March 27, 2013

Wednesday PowWow : What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

This is one of my favorite topics...Dreams.  I think it is safe to assume that we ALL had childhood dreams about something.  I believe a childhood dream says a lot about ones true self, because children have no boundaries set on themselves and think and say exactly what is inside them.

{Natalie Portman from the movie, Black Swan. Via}

So, today's PowWow is all about...."What did you want to BE when you grew up?"
And of course, did you follow that dream or go down another path?

Mine was definitely not to be a makeup artist.  I always thought I wanted to become a prima ballerina, which I talked about in this 25 Things About Me post from exactly a year ago.  However, my love of makeup was actually a part of this dream, bc one of the main reasons I loved dancing and being on stage, was because of all of the makeup you were required to wear so the audience could see your FACE from the stage!  Dancing is such an art form and I've always found it fascinating how professional dancers can interpret music and emotion with their body and create beautiful images without a paint brush or a word.  I need to pick up an adult ballet class and see if this 35 year old body still has it in me to strap on a pair of toe shoes...ouch.  It's never too late follow your dream right??!

On a side note - did you see Black Swan?  Yes, it was disturbing as all get out (I hid my eyes for half of it), but Natalie Portman sure was fascinating.  Oh, and the demented Black Swan makeup was pretty amazing....

Alright ladies, PowWow time!  What did YOU want to be when you grew up?  Did you make it happen, are you still working on it, or did you go another direction?

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Alex said...

Love this! My childhood dream was also to be a dancer - specifically a broadway dancer. It didn't really pan out...I am now planning on teaching high school, but I still make sure dance is a big part of my life by teaching and taking class. You should DEFINITELY find a ballet class in the area! You might even be able to do a mommy and me class with your little one! It will be so worth it! :)

Denise Ages of Beauty said...

Well, first I wanted to be a rock star and then I wanted to be a lawyer! I'm 47 niow and I'm neither but that was my dream when I was 8.


kissandmakeupsbeautyblog said...

A teacher, a lawyer or a vet :-)

Paigeemoe said...

i wanted to be a vet, before i realized how much school that took! Hahaha now i'm on the road to be a nutritionist & personal trainer! So if i can't make animals healthy i'll try for people ;D

`Sparkles`n`Wonders` said...

My dream was to be an artist. I love to draw. I would have love to have gone to art school, but no schools that was less than 30 min drive in Louisiana where I grew up. I'm sure I passed on this passion to my 5yr old though. (o^―^o)

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@Alex - a mommy and me ballet class would be just what I would love to do, bc I could show my Vivian that mommy actually has some dance skills!! I too loved the Broadway idea but sadly, I have zero singing talent:)
@Denise - rock star and a lawyer, you must be the smart spunky type:)
@kissandmakeupsbeautyblog - love all 3, you must like kids and animals, which means we'd totally get along!
@paigeemoe- wow, another vet!! that seems to be the popular one!
@sparklesnwonders- nothing wrong with passing on the artist gene to your kiddos!! I'm sure you can join in on their art projects!

punzel said...

My family adopted our first cats when I was 3, so I wanted to be a vet... Until I got to high school and realized the only thing I liked about biology class was DNA (I'm more a math/physics fan than biology). Now I'm a web developer! I also foster cats, so I still have the animal love going on. :) I wanted to be a high school math teacher until I discovered HTML in 1998.