The Hold Me Bag Has A Baby!

One of my all time fave products I’ve EVER received, has got to be the Hold Me Bag.  If you missed my original post on it, here ya go.  And I don’t say this just because they’ve been a loyal sponsor of JennySue Makeup for awhile – this product gets used a whole bunch when I travel.  So imagine my excitement, when I found out that the original Hold Me Bag was having a BABY!!  And y’all know how much I love babies…

{Proud to be holding this little lady.}

 {LOVE the Asian flair of the Little De De print.}

{Must have purse touch-ups all in one cozy bag!}
Here are the baby’s stats:
  • How big is she?  7″H/ 5″W/ 2″D.  She’s a tiny thing (closed) compared to her mama!  She fits inside my purse, shown here, with my big Hobo wallet included. Super lightweight but super sturdy material of knew suede.
  • How much does she cost?  $55 for the baby bag.  Well worth something I am going to carry around EVERY day!
  • What colors/prints does she come in?  She comes in a multitude of colors – 12 prints to be exact!  There are so many cute ones to choose from.
Here is also a link to my first ever VINE posting!! It’s the latest and greatest way to post 6 second looping videos! It shows me opening this baby bag in action.  I think this Vine thing is gonna be fun.
If you’re wondering what all I was able to actually pack in this small bag here’s a breakdown:
small hand sanitizer, 6 lip colors, small mascara, 5 makeup brushes, 
concealer, baby comb, travel kleenex, nail file, eyeliner, EOS balm, 
small eyeshadow quad (freebie from Lancome), lash glue, Qtips.
Yes, lash glue.  I know that seems random, but whenever I wear falsies, I don’t want to get stuck without any glue in case they start to slide!  Now I have somewhere safe to keep that glue from getting all over the inside of my handbag!
So what do you think of their new addition to the Hold Me family?? Pretty cute huh?  Good things DO come in small packages. 

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