{An exact definition if you needed it.}

Who doesn’t love to get motivated and excited to do/accomplish something?  I know as of recently, I’m really wanting to get the “desire” to actually start working out and becoming more active.  Of course I’m “busy” bc I have 3 children and I actually don’t ever sit down during the day, but that still doesn’t mean I’m actually exercising or getting toned and fit.  This winter weather and lack of any sort of exercise has caused my energy level to plummet, and I’m sick and tired, of being sick and tired.

{Current motivation to get some work done – caffeine!}

Luckily I had two girlfriends “motivate” me last night (thanx Meg & Laurin!), to attend a cardio jam exercise class for an hour with them at their gym.  I have no gym membership and haven’t for a very long time so I was a bit intimidated.  But this proved to be my type of workout, where we literally danced our you-know-what-off for an hour to some of my favorite tunes, with my friends, no one cared how silly I might have looked in my sweatpants (I don’t own any cool workout gear – sad face), and everyone in the class laughed and clapped, a lot!

“Wow, I really regret that workout.” Said No One. EVER.

Despite hardly being able to fold laundry by the end of the night bc I was so sore, it felt really great to get out and actually sweat.  I’m hoping this class will kick start and motivate me to start taking a little time out of my day to take care of my body.  I am always focusing on taking care of my face with the newest creams, cleansers, primers, and color, but have neglected the rest of my body that could use a little TLC before shorts and tank top weather hits!  Silly to pay so much attention to one part and not the other, right??  My face and body should be a package deal.  And in addition to the great reward of getting a more toned body out of it, mentally, you can’t beat the feeling of working out – it literally puts you in a better frame of mind after it’s over.

Truth – I need to break away from the Facebook, and break into working out.  Imagine how much gym time us FB crazies (myself included) could get in if we used that computer time to actually move??!

You know what else motivates me to do better physically – my children.  I don’t want them to think that mom just sits at her desk behind a laptop all day in addition to standing in one place while I apply makeup to all of my clients.  They need to see a more active side of me so I can start practicing what I preach to them, when I tell them to “get outside and run around!”

So, what motivates you??

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