Stay Put Makeup For Skin And Eyes

Most women don’t apply their makeup in the morning thinking, “Hmm, it’s okay if all this just faded away in the next hour or so.”  Why would we want to put all that effort into putting on our products if it was just going to be gone later in the day as if we had never even attempted a better face??  

{My stay put face.}
This is a constant battle for me as a busy mom who runs around like a chicken with my head cut off doing whatever it is I do to keep 3 children happy and healthy – I don’t have time to update my makeup.  Yes I MAKE time if I have to, but I don’t like to.  And as a makeup artist, it’s also necessary to find the best long wear products because my clients don’t pay me good money to get their makeup done then it look like they did it themselves an hour later – or worse, didn’t do anything at all!
So I just treated myself to 3 new products that will make sure my 20 minutes of beauty efforts last at least 9 hours later.  All of these are STAY PUT APPROVED!

Stay Put Product #1 :  Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer, Light 3, ($44).

This is my new favorite foundation that gives medium to full coverage depending on how many layers of it I apply.  Thanks to the Ulta employee who took into account that I wanted “the best foundation” they sold, and that would make my skin look flawless without fading.  It came with a small foundation brush (the least great thing about it, cheapy bristles) and a matching concealer with mirror on top of the foundation cap.  The concealer matched perfectly and provided a bit heavier coverage than the foundation.

I found this foundation impressed me even more about 10 minutes after applying it and it sinking in. Weird I know, but wasn’t super impressed right after swiping it on (I use an egg sponge), then 10 minutes later looked at it and thought, “wow!” It created a great matte finish look without making me appear flat and pasty.  It is oil free and it lasted a loooong time without sliding off my face!

Stay Put Product #2 : Urban Decay Smoked 24/7 Glide On Eye Set, ($38)

I’m a big fan of these glide-on 24/7 pencils, I own two others.  But when I saw that I could get all of these great, very wearable colors in one set, I was sold.  My eye look I created in these pics consists of the Mainline (steel blue) and Zero (rich black).  Other shades included are : Uzi (steel grey), Demolition (black/brown), Smog (bronze), and Empire (plum).  The pencils are NOT full size, but at least 3/4 the size of the original ones.

 {Lashes are by MAC, style #33.}

I lined the upper lash line in the blue shade and my lower inner water line in the black.  The staying power is really good for such a soft liner.  These things really do “glide” on with ease!  NO tugging whatsoever which I like for my aging eyes!!  We don’t need to add to the eye wrinkles, wink wink.

Stay Put Product #3 :  Urban Decay De Slick XL ($34)

I don’t use this spray on myself because I don’t have oily skin.  But I do love using it on my clients with oil slick issues.  You spray this on after all of your makeup has been applied and it helps keeps your products staying where you put them and to keep a matte appearance for hours and hours.  I also got a big score on this big bottle – I got it for $18 when it usually goes for $34!  Apparently they were trying to get rid of these older bottles to make way for the new packaged ones.

Other products worn in this post in case you were wondering:
Victoria’s Secret Shadow duo in “Fine & Fierce”
MAC blush “Pinch O Peach”
Buxom lip gloss “White Russian”

What are your favorite STAY PUT products for skin and eyes?

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