Looking Good Inside and Out Is No Accident

When I came across the following quotes on BEAUTY, I just had to shout “AMEN” and of course share with the rest of you – my loyal lovers of all things makeup and life in general!!  If you want to look good to others, it’s going to have to be a joint effort of trying on the outside AND on the inside!!

I think I should memorize this saying because it’s so honest and true! Even some of the most beautiful and “natural” looking beauties, probably put forth a bit of effort into looking as good as they do.  The key is to not look as if you put way TOO much effort into it – which is actually the most difficult balance I think!  I always appreciate anyone who compliments me on any given day when it comes to my appearance, but I always am up front that I appreciate them noticing my efforts!!

{The right makeup for YOU, can do amazing things!}
{More truth from Bobbi Brown – Confidence is key!}

{It starts with your perception of things!}

So to all of you out there who are looking and feeling good, “werk it” (yes, I spelled it that way for emphasis!), own it, and I applaud you for your efforts today!!

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