Mommy Bloggers Can B.Fab!!

{My award + a few of the products I painted my face with for the awards brunch!}
I’m still beyond shocked and awed that I was honored with the B.Fab Award for “Best Beauty Blogger” given by local Atlanta online publication, Tastemaker Magazine, this Sunday.  I am amazed everyday where my little ole makeup blog has taken me and how it has allowed me to meet such a wide group of amazingly talented and kind people in this blogging world.

{Selfie pic taken in the car of my makeup look. Yes, my husband was driving, not me!}
I took pictures of the whole event with my iPhone, so please excuse if some of them aren’t the clearest or closeup!! I probably should’ve come with something a bit more professional to capture pics, but they still get the job done – ha!  It’s been a cra-zy week as I mentioned here, so I was doing good to just get out of the house with a shower and outfit that actually matched! 
I took bunches of photos, so I will do this blog post of the awards ceremony in two postings.  Tomorrow’s will be a more in depth on my actual makeup look – since this is a “makeup” blog and all right?!! 
  {Got to meet the super cool Jessica of on the red carpet! }
I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people like Jessica who I’ve only known through social media (isn’t it crazy how you can already feel like you already kind-of know someone thru these channels??), so it was just wonderful to actually talk and get to know her in PERSON!  Along with the other nominees in my category that I got to meet all too briefly in the hullaboo of the afternoon (wish I had had more time to chat with these other lovers of makeup!) were Mimi of (another mommy blogger like myself!) and McKenzie of  Bloggers are seriously the nicest people in the world, so make sure to check these ladies out.

{“Say Cheese!!! Mimi, Tiffini (editor of Tastemaker Mag), Moi, McKenzie.}
{The hubs is always my ultimate supporter!}
Being totally shocked that I was chosen, (have I mentioned that yet??) I realized after being called up onstage to accept this award and to say a few words, I forgot to thank the one person who actually encouraged me to start this whole blog – Scott, my husband!!! Aghhh.  I always get annoyed at actors/singers who get awards and forget to thank their spouses in their acceptance speeches (why do I care, I don’t know), but now I see that when you’re that caught of guard, you’re lucky to remember your name and what event you’re at!!  
So here is me making it up to the man who told me it would be a good idea to start a blog almost 5 years ago….thanks honey for pushing me to keep it up.  People actually DO read and enjoy my makeup and mommy ramblings!
This goes to show me, that if you genuinely love what you do and work super hard and diligently at it, someone is going to take notice.  Oh, and your kids will think you’re the coolest when you show them you got an actual shiny award!!  The ultimate prize.

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