Bangs Change Everything

If you’ve ever wondered if getting something as simple as bangs cut could give you an extreme change to your look, look no further than my recent haircut.  Bangs change everything…

{Before and After.}
 {Side view.}

I decided to get these new fringes because of my growing forehead wrinkles (if you’re a loyal reader of my blog, you’re prob sick of hearing me complain about this issue!).  So I figured bangs were cheaper than Botox, so I got them to see how long I could hold off until going to further extremes. I’m thinking it worked.

 {Now you see them…}

{Now you don’t!!}

Not only did my super stylist Lyric of Republic Salon, give me great bangs, but she also cut some cute fringey (made up word) pieces that are longer on the sides of my face to give my cut some more dimension and interest when I pull it up into a ponytail – which I probably wear at least 3 out of 4 days a week.

I took a bunch of pics to her from my personal Pinterest hair boards of bang looks I liked (always a good idea to show your stylist pics so they have a better visual idea of what you’re thinking), and she gave me a good blend of them all.  I am feeling like I look a bit younger with bangs too, or maybe it’s just because the wrinkles are hidden!!  You know you got a fabulous cut, when after it’s all done, you feel the need to give your stylist a big bear hug, which I did!

What do you think of the new bangs??

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