Makeup Tips For The Fabulous Over 45 Crowd

I get lots of requests from my over 45 followers asking for me to focus on their age bracket.  I cannot deny a good request.  But before I list some of my best makeup “do’s” for this age group, I must say, as always, “AGE ain’t nothin’ but a number,” and I truly believe that.  There are no hard fast rules in makeup, everyones face is different, so just experiment with which tips fits your needs.  I might even throw in a few “don’ts” for fun…

 {Jaclyn Smith, age 67, via.}
Of course the underlying request I get from my over 45 clients, (well actually, even my over 30 clients!) is to make them appear younger.  Who wouldn’t want to erase a few years with the help of makeup?  Luckily, a few quick “do’s” can help with that.  
*On a small side note, did you look twice at Jacyln Smith’s age?? I sure did.  She’s doing EVERYTHING right makeup wise.  Maybe she has had some professional “help” (I actually looked around, but can’t find any surgery confessions) but she’s still working the right amount of color!*
Here are my Do’s.  (With a few Don’ts):
1.  Find the right foundation.  The biggest key to erasing the years, is to even out the skin tone and putting the light back in it! No matter what your skin type (oily, dry, etc) pick one with the right texture and that has the magic words like illuminating, luminous, or radiant in it.  You’ve got to put the glow back in that skin!  Don’t wear a super matte foundation or add too much flat powder – it’s an immediate ager.  Youthful skin has a slight dewiness to it.  Try Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind The Lifter ($14), which also has a primer included.
2.  Fill in the brows.  Our brows are one of the first things to go as we age – they get sparser and coarser. Not a good combo. You’ve never seen a 10 year old with pencil thin brows have you?  Fill those puppies in with a pencil, brow powder, or colored wax, whatever works for your skill level, just do it!  Don’t try to create a whole new brow though, which looks fake. Work with what God gave you and just slightly fill in for fullness.  I like Sonia Kashuk’s “Brow Alert Kit.”
{Jamie Lee Curtis, age 54, via}
3.  Fatten the lash line.  The lashes are also getting thinner and shorter.  So creating the illusion of a thicker lash line (focus mainly on the upper ones) is super helpful.  Use a black mascara but a lighter eye liner in a deep brown or charcoal.  Don’t do black liner – somehow it immediately ages the eye area by being too harsh.  
4.  Don’t forget the concealer.  Add a touch of concealer in the tear duct area and just where you need it under the eyes.  Don’t go too far with it down towards the cheeks though – which can do the opposite and draw more attention to those circles by lightening up areas that don’t necessarily need lightening.  I like Cover Girl and Olay’s Simply Ageless Concealers.

{Michelle Obama, age 49, via.}

5.  Add more blush.  One of the big reasons we look older, is because we are losing natural color in our face.  Haven’t you ever heard some people describe really old people as looking like a “corpse?” Morbid I know, but the translation is – you have zero color in your skin.  So add a peachy pink blush in a C shape on the apples of the cheeks, a no fail color for most skin tones.  Don’t apply it in stripes.  No explanation necessary. I liked Nars “Orgasm” cheek color.
6.  Go easy on the lips.  Definitely add color to the lips because this is another spot where the natural color immediate leaves the building as well as fullness.  A gloss is the best way to add the illusion of fuller lips and filling in the lips with a lip liner or lip stain beforehand is a great way to add staying power.  Don’t JUST line the outside of your lips without filling them in with the same color all over.  Nothing is yuckier than seeing an outline of some one’s lips!  I like L’Oreal Colour Riche leGloss in “Saucy Mauve.”

Of course, I cannot deny that a great skin care routine is absolutely the first step to making all of these makeup tips perform at their best.  And since I’m not a licensed esthetician or dermatologist, make sure you refer to one if you need help prepping that canvas!   *Special thanks to my Facebook friend, Sonya, who requested I shell out some do’s and don’ts for this category of ladies! I hope this helped a little!*
Are you over 45?  What are your favorite makeup tricks to erase a couple of years?
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