Eye Candy

Here are a few things from this week that I would categorize as EYE CANDY.  From eye makeup, cute kids, to shiny chandeliers, you can find beauty and fun filled visuals in almost anything if you just take time to look around!

 {A pair of *Lonjure lashes, in style Star Crossed, the company was sweet to send me.}

{Lonjure lashes on for a fun filled girls night out.}
My long bangs kind of hide these lashes!  Guess it’s already time for a much needed bang trim so I can start seeing my eye makeup efforts.

 {L’Oreal Clean Artiste eye makeup remover – my new fave!}
On a side note about this eye makeup remover.  My all time favorite eye makeup remover is Lancome’s Bi-Facil, but it costs me a whopping $28 for a bottle that lasts me only a month and a half.  So I happened upon this little drugstore beauty that removes all the massive amounts of eye makeup I wear without me having to tug and use multiple amounts of product.  I swear it feels very similar to the Bi-Facil, you shake it right before using just like the Lancome – and it only cost me $5.99!  Big Score.

 {I find this face to be eye candy…}
…especially with her messy morning hair, half-on Disney princess dress over her pj’s, plus Hello Kitty bandaid covering a very small head wound from face planting on concrete. Even though the scratch didn’t really need a bandaid, she loves to decorate her face however possible!

{Eye catching chandelier in 5 Bar from my girls night.  This place was ah-mazing.}
Hope you’ve had an eye candy filled week so far!!
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* I was sent this pair of Lonjure lashes by the company for consideration and was not paid for this mention.