March 19, 2013

Radiant Skin Through Josie Maran Argan Products

As mentioned in my previous post, I've been caring for my sick 2.5 year old, who is now luckily on the mend.  This obviously has kept me very busy and also left me stuck in the house for days on end.  So as not to go crazy in between 5 loads of laundry a day, I made sure to take a little time to pull myself together with my Josie Maran Argan complexion set...

{Maran's 4 Argan oil based products.}

Unfortunately, this set seems to no longer be available through Sephora at the price I got it, $64, boo.  I've only had it over a month, but guess it was a special I got lucky with.  However, good news is, ALL of the products are still available individually.  Yay!  Here they are from left to right...

Argan Daily Moisturizer, mine 0.5oz, $14
Argan Illuminizer (mine 0.5oz), full sized is 1oz, $28
100% Argan oil, mine full sized 1.7oz, $48
Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation in light/medium, mine full sized, $42

The Josie Maran lines seems to be known for providing a naturally beautiful look that isn't super made up and heavy.  Have you seen this woman?? She's a mom of 2, model, and now makeup maven - she's got it going on.  These products were perfect for my time spent inside with a sick kid, but still helped me feel put together just in case I had to answer the door!  Here is how I used all of the products found in this set to get a radiant complexion.  

{Self adjusting serum foundation that starts off white, then adjusts to your skin color.}

This foundation only comes in 3 shades, I chose the one in the middle (not the lightest, not the darkest) and it proved to be just right.  Maybe a tad bit darker, but I actually like that bc it gives me a bit more color to my skin that I don't have right now due to the winter temps, so I welcome the extra color.  

*Tip* I found this foundation worked MUCH better when applied and rubbed in with your actual fingers as opposed to using a sponge.  I think it needs the warmth of your skin to turn into the correct color.  When I used a sponge, it left a whitish cast.

{Showing placement of where I dotted the illuminizer before rubbing it in.}

{With blush applied, I have radiantly glowing skin!!}

My makeup was kept to an extreme minimum for 3 days with only 1 shadow color, blush, mascara, and lip gloss in addition to these skin care products.  For someone like myself who loves to add the extras of primers, eyeliners, and multiple shadow colors, this is kind of a big deal and hard to not wear a FULL face of makeup!!

Additional makeup products:

Sonia Kashuk blush in "flamingo"
MAC eye shadow in "satin taupe"
Prestige Wonder-Full lip gloss in "polished"

{I used the 100% oil on the ends of my hair and overnight on my skin.}

Josie's motto on the outside of this box reads,
 "I believe in balance. I believe that doing the right thing is glamorous. 
I believe in beauty without the baggage."

I like this motto.  After using these Argan products for a month now, my skin is really thanking me and I love how it makes my skin look and feel.  It does feel "balanced" and it makes me feel "glamorous" without a bunch of fuss.  Mission accomplished Josie!

Have you jumped on the Argan bandwagon or used any of the Josie Maran line? 

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Jessica said...

Oh great, something else you've made me want to buy now (I also want that Mac eyeshadow you're wearing here)! :) Now I just need to decide if I should order the light or medium shade, and of course I am 100 miles away from the nearest store that carries it so I can't try it first. Question about the Illumizier: how different would you say it is from Benefit's Watt's Up, because I purchased that recently and really like it, just want to know if this illuminizer is way better/worth buying also. Thanks, girl!

lbmua said...

Have you tried the cleansing oil?? I received the Josie Maran Argan Oil 500 point perk gift at Sephora and immediately fell in live with the cleansing oil, that was in the kit. It seems the closer I get to 30 the more my skin has started to freak out. Within 3 days of using the cleansing oil, I noticed a difference. It's ahhhmazing.

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Jessica - HA!! I'm sorry for making you want to buy stuff:) I bet you're light/medium - doubtful the light/fair would work for you. But that's just a guess being miles away from you:) I would say, don't get this luminizer bc it is very similar in that it does the exact same thing as the Watts Up, it's just in a liquid pump form that you can mix with your foundation. But the Watts Up has great control in stick form and the coloring between the 2 is similar. So there, just saved you a bit of money- go get that shadow girl.

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Ibmua- you know what, they sent a sample of the cleansing oil w my set, but I have YET to try it!! But now that you say this, I'm opening it up first thing this evening when I wash my face! Thanks for the heads up.

Jessica said...

Thanks, Jennifer! Good to know I can just stick w/ my highlighter for now...I'm excited about getting the other things, and i'm going to try that oil in the future for sure!


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