Look Who’s Channeling Miley Cyrus’s Mohawk Now

It seems there is a new “it” hair do for some Hollywood types, especially since Miley went for the daring mohawk.  And apparently that look is filtering into my house for a certain 1st grader…

{They both look proud sporting their rock star do’s don’t they?}
My son has zero idea who Miley Cyrus is (I think), so she wasn’t an influence for this new do, but it’s still humorous to put them side by side after all the hullaballoo that’s been made about her famous new hair cut.  My little man is typically my “conservative” type, so his want for this edgy new do shocked me.  I figured after begging me for over 2 weeks for a mohawk, he was actually serious about it and I should finally gave in.  We went with more of what is called a “faux”hawk.  Mom needed to ease into this look…
{Kingston, Gwen Stefani’s son and his colorful mohawk, via}
It’s not as severe as Miley’s or even Kingston (above) who has also been famously seen rocking this do for awhile, but I figure if he still likes me putting product in his hair for a couple of weeks to get this desired look, and he wants to take it further, so be it.  Who am I to squelch a kids desires to express himself through his look??  I do it everyday with colorful eye shadows and lip colors.
{Other famous mohawks – Rihanna, Mr. T., Jared Leto.}
Mr. T is obviously the original, before Miley and the rest.  Do I think the mohawk is a phase, yes probably.  We all get a hair itch we have to scratch sometimes, and I believe Jack is scratching his.  I’m getting bangs cut this week, my reasoning here, and usually once I cut them, I immediately grow them out again.  But it’s an itch, it’s just hair, and it’ll grow out.  
I will admit – I think my little man looks pretty darn cool in a mohawk.  Especially when his enthusiasm about something as simple as a hair cut shines through.
What do you think about the current mohawk trend? 
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