false lashes every day, it's borderline ridiculous.  Even the Too Faced "Better Than False Lashes" mascara system didn't even cut it.

November 7, 2012

Politics Aren't Pretty

{Politics aren't pretty, but this image of a political family is. Image via}

Why did I choose this photo for today's post?  Simply because I like beautiful things.  And I think Jacquelyn Kennedy was one of the most chic first ladies of all time.  (Check this tumblr account out and you'll see photographic evidence why.)  This pic of her and hubby John walking to his presidential inauguration in the snow in 1961, is just stunning - from her proud smile to her black heeled booties and fab big buttoned coat!

"Patriotism is easy to understand in America; 
it means looking out for yourself while looking out for your country."  
Calvin Coolidge

I am a wife, mother of three, business owner, and beauty blogger.  A political analyst, I am NOT.  This day after the election posting in no way will be slanted towards one side or another because I don't wear my politics on my sleeve like a lot of people do.  So if you're wanting me to shout hallelujah bc my candidate won, or cry in my Cheerio's because my candidate lost, you'll have to go to another blog.  My political stance is a personal thing, and I like to keep it that way, and I wish more people would.  My voice is heard when I go to the ballot box and cast my vote.  It says more than any poster in the yard, cheesy printed political tee shirt, or lame bumper sticker bashing the other side to make your candidate look better.

The many months and campaigning leading up to any presidential election are always ugly.  Always.  No matter who the candidates running are.  Political campaigns always seem to bring out the worst in everyone, because rather than lifting up the good that each side takes, everyone seems to want to focus on the bad side of the other.  Since when did positivity take a back seat to negativity??  

That's why as of today, I'm glad that part is over.  Now that Mr. Obama is once again our president, I wish him the absolute best, and I think we all should because we are actually all in this together as Americans.  Even if you disagree with the outcome, you should still want to lift up the leader who has been chosen, because they have a hard road ahead of them.  I could never bash an elected president, because you know what, the last job I would want in this world, is to be president of the United States. 

I am grateful that I live in this amazing country where opportunity is everywhere if you're not lazy and constantly complaining about what you don't have.  I'm proud to be an American, and proud to be a makeup artist who can help make this a prettier place to lip gloss at a time.  

* Feel free to leave comments about this post, but please respect that my blog is a positive place for myself and my readers. So like mama always said, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it all." I'm not afraid to delete negative Nancy comments! *

November 6, 2012

My Newest M.A.C Product Must Haves

I'm a HUGE fan of MAC Cosmetics.  It's because their products are the perfect mix of high performing cosmetics along with reasonable department store prices.  "Reasonable department store prices" might sound like an oxymoron, but in comparison to the other lines typically sold in department stores, theres's are on the lower end.  As a makeup artist, their line has everything you could ever dream of wanting to own in order to create any type of look!

{My recent goodies purchased.  
Not pictured, one of their best selling neutral shadows, "Cork."}

I recently attended another master class that is offered to MAC Pro members, and this one happened to be on how to create drag makeup.  Yeh, it was pretty cool.  I figured learning how to make a man look like a woman through makeup tricks, would actually help me tremendously when working on females that have masculine features!  It's amazing how you can always learn something new from other artists - you can never be too educated in your craft.

While listening to our pro makeup artist who led the class, Christopher D, (he has worked on the likes of Christina Aguilera and Fergie and was SO entertaining!) he answered many of my questions and recommended some of his favorite products from their line.  Which I proceeded to purchase of course.

Here is the list of products shown above, and I'm wearing each one of them in the photos below. (Well, I'm not actually wearing the brushes, but I used them for application!! Ha!)

You can click the links to shop the MAC products!

Foundation Brush #188 ($35)
Eye brow brush #208 ($20)
Powder Blush in "Pinch O' Peach"($20)

Tid bits I took away from this class:

1. One of the best things I learned, was that I don't prep the skin enough before I apply color.  This goes for myself and my clients.  Christopher talked about the importance of this before he does any makeup application, and I agree, this is a must if you want your makeup to perform at it's best.  That's why I purchased this serum and eye cream...

2.  And let me tell you, this Fast Response Eye Cream, is AH-MAZING.  It immediately makes the eye bed super smooth and fills in tiny lines around the eyes, which made my concealer go on so much better.  This is a must have.

3.  If you're scared of false lashes because you don't want to actually look like a drag queen wearing them, try this style of #33.  They are super natural and add just enough "oomph" to your lash line without being over the top.

4.  When Christopher said that "Angel" lipstick by MAC is one of Kim Kardashian's favorite lip colors, um, of course I decided I needed it, stat.  Not that I will look anything like Kim wearing it, but I always love her pinky nude lip choices, so I was hopeful.  It is a pretty pale pink, kind of frosty, but not 80's frosty.

Do you own any of these MAC products?

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November 5, 2012

Music Artists And Their Makeup

Music artists now a days are known as much for their voices as they are for their image.  And a lot of times that image has to do with the face that surround that popular voice.  Makeup artistry definitely plays a big part in making you remember those faces...ah hem, voices.

Here are a few memorable makeup looks.  I feel some "pinning" coming on...

{"Miss Not Afraid of Color" Nicki Minaj, via}

{"Miss Country Cutie"Taylor Swift, via}

{"Miss Lotsa Lashes" Katy Perry, via}

{"Miss Winged Eye Perfection" Adele, via}

{"Miss Mod Makeup" Lana Del Rey, via}

{"Miss Chameleon" Rihanna, via}

{"Miss Flawless Face" Carrie Underwood, via}

Which artist is your makeup favorite?  Did I miss any memorable musicians makeup styles??

November 2, 2012

The Power Of The Sock Bun

Sometimes a girl with long hair and three kids (which = no time on her hands) just needs a quick and easy but sophisticated hair do, all wrapped up in one.  Not too much to ask right?? Right.  In walks the popular SOCK BUN that I have finally mastered...

After trying the sock bun multiple times, I've come to realize it's best done on 2 day old shampooed hair  or even older.  It just doesn't work or get slick enough on super clean hair - hallelujah!!  I say this because I have no time to wash my hair every day, so this is the answer to my hair prayers.

There are seriously a million videos on how-to do the sock bun, but these are my two favorites by YouTuber's Carli Bybel (tight and high look) and WendysLookBook (looser version).  I wore this to a  makeup demonstration I did last night for a group of ladies, hence the fancier than usual clothing and makeup:)  It was perfect, and made me feel put together and super chic.

My makeup components for the night consisted of:

1.  Revlon PhotoReady foundation in nude.
2.  Sonia Kashuk "Melon" blush.

3.  Ardell "wispies" in black lash strips. (my absolutely FAVE strip lashes!)
4.  MAC "Prussian" eye liner.
5.  Stila "Oasis" shadow + Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow Collection.

6.  Too Faced Glamour Gloss in "barely legal."

Besides the sock bun being super easy to create, it also has the power to give me an instant face lift because it's pulled so tight!!  Seriously, I love that.

Have you tried the super popular sock bun yet??