Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow Duo : Just Your Everyday Expensive Smokey Eye

I am a sucker for compliments.  Especially when they involve one of my children.  And one very complimentary Dior sales lady in Nordstrom on a previous trip to the mall, cost me more money than I had planned on.  Which led me to feel the need to repay the free compliment, by buying something more expensive from her line than I needed. Makes sense right??  What.

{Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow Duo Color Stick + Blending Powder “Grey Sigh”, $30.}

{How could you NOT spend money in a store that provides crayons to keep your kid busy?}
She just kept going on and on about what a good, sweet, and well behaved girl she was being (really? she kept doing fish faces on the glass of the makeup displays and yelling out colors she saw in delight!?) and then of course asking what it was I needed help with today.  Dior had just gotten in a fabulous new product to create an easy and wearable smokey eye! Hook line and sinker, I was reeled in.  I just needed to exchange something from another counter and now I bought a $30 eyeliner/shadow duo I DIDN’T NEED.  This lady was good.
Here’s a looksy at my unnecessary duo pen and my thoughts once applied.
 {Shadow tip of pen – the actual shadow is in the cap part.}

{Chubby eye liner side of pen, that you roll up to get more product.}

{Using both sides to create my expensive smokey eye.}
These close up eye photos taken with my iPhone.  Guess there’s NO hiding the under eye wrinkles with this thing.  Ugh.  Before concealer I will add though.

 {Finished smokey eye worn on a random t-shirt day.}

 {Actually a really beautiful shade with shimmer once mascara finished it off.}

{Just soft enough to wear in the middle of the day and not look overdone.}
Here are my pros and cons of this Dior duo stick:
Pros :
1. Color payoff is beautiful.  I love charcoal grays against my brown eyes, and this color is very pretty.
2.  I had my eyeliner and shadow in one convenient pen – no other colors necessary except for my matte ivory shadow I put on first.
3.  It’s Dior, so in a weird way, I feel more glamorous when applying.
Cons :
1.  I had to use another makeup brush after it was all done to get it smooth and blended enough for my liking.  The sponge applicator was not easy enough to get a smooth application.
2.  Staying power.  Even with the addition of the shadow to the liner was not very good.  It faded pretty quickly and unevenly.
3.  The price. 30 bucks was just too much for something that I had to add another tool too and for it to disappear that quickly.
4.  It was messy. The shadow part really got all over my face and was hard to control.  Had to do major cleanup of my under eye beds bc the shadow fell off the sponge very quickly.
I wouldn’t buy another one in another color and don’t think this product is really that much of a time saver, seeing as though I had to add another makeup brush and do clean up afterwards.  However, after all of my efforts, the finished everyday expensive smokey eye, did look pretty darn good.
Have you ever bought a makeup product you didn’t need because of a great salesperson?

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