2013 Golden Globes Marvelous Makeup Looks

I waited a day after the Golden Globe Awards to do this posting because I wanted to look back over the web to see who everyone was talking about makeup wise.   I saw the whole thing on TV and definitely had my personal favorites as they walked the red carpet.  I’d say there were more hits than misses makeup wise this year…I didn’t see too many train wrecks.

Here are my faves and what made their makeup SO marvelous!

{Katharine McPhee. RICH BROWN smokey eyes.}
{Kate Hudson.  Dramatic black WINGED LINER.}
Her dress was getting tons of love.  I’m on the fence about it.  Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it.  What did you think?
{Kerry Washington.  Her soft LAVENDER eyeshadow was everything! Via}

{Jennifer Lopez.  No fail SMOKEY EYES done right -here are the details on what her MUA used!}

Did you see JLo’s dress though?? Wow, here.  I’m not sure she could even wear (hide)  Spanx under this getup!

{Megan Fox.  Best combo of BROWS + LASHES! via.}

Megan is a new mom, which I obviously love.  I love it because she actually looks more glamorous than EVER after baby!! Yes, I know she probably had a lot of help getting ready, but I still am giving her props for not losing her makeup mo-jo.

{Jessica Chastain.  FLAWLESS PORCELAIN SKIN. via.}

I didn’t dig Jessica’s hair, but her skin and beautiful lip choice made up for it!

Unfortunately I didn’t find many that did a statement colored lip very well.  That’s the only thing this post is lacking in terms of variety!  Did you notice anyone doing a a good red or bright lip that I missed?  
I’m not going to tattle on who the hair and makeup train wrecks were (trying to keep it positive around here!) but I will let a couple others spill those beans on their messy choices here and here.

Who were your marvelous makeup picks for the night?

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