Vacation Snapshots : Part 2 San Francisco

Here are the remaining photos from our family trip out to the west coast while in San Francisco through the July 4th weekend.  I’m already missing this beautiful area.  Sit back and relax, there are a bunch of these!!

The big attractions we did along the way were:  Pismo Beach, a long drive from LA to San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge (unbelievable up close and personal!), Miur Woods (once again, unbelievable, you’ve never seen trees this humongous!), Fishermans Wharf, the Children’s Creativity Museum, driving down Lombard Street (the crooked-est street ever!), and basically walking everywhere, riding cable cars, and eating our hearts out!  We took a picture of Alcatraz above out in the distance, but was one attraction we didn’t get to.  Hoping we will do that next time because I’ve heard it’s cool – just wasn’t sure our littles would get into an old creepy jail:)  We did get to hang out with Scott’s cousin Mark who lives right outside of San Fran and basically was the best tour guide a family could ask for!  
If you missed the first part of our trip to LA click here and the amazing movie trailer my hubby created here.
I left my heart in San Francisco and I hope to go back soon!