American Idol Makeup :: You Be The Judge.

The premier of the 12th season of American Idol started last night.  I admit, I never get tired of this singing talent show.   They have a slew of new judges (except for good ole Randy Jackson) but I was still willing to watch.  To be honest, the two female judges held my interest as much as the contestants did!  Between the many different hair dos, outfits, and makeup looks between the two, I’m handing the vote over to you, singing talent aside…

“Whose makeup style do you prefer??”

{Nicki Minaj and her over the top Barbie-doll look. Via}
{Mariah Carey and her neutral glamour girl makeup. Via}
I’m on the fence.  Of course Mariah seems to be pulling off more everyday beauty looks we could all probably sport in our regular people lives (minus the false lashes and extensions maybe), but Nicki sure is fun to look at!! With her many different wigs of many many different colors (try neon orange!), her exaggerated eyeliner, and massive false lashes (they look really heavy), you can’t look away.  Her beauty style is probably not one you could pull off walking to your local grocery store without a few odd glances though. But I give her credit for owning her outrageousness. (And I love her makeup artist Joyce Bonelli!)

With that being said, I think I’d go Nicki, for the pure entertainment purpose.

{Who doesn’t like to match their pink lipstick to their wig?? Via}

Sure she’s not sporting the natural and pretty-type look, but she’s going for it and experimenting with makeup. I can’t ever blame a girl for trying new something new and exciting!  And she makes for good TV watching;)

Makeup and hair aside, I give both women credit for their judging styles last night, I think they made a good team despite all the rumors of them bickering beyond the scenes.  I just wish they’d give Aussie country crooner, Keith Urban, more talking time with that yummy accent of his.
Which female judge gets your vote for best makeup style?  Did you watch last night?

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