If I Were Attending The Oscars

“If I were attending the Oscars” is a fun dream to imagine.  Here is what I would look like from head to toe this Sunday if I were taking cues from past Oscar best of the best looks…

{Rosie Huntington Whiteley via.}
I would want my hair pulled back and sleek so I wouldn’t have to worry about it loosing body/curl 
if it was all down.  This would also naturally give me a mini face lift 
to have it tight and all pulled off my face!
{Milla Jovovich via.}
Flawless skin, structured brows, pink cheeks, and a vibrant red mouth 
is the ultimate classic Hollywood look.
{Michelle Williams via.}
Color would determine my dress choice because I would want something bright and original – meaning NOT black.  This yellow dress worn on Michelle was one of my all time favorite looks because it was the perfect balance of sexy (plunging neckline- but not too much), feminine, and flowy with just enough of a train.
{Jennifer Hudson via.}
I would want to wear diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds.  
Stacking diamond bracelets and a huge cocktail ring would be my go-to jewelry look.
{Angelina Jolie via.}
And of course, I’d have a signature pose that would get me press in every single 
magazine and blog for weeks like Mrs. Pitt did with that exposed leg.  It might have been awkward but everyone sure took notice!

What would your Oscar look include?

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