Bigger, Better, And More Beautiful :: Pretty In My Pocket App

I’m super excited to announce that the beauty app for iPhone, Pretty In My Pocket, is launching its bigger and better version of its original app TODAY!! If you are anything like me, your iPhone is literally glued to your side (or safely inside your skinny jeans pocket!) and is a tool you use for, well, anything!!  And if you’re obsessed with shopping for all things beauty, cosmetics, skin care, perfume, etc, then this is the app for you girly girl!

As one of its inaugural Power Primpers, I feel like a part of the PRIMP family and am very proud of all the new and exciting changes and additions they’ve made to this app.  My “seal of approval” is placed on the right side of my blog if you’ve never noticed it.   And not to toot my own horn, (but toot toot!) I was a part of the filming of their how-to video and they joined me on my first ever makeup master class event. 

Caroline Van Sickle, the founding mother of this genius app, is a fellow UGA grad of mine – Go Dawgs!  She is a prime example of what an ambitious + smart woman can do to help the rest of us make better decisions with our money when it comes making beauty purchases.  I think this is why I believe in this app so much, because it was the brainchild from a female who truly gets our struggles as women when it comes to buying makeup.
SIMPLE BREAKDOWN of what this app can do for your beautiful face below.

As one of their Power Primper, I’m basically one of their “beauty experts” that you can follow on the app to see what products I personally recommend in “My Bag” and even products I’ve reviewed that maybe I don’t recommend and why! They’ve also got a new “My Looks” page where you can see some of my favorite looks (and others, you can even download your own looks for other people and friends to follow) and what products are included on those looks and reviews of those specific products.

My absolute FAVORITE part of this app, is the BAR CODE scanner option.  You can just walk into your favorite beauty store – Sephora, Walgreens, Target, or any other place that sells makeup – line this puppy up to a bar code on a product you’re curious about and zap it for info! It will pull up a review from any Power Primper, Makeup Maven, or other beauty lover, and their thoughts on that specific product along with a star rating system.  
Sometimes it’s nice to have another persons opinion on a product that you’ve never personally experienced, to help you make your buying decision.  We all get confused in drugstores when there’s no salesperson around to assist you in what that product can do for you (or pester you into buying something you don’t need!), and this nifty little app takes care of that problem in an instant.

So what are you waiting for?? 
Download it now HERE!!  It’s FREE!
Why wouldn’t you want to play with such a fun and useful beauty tool??
I want to hear from you if you download it.  Make sure to follow me on the app, JennySue Makeup of course, and then let me know in the comments below when you’re on the PRIMP app and I will follow you back too!
*By the way, this is my 800th blog post today!! Woah. Cannot believe I’ve been spewing makeup advice and thoughts for that long.  Thanks to you all for sticking around and following me through all of these blog posts.  I seriously wouldn’t keep it up if it weren’t for you. * 
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