March 20, 2013

Wednesday PowWow : Which Celebrity PERK Would You Choose?

I had SUCH a great response from all of you on my first installment of "Wednesday PowWow" and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of your fun comments, so lets keep it up and start the 2nd week of discussions!!! 

{Kelly O enjoying getting pampered by hair + makeup artists. Via.}

Here is today's topic.  "If you were a big time celebrity, which PERK would you choose to have daily..." 

1.  Hair/Makeup team
2.  Stylist
3.  Personal Chef / Maid
4.  Nanny (obviously only applies to those of you with kiddos like me!)

Now you can only choose ONE (I know, hard right??) so I want to hear which category you would deem the coolest or most helpful to have around in your daily life if it were affordable.  It's fun to dream right?!

Me, I would definitely choose the chef/maid combo because I do not cook very well and don't enjoy it because I hate the clean up involved and the dishes.  It would give me more time to enjoy my children and husband (and spend more time on my makeup/hair and getting dressed!) if I never had to worry about fixing a meal for 5 people 3 times a day and not having to pick up after those 5 people.  It would be heavenly.  Heavenly.  Makes me want to be super successful one day so I can make this happen.

Let the PowWow begin!! Which PERK would you choose??

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Jess Mill said...

I totally agree on the Personal Chef/Maid. But for me it would be so I have more time to do hair and makeup!

Kathy Stevens said...

Definitely the personal chef/maid. I am a horrible cook and would rather spend time with my family than cleaning up the mess they've made! Especially if I had a chef that cooked healthy and delicious food!

Denise Ages of Beauty said...

Definitely a stylist! My husband does most of the cooking and grocery shopping (he LOVES to cook and is great at it) and our son is in college so no "day to day" care. I get in a style rut so a stylist could really help me with that!

chiara said...

I'd definitely pick the nanny if I had children!
Other than that, I have a girl who comes once a week to clean the apartment. Other than that, nothing, since I have to much fun choosing clothes and makeup that I wouln't want to delegate it to a professional.

Mrs Roma Tomato said...

Stylist! I don't have kids yet so I can cope with housework and I think I can create good makeup but I would love to look as chic and put together as celebs - I need Rachel Zoe or Olivia Palermo on speed dial.

Jasmine said...

Personal Chef/ Maid for sure! With the right diet and an organized house (Especially my beauty stash) I think I would practically be a new person!

Sarah said...

This is really hard. I would want all three but each of them part-time. I like doing all of these things, sometimes. Since you're making me pick I suppose I would go with stylist.

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

@JessMill- right on
@KathyS- exactly, if that shef could cook healthy food as opposed to my usual Easy Mac n Cheese, that would be heaven. could the chef also make my kids eat veggies??
@DeniseAgesofBeauty- you hit the hubby jackpot with that combo! I bet you're thankful for his love of cooking and grocery shopping everyday!
@Chiara- I agree, I enjoy picking out my clothes and doing my own makeup. However, hair is a diff story:)
@MrsRomaTomato- Rachel or Olivia are GREAT stylist picks!
@Jasmine - I hear ya on the organized house thing - wouldn't that be lovely?
@Sarah - I agree it was unfair for me to make you pick just one:) It's kind of like asking me to pick my favorite child when I have 3- impossible!!

Paigeemoe said...

Stylist!!! i suck at putting outfits together (in a timely manner) personal shopper who knows my style would make my day, everyday :)

Sexyladyme26 said...

I so love the hair color!