My Biggest Challenge of 2013…So Far

My BIGGEST challenge of 2013, so far, has to be potty training my youngest child, little Miss Vivian…

 {Ringing in the new year last night around 9:30pm.}

 {Checking out our hair and makeup before heading to a friends house for NYE.}  
Viv looks like she’s wearing lipstick, I promise she’s not.  I’m wearing MAC “Club” eye shadow ($15) – one of my all time FAVORITE green/brown shimmery shades for sporting an extreme smokey eye!  

 {Potty training bribery – stickers, gummy bears, & nail polish.  Plus potty literature.}

{My little princess taking a break amongst all of her Christmas loot.}
I know the year is early for me to be calling anything my biggest challenge, but if you’ve ever experienced potty training a child, you know exactly why I label it a “challenge.”  It could be the hardest, most frustrating, tiring, most time consuming thing ever.  However, once you’ve accomplished the end goal, the reward of not having to spend money on diapers anymore (I’ve been doing it for 6 straight years now) and change a dirty toddler, is priceless.  It’s far from glamorous, but someones got to do it.  I’m putting on my patience hat and not giving up on her.  We can do this.
In the meantime, I’m not wearing a stitch of makeup for the next two days because I’m holed up in my house making sure we’ve devoted every ounce of energy into getting this right and knocking it out before I take her back out in public.  So I’m taking this as an opportunity to give my skin and lashes a break, especially after last nights NYE festivities (hello smokey eyes and false lashes!).  I’ll be back to focusing on beauty once this girl is free of the diapers!
What do you think your biggest challenge of 2013 is going to be?