Fight Human Trafficking One Lipstick At A Time With Radiant Cosmetics

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and Radiant Cosmetics wants to “Kiss Slavery Goodbye” one lipstick at a time!!  This campaign is going on all this month and they sent me one of their current lipsticks to try out.  I ended up using it to create two lip looks PLUS a cheek stain!  Check out how easy one lipstick can turn into 3 looks…

 {Lip color is a matte formula in “Moscow,” $20}}

{2 lip looks, 1 lipstick.}
The left shows how I used it as a stain – I swiped it on my finger first, then patted and pressed it into my mouth starting on the inside and working outwards.  It has amazing stay power when used this way!  On the right is me swiping it straight onto my lips from the tube, with two coats.  Extremely deep and rich in pigment.

 {Shown as a lipstick.  Bold lips made my old ragged hoodie look a bit more fancy:)}
I couldn’t decide which blush to wear with it, so I got a little crafty and made my own cheek color from the tube!  I just added a highlighter (Benefit’s “Watt’s Up!” mentioned here,) to give it some shimmer and soften the color a bit.

 {Mixing the highlighter + lipstick made a beautiful light pink blush stain.}

{Easy to rub the mixture right onto the apples of my cheeks with my finger.}
{Voila!  Lip color and blush from the same tube.}
Here is a previous post I did on Radiant products and I truly think these products that do good for others when purchased, also look good on!  If you want to know more about this organization and how the purchase of lipsticks this month will benefit others you can click on their site here.
Thanks Radiant for one of my new favorite red lip colors!  
*I was not paid for this post review.  I truly think these are great products for the price.  And since the purchase of their cosmetics benefit men, women, and children being abused this way, I think it’s a win win for everyone if more people know and support this company.*

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