Questionable Beauty Trend : Dip Dyed Hair

I know I’m likely to get lots of opinions on questioning this oh-so-popular beauty trend right now, so here I go…What’s up with the DIP DYED HAIR look??

{Christina sporting lavender tips.}
{LC and her hot pink pony. Via.}
{Paris adds many other colorful accessories to her dyed hair. Via}
Granted, I always caution myself questioning any beauty trend because I think there are NO hard fast RULES when it comes to hair and makeup – experimenting is everything.  And never say never, because goodness knows I’ve questioned things before, and then a year later end up trying it on for size and actually liking the one trend I vowed never to sport and eating my words!!  
I know hair chalks and dip dying your hair rainbow bright colors are everywhere and everyone is doing it…everyone in Hollywood that is.  Have I seen it around my neck of the woods in real life?? – hardly at all.  It’s a very happy and colorful trend to look at, but is it really that pretty and flattering on?? I can’t decide.  It borderlines a bit trashy on some, while Lauren Conrad actually pulls it off by pairing it with a classic pony and perfectly winged liner.  
I think when you do this trend, your outfit + makeup either make or break which way this dip dyed look can go – cartoonish or cute.   
What do you think of this dip dyed hair trend – am I way off base or right on target?  Also, have you personally tried it or is really just the celebrity crowd we see sporting it?

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