My Favorite Makeup Brushes

A makeup artist is only as good as the BRUSHES he/she paints with.  I believe this to be true for even makeup novices who don’t understand why their makeup looks not-so-great when they use those terrible cheapey-spongey-plastic applicators that come with their cosmetics. *shudder.*  Here is a look at my current favorite brushes that touch my face every day…

{Lucky #7}

 {My face brushes.}
From L to R :
tarte Kabuki brush (I use for bronzer) – $29
Chanel large powder brush – (similar one) $65
Sonia Kashuk slanted blush brush – Target

From L to R:
Sonia Kashuk fluffy eye brush – Target
MAC #242 brush (I use for concealer) – $25
Bobbi Brown ultra fine eye liner brush – $26
I compare brushes to buying the perfect pair of jeans – You have to try a few until you get just the right ones to fit the area of the face that you’re wanting to paint.  We all have different size faces and eye shapes and one size brush does not fit all.  
I believe most of the time you pay for what you get, so cheaper brushes I don’t typically like.  However, there’s always an exception to the rule and the Sonia Kashuk brand for Target have actually impressed me so far with their design and durability.  Of course if you wash your brushes at least once or twice a month for your personal use, they will last a long long time! Here’s a “vintage” link of how I do this.

What are some of your favorite makeup brushes and brands?

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