A Weekend In New York City

I spent last weekend flying up to New York City to visit my hubby while he has been away on business for 2 weeks.  And I must say, this trip renewed my love for this bustling city I hadn’t been to in over 4 years.   Here’s a peek into my weekend…sit back and relax, it’s a heavy pictorial!

tuscany hotel





*One of the best parts of the trip was running into Maria from Queens, who came up to tell me she reads my blog and really likes it!! I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears that she recognized little ole me from Georgia at the Park Avenue Sephora!! Fitting place for us to meet though – she was gracious enough to let me take a little selfie pic of the two of us.  Thanks Maria for making my day!!*

We weren’t going into the city to be super touristy, this was more of just a relaxing trip to enjoy each other while he’s been away.  However, whenever you’re in NYC, it’s hard not to act like a tourist and be in awe of the amount of people, tall buildings, shopping, large parks, and places to eat and drink!  There’s something interesting and exciting on every corner.

Highlights of our trip:

1. GREAT NYC HOTEL. We stayed at The Tuscany, A St. Giles Luxury Hotel on 39th between Lexington and Park Ave.  Great location, great price for big huge rooms and bathrooms (ask for 1501 on the 15th floor!) and the nicest hotel staff in the whole city.  Plus the bathroom amenities by Molton Brown (never heard of them until now, a London based spa brand!) they provided smelled divine – I couldn’t wait to shower!

2.  THE HIGH LINE.  This is a must see and is an above ground linear park and walkway full of vendors, green space and flowers, and great views of the west side of the city.  It stretches for one mile and was such a neat walk – starts around Gansevoort Street on up to 30th Street through Chelsea.

3. THE ROOF OF THE STANDARD HOTEL.  You can get to the Standard from the High Line. We were informed about this gem from my husbands cousin and girlfriend who live there and took us around one day (thanks Stephen & Kristy!).  It has spectacular views, is super hip and swanky, gets crowded real fast (go early if you don’t want to be caught in a sea of people!), and has great pitchers of cocktails. We had the cucumber/vodka/lemonade.  It was tasty!

4.  CENTRAL PARK & WASHINGTON SQUARE ARCH.  With a city full of cars, honking, and tall buildings, it’s nice to see some green grass!  These two park spots are iconic and have some lovely sights and spaces to rest and hangout in.

5.  BIANCA.  This tiny, and I mean tiny, little Italian restaurant in the Greenwich Village was a personal recommendation from a friend of mine who has lived in NYC for years. She told me it was a must so we went.  You sit almost on the next persons lap in this cozy place, but the atmosphere is so local and unique, and the food, I got their lasagna, is ridiculously good.  And considering we had been spending a lot of money on food at other restaurants, these prices were refreshingly lower than what we had been experiencing – including the wine!

I’m directionally impaired.  I can get lost even using my GPS in my car, seriously.  But by the end of the weekend I think I had finally figured out the subway system which made me feel like I wasn’t as touristy as I looked!  It’s a crazy way to live up there, but I sure enjoy the NYC life in little spurts.  I was glad to get back to my kids, my car, and my bed.  Honestly though, I can’t wait to go back.

What are your favorite things to do in the Big Apple?

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