Bold Dramatic Matte Lips With Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick

I’m really into matte lip colors lately.  I find they give me a dramatic look without the glare of a gloss and looks very sophisticated.  So when I picked up one of Kat Von D’s newest Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick, $19, I was thrilled to see it was SUPER matte plus had SUPER staying power.

{Wearing “Jeffree” which is a bright coral pink shade.}

{Actual product.}

Plus, I was shocked to see how closely it resembled the makeup look seen on the models for the Spring/Summer 2013 Missoni collection – they had to use 4 products to get their lip look, I only used ONE!!

{Missoni model sporting their “fluro pink lip look.}

 I’m always on the search for the next best stay put lip color.  And most of them always fall short by either being too drying, flaky, patchy in their wear, or just not staying put at all.  This one goes on very wet, but dries instantly to a matte thin finish.  Unlike other long lasting colors, this one doesn’t feel thick and super dry – it dries to where you literally almost don’t feel like you have anything on. It almost weirdly disappears!!

{PLUS- It didn’t leave a trace when I smooched my kids little cheeks!}

I will say, the first time I used this product was on my trip to Vegas where my face, skin, and lips were in shock because I was so dried out, so it kind of felt TOO dry on my initial use.  But once I got back home and got back into my lip exfoliating and conditioning routine, this product worked SO much better.

I get about 4 hours worth of wear out of this color before needing to touch it up (even through eating a greasy monte cristo sandwich – it hung in there!).  I think this is pretty darn good.  My trick for keeping this stuff working at it’s peak performance, is to have well exfoliated and moisturized lips, apply in two thin layers, let it dry completely (about a minute) before rubbing your lips together or licking your lips.

Overall, I’m a big fan of this liquid lipstick and how bold and dramatic it looks on.  It’s only offered in 6 colors which is a bummer, but I am now wanting to try out the “Outlaw” brick red color since I know this won’t run all over my face!  Since this line is created by a legit tattoo artist, Kat Von D, I should’ve known this product was going to deliver drama and long wearability. If you want proof – check out Kat’s Instagram of her wearing her product through a root canal and it not budging here!!

Do you like matte lip colors?  Have you tried this Kat Von D liquid lipstick?

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