Sephora Run

Vivian and I ran to Sephora yesterday (amongst other places while shopping!) which is about an hour away from our house. *Sigh.  I wish it were closer.  But then again, maybe not.  Because my husband and children would never see me!!  It’s seriously, my “happy” place!

{Viv checking herself out in the mirror!}
I’m sure you noticed the lurking Sephora employee in the background who was following us around making sure my toddler wasn’t messing up the place.  She obviously didn’t realize that this mama was bringing her child there to teach – not to destroy! Ha!!
{“Oooh mommy, wass dis??” This is what I heard the whole time!}
{Free People (old) shirt and jeans | Target hightop sneakers | Hobo “Mariella” bag | TJ Maxx scarf}
My outfit of the day for shopping. Comfort was key chasing this 2.5 year old around a huge mall!  On a side note, I got 3 compliments on my Target stacked sneakers (that’s a lot in one day on one piece of clothing I think!), and they are seriously comfortable.
{Vivian taking a muffin and DVD break on the way home from the mall. }
Her shoes are from Target too just like mine.  I’m not sure what we’d do without that place.  I could probably consider the cashiers there family at this point.

{Two things I picked up while at Sephora.}
I got a Birthday goodie from Benefit, that was a tiny “They’re Real!” mascara which I love, and a “Watt’s Up” highlighting stick.  My birthday is this month BTW, and Sephora was nice enough to send me a postcard to redeem for these tiny products. I also picked up some Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC-3, to cover up all of these mah-jor dark circles I’m getting as I age!  Here’s me sporting the highlighter and camouflage (not mascara).
{My more perked up eyes after using the two products!}
This Mercier product gets lots of praise from the beauty world.  While it does work quite well, it’s a bit dry in my opinion (as it’s supposed to be bc it’s NOT a concealer) so I have to add a little of my moisturizer to it and warm it up in my fingers before applying it to my eye beds.  But it does a fantastic cover up job.  I use the highlighter in a C shape around the outside of my eyes and along the top of my nose.  It’s just enough to give my skin a really pretty shimmer.  Unfortunately, this iPhone pic doesn’t do it justice but trust me, it’s lovely.
I didn’t buy that much at Sephora, obviously, because I was very busy, keeping busy Vivian from actually sticking her finger in every blush tester.  So I had to get exactly what I needed and bolt out of there. But it did warm my heart to see how interested she was in everything and kept saying “makeup, makeup, MAKEUP mommy!!”  Hopefully we will be making lots more trips there together.

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