The One Place You Probably Didn’t Think Of To Put Your Concealer

If you read my blog regularly, you know I harp on 2 things all the time – BROWS & CONCEALER.  So today I’m filling you in on a quick trick that blends 2 of my favorite things together.

{After with NO flash.}
{After WITH flash.}

Remember brows are the framework of the face, so if you have put a lot of effort into tweezing and cleaning up the area while also filling in the sparse spots (all of which I do!), then you should highlight that hard work.
Which is easily done with two things :

  • A concealer brush.  I’m using my EcoTools one, similar to this one.
  • Plus your favorite concealer.  I’m using my MAC pro palette in the lights, but Sonia Kashuk makes a fabulously priced palette option here.

By literally tracing around your eye brows shape on the upper side and lower side (also known as brow bone) with your concealer, you have lightened up that area that can sometimes have a bit of redness or ruddiness to it,  therefore creating a sharper and neater looking brow!  Set it with your favorite pressed or loose powder and voila you’re done!  

Is this news to you or do you usually lighten up your arches with concealer??

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