Wednesday PowWow : Do You Wear Makeup Because You LIKE To Or Because You HAVE To?

{Even supermodels take makeup tips from each other, via.}
Ok ladies, I’ve got a new weekly discussion I’m going to start implementing, called “Wednesday PowWow.” 
And it’s only going to be fun if you all participate and comment!  I’m serious when I say that, my absolutely favorite blog postings aren’t the ones with the best pictures or most descriptive, it’s the ones that YOU comment back to me on.  I LOVE to hear from you and read every single comment (even if I can’t respond back individually, I DO hear you!)  So every Wednesday I’m going to pose a question that I want to start a discussion amongst all of us – and it could be about really anything, mostly anything that has to do with being a female! 

So my first question to you is…“Do you wear makeup because you feel like you HAVE to, or because you LIKE to?”  
It might sound like a silly question that you don’t ever actually think about when you’re at the drugstore picking up that duplicate tube of trusty lip color that you know works every time.  Of course this also helps me as a blogger, because I’m curious if you read my blog because of your similar love to everything makeup like me or if you read it because you’re hoping to pick up a tip every now and then you can utilize in your everyday life because applying makeup just frustrates you.  
I am definitely a combination of why I wear it.  I actually dig the art of applying it, but also because at my age (35, if you were curious), with 3 small children who keep me from sleeping very well through the night (or our random fire alarm that went off at 4am this morning!), I have to wear it to keep from scaring the general public with my dark circles and colorless lips!!   So even if you never comment on a blog post, I want to start hearing from you every Wednesday if the topic applies to you!  
Let’s start a PowWow ladies!   

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