March 12, 2013

Enhanced Skin With Oil Products

I have really dry skin, so heavy creams and oil based products are the way my skin seems to breathe a sigh of relief and feel comforted.  Recently I've become quite impressed with TWO OIL BASED PRODUCTS that I feel deserved being shared with all of my dry-faced-friends...

{L to R : Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate + Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil.}

I find that both of these oily products feel lightweight but super hydrating at the same time -unlike their heavy creamy counterparts.  You can tell how shiny my skin looks after slathering myself with these oils below, but by switching off every other night with my other nighttime creams, I've really found a good balance that my tight skin seems to love.

{My skin sans makeup but lathered up with oil products on face and hair!}

The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery product is actually a targeted nighttime treatment that I received a sample size of, but will DEFINITELY be purchasing a full size here, $70, once it's gone. I adore the way it immediately makes my skin feel, and especially how it feels the morning after.  I apply it by itself with no other competing creams in the evening after washing my face with my beloved Clarisonic.

The Josie Maran Argan Oil I had heard tons about and feel it's also a great alternative to a cream with just the right amount of hydration.  This bottle also gets used on the ends of my hair and cuticles at night - you can pretty much slap this stuff on anywhere!!  Argan oil is a serious miracle treatment bc it's full of Vitamin E and fatty acids which are great for the skin.

What do you think about oil based beauty products?  Do you use any?

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Vanessa said...

I'm going to have to try these products!

My skin is super dry- I'm always using a heavy night cream before bed.

It works OK- but I could always use something better!

Paigeemoe said...

Not related to this post.. but i was wondering what lash glue you use? And how do you take them off at night?? Do they just come off as you wash your face? Can they be reused? #newbie Hahaha

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Vanessa - I was in the same boat. I don't mind heavy creams, but these oils are kind of a nice alternative every other night to switch off to!
@Paigeemoe- I use Ardell lash adhesive in clear - the kind specific for either strips or individuals. I'm not sure if it's really necessary to use one or the other, but makes me feel better to use as advertised!! I use a waterproof eye makeup remover and warm water to loosen up the glue and then they fall off. NEVER pull them off bc your natural lashes will come with them. The strips can definitely be reused a few times if you clean them after removing, but the individual clumps I toss. Hope this helps!