Birthday Humor

Today is my birthday and the one thing I always love getting, are birthday cards.  I think they are so fun and say a lot about the people that send them to you and their thought process when picking them out.  I think it’s almost more personal than an actual gift.

Here are two that I just had to share. The humor displayed by both are completely opposite, but so perfect in every way…

Card #1 :  Perfectly appropriate humor for a makeup artist like myself…
Thanks to my Aunt Landal for this one – I might just make-up things all day long because I can!
Card #2 :  Unexpected humor early this morning from my sweet? husband…
Of course, my husband let my two boys sign this one too, so they were dying for me to see the inside and thought this potty humor (as we call it in my house), was absolutely hilarious.  And despite its gross-ness, I do love butterflies and this caught me so off guard I just had to laugh.  Because if you can’t laugh at things, then life isn’t worth living.  I’m happy to be celebrating being halfway to 70, and couldn’t feel more blessed than I do today. 
I’m an Aquarius, and they say that we are best described as :

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and Loyal
Original and Inventive
Independent and Intellectual
I’d certainly like to think I’m all of those things!  There is an even better in depth description on my sign here, and it’s kinda crazy how true most of it is.  
I also share my zodiac sign with the likes of Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, and Justin Timberlake – just to name a few awesome water bearers!  If you share this sign with me, here’s a complete list of famous Aquarians just for fun from  
{Growing older isn’t all bad.}
I’m taking this birthday thing and trying NOT to focus on the gray hairs popping up by the dozens and the wrinkles getting deeper despite my best moisturizer and serum efforts!  I’m going to focus on the fact that I DO think we get better with age, and I’m more comfortable with who I am now, than I ever was in high school or even college.  There’s something really great and freeing about that.
When is your birthday?  What are your feelings on getting older?

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